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Now, if you do any research on colloidal silver you are going to run across a LOT of confusing and contradictory information. Back in the mid-90s I was working a flea market in Quartzsite, Arizona one winter when a woman asked if I would be willing to let her set up a display of colloidal silver on my table. About that time we went to Mesa, Arizona to visit my brother and his wife and see their new baby girl.
That's right, this graduate of medical school, internship, who now had her own practice had no idea what colloidal silver was. First, the list below is based solely on historical, pre-1938, uses for colloidal silver, or on empirical evidence. Rather than giving you a lot of information you can find elsewhere online, I'm going to urge you to do your research.
Features:SUPER ANTIBIOTIC AND ANTIBACTERIAL - Research has shown that colloidal silver is a near perfect antibiotic.
This solution works because colloidal silver damages a pathogen's ability to metabolize oxygen, killing fungi, bacteria, viruses and disease-causing microbes while the healthy tissue of your pet's body remains unaffected. Unlike other antibiotics, colloidal silver use does not encourage the development of antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria and can be given alongside drugs recommended by your vet to fight viral, bacterial and fungal infections.
While colloidal silver is useful for treating pet ailments of all types, it should be used as a supportive therapy and is not intended to cure severe conditions or terminal diseases like cancer.

You love your pets, and you can help them with a simple, versatile, all natural first aid treatment. You'll hear (or read) about metallic silver nanoparticles, ionic silver solution vs colloidal silver, and the importance of color in determining the best, purest, most effective silver solution.You'll read about ppm or "parts per million" and which are the ideal number of nanoparticles that should be suspended in the silver water. From her I learned a bit about the product, and also learned that while she was selling the little 8 oz bottles for $40 (no kidding!) it didn't cost nearly that much.Even then I was aghast as how she was gouging people by jacking the price up so high. He was a master electrician and once he heard about colloidal silver he began researching how to make it. Some might, especially those relatively new (last 20 years) conditions, be pure speculation. Just remember that colloidal silver is considered a "dietary supplement" and the medical community absolute hates anything not produced by pharmaceutical companies. Your pet's immune system then eliminates dead pathogens and the colloidal silver functions to stimulate the regrowth and repair of injured tissue. If your pet develops symptoms of an illness or life-threatening condition, please seek advice and consult from a trained veterinarian. Some claim that if the "colloidal silver" is made using 9V batteries and distilled water that what's actually being made is a somewhat inferior quality ionic silver colloidal solution. Eventually he found the information about the best voltage range (27 to 30 volts) and then figured out how to make a colloidal silver generator.It worked just like it should have and would soon be put to the test.

By now you should have a temperature of 103°, but you barely have a temperature." Not only that but the skin was barely pink, the tenderness and swelling were gone.
For the most part, there is absolutely NO scientific evidence of any cures attributed to colloidal silver when used for any of the conditions on this list.
Just like with essential oils, while there's some money in selling it, the money is nothing like pharmaceutical drugs make. Then again, it's mostly the pharmaceutical companies that have the deep pockets necessary to pay for studies, and since they cannot make any money with colloidal silver, you'll probably never see many such scientific evidence. Additional uses include adding to drinking water, shampoos or spraying pet bedding for routine cleaning and disinfectant benefits.
If there's no profit money in it, then you can bet it won't be promoted by the FDA, CDC, WHO, AMA, Mayo Clinic or other any medically authoritative sources.
Not only that but they will do everything they can, use all their powers of persuasion, and lie every chance they get to convince people that it is dangerous to use.

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