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Cold sores - home-remedies--, Cold sores, also referred to as fever blisters are caused by the herpes simplex virus.
Cold sore prevention treatment kids -, It can be frustrating living with cold sores and it can be even worse when you're a kid.
Understanding cold sores -- treatment - webmd, Learn webmd treatment cold sores minimize recurrences..
Nexcare™ Cold Sore Treatment is a unique combination of ingredients and is enriched with Vitamin E & C, and Tea Tree Oil. The difference is Microvex™, a unique non-greasy soothing emollient which provides deep moisturizing. A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) allows consumers to deduct pre-tax dollars from their paychecks and deposit those funds in employer-sponsored accounts to pay for medical expenses. I would like to share a bit of information with you to cheer up those of you who are grumpy with a cold sore – you are not alone!

Examples are Rihanna, Victoria Beckham, Justin Timberlake, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian, Brad Pitt, Scarlett Johansson, Katie Holmes, and Tom Cruise. Besides this, there are many other renowned people, who have a tough time fighting these cold sores as the paparazzi gang would love to capture them for the cover of a magazine. If you are going to a place that has chilled wintry climate and you are worried about getting a cold sore, then just relax and start accumulating information as much as possible about them. The herpes virus can lie dormant in your body right from your childhood and an outbreak can occur when your body triggers a reaction or become run down. There are many celebrities with cold sores, most of whom you think are blessed with a flawless skin.
From time to time these cold sores tend to occur within your mouth, which make eating foods or drinking liquids very difficult.
There are a lot of factors that act behind this, such as a piece of chocolate, your menstrual cycle, weaker immunity and caffeine.

If you are thinking that these cold sores target only you causing you all the embarrassment, then you are wrong! The first thing you should know about these blisters are that they are triggered by a viral infection, specifically a herpes simplex infection. Usually using a treatment such as Herdox (reviewed here) can make the sores heal much faster.
These blisters are found to affect about 90% of the adults across the globe, even if they never had an outbreak in their entire lives.
These blisters commonly occur around the lips, nose and mouth and can be a cause of major embarrassment to some.

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