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Cecile Lengacher, RN, PhD, FAANPeople with cancer want to do everything they can to combat the disease, manage its symptoms, and cope with the side effects of treatment. I am a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner and provide Healing Touch Sessions to our patients at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. I learned reiki techniques on my own time (and my own money) because I thought it would offer a new and rich experience for my patients. I can identify with the lack of support from leadership and hospital policy to actively include therapies to patients. I am a certified healing touch practitioner and am currently at Well Within offering healing touch to cancer survivors as well as their caregivers.
Apart from the traditional treatments of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, there is a growing body of evidence for certain complementary and alternative treatments for cancer and its related side effects.
This guide, written by the director of the Tom Baker Cancer Centre Integrative Oncology Program, Dr.
If you are considering trying things like yoga, acupuncture, dietary supplements, massage, hypnosis, traditional Chinese medicine or energy therapies, it is important to read through this guide and learn what might work for you. Traditional Chinese Medicine as an alternative cancer treatment can potentiate the effectiveness of chemotherapy or radiation. In contrast to Western medicine the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine is that cancer is a systemic disease associated with a weakened state of the whole body and is not a local disease of cells or organs. Chemotherapy destroys healthy fast-growing cells such as mucosal lining of the digestive tract and red and white blood cells. Chinese herbs can increase blood cell production, digestive absorption and reduce toxicities leading to a fast recovery. A strengthened body is much better able to fight cancer and withstand chemotherapy, making Chinese herbs effective in the support of chemotherapy. TCM and Western medicine can work hand-in-hand by integrating both therapies and creating synergies.
Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is increasing in popularity with both patients and clinicians. Improvements seen in climacteric symptoms and quality of life measures when acupuncture was employed. This technique, which does not use pharmaceutical sedatives, can ease the perioperative discomfort and anxiety experienced by some patients undergoing fully awake craniotomy to remove glioma.
How can patients find a qualified acupuncture practitioner who understands the needs of oncology patients? Added sugars and relevant portion sizes are among the highlights of this food label revision. Postmenopausal women who stayed on a low fat diet for an extended time had a reduced risk of death from invasive breast cancers, according to clinical trial data. Cancer increases the risk for some health issues beyond the normal risks that accompany aging.
After experiencing the benefits of meditation to help himself cope with the stress of caring for patients with cancer, this oncologist leads classes teaching those patients to use the tool to better cope with their disease and its effects.
There are benefits for breast and colorectal cancer survivors with mindfulness-based stress reduction, study data indicates.
Randomized trial shows beneficial effect for yoga combined with meditation in breast cancer survivors.
Do you discuss practices such as yoga, cognitive behavioral therapies, or hypnosis with patients? Do your patients talk to you about the dietary supplements (soy, ginseng, etc.) they may be taking while undergoing cancer treatment? More and more advanced techniques have and are being developed every day to bring hope for a cure to this disease.

It’s important to start exercising as soon as possible, preferably before or during the course of adjuvant treatment.
There's no single definition of "family," but what holds them together is a basic promise to work together through the experiences of this life. Many women with breast cancer choose to explore the option of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) for the disease. There is no scientific proof that CAM therapies cure cancer, and little scientific evidence to prove that they have any effect at all.
There are many different types of CAM treatments and therapies, ranging from psychological counseling to spiritual healing. Yes, sign me up to receive e-newsletters on products and services from Amoena, great articles about health and wellness, and little doses of humor and fun.
For those I was able to share it with, it did, but I had no support from the leadership, no way in which to integrate reiki into the care of the patients on our unit, no way to do it except try to carve out a few minutes at a time to offer it to the pts I was caring for or,more commonly, my teammates.
Understandably methods need approved by institutions however I don't see much movement at my end. I am currently working on a program to bring healing touch to the caregiver as well as teach the caregiver level 1 techniques that they can use not only on their loved one, but themself as well. I've heard from clients that it has served them further in re-integrating the affected parts of the body back into the consciousness of the whole self.
It can offset side effects and enhance the body’s immune system to fight cancer and to recover more quickly.
Regulating the qi and the blood helps to relieve pain for patients and fights cancers by attacking the internal toxins. To the primary treatment method of cancer belongs tonifying the yang, and nourishing the blood and yin. In TCM theory heat toxins, among other toxins, condense the blood, dry up body fluid and form phlegm that blocks the blood channels and causes cancer.
That plays a role in the treatment of cancer, as the goal is to improve the whole body condition rather than removing the tumor or cancerous cells. Clinical research has shown that the combined approach is more effective than either treatment utilized separately.
Guo Yue-Feng has more than 30 years of clinical experience, including working as a researcher, a Chinese Medicine physician, a professor, and as a lecturer across multiple institutions in China. In this section we present a number of current alternate therapies and systems, and complimentary practices.
This increased risk could be due to decreased physical activity and increased stress associated with cancer diagnosis and treatment.
The most common form in a woman’s lobules (the part of the breast where milk develops) or in the ducts (the tiny tubes that deliver milk to the nipple).
These range from concerns about body image, to post-surgical medical care, to the need for information on products that will help lumpectomy and mastectomy patients achieve a "natural" appearance. Please take some time to explore our collection of articles about families going through the breast cancer experience -- from the point of view of children, parents, and of course, partners. CAM is often associated with a “holistic approach” to treatment, meaning that it treats the person as a whole—body, mind and spirit—as opposed to focusing on the tumor or the specific site of the disease. The field of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is a growing area of research and practice by oncology nurses as they help patients balance CAM and conventional treatments.ONS members Cecile Lengacher, RN, PhD, FAAN, and Gwen Wyatt, RN, PhD, FAAN, are two oncology nurse researchers leading the way in studying the effects of CAM interventions on patients with cancer.
Food and Drug Administration Office of Special Health Issues as a health programs coordinator in Silver Spring, MD. I thought it was a real shame, because it seemed to make such a difference for everyone who had the opportunity to get reiki, and there was no way that the management was going to pay for an hour or two a week to allow me to offer it to the patients on the unit instead of straight-up nursing time.
Essential oils and herbals have to be tested and approved but I haven't seen progress in this either.

I encourage oncology patients to find a Trager practitioner to support them through all phases of the management of the disease and health. Wading through all the cancer recovery info & trying to make a rational decision when you are both ill and emotionally stressed is difficult. This method boosts the patient’s innate ability to fight cancer, both physically and mentally, and promotes recovery after traumatic treatments. Most recently he practiced as a senior Chinese Medicine physician at the Hong Kong Baptist University. Some practices, although popular, have yet to be established as medically effective treatments via research literature.
If you have comments about our site, or other tips that we haven't covered, please share them with us. Investigating CAM therapies may help you feel that you have explored all the options and are more in control of your treatment.
Conventional medicine offers very effective treatments for breast cancer, especially in the early stages, which should not be discarded in favor of CAM. Some CAM treatments may actually interfere with the absorption or action of the conventional treatments you receive, and some can have serious side effects. Consult with your doctor before taking any CAM treatments and find out everything you can about possible side effects.
I have read and been told that insurance doesn't cover the multitude of therapies and unfortunately this hurts the patients.
Carlson does all the work for you and cuts straight to the facts about what therapies have research evidence to support them and what therapies don’t. A unique mix of herbs it then prescribed and amended during the therapy to ensure a comprehensive, integrated treatment. Based on information from the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine.“We have adapted MBSR to teach breast cancer survivors to take an active role in stress reduction and symptom management,” she explains. Is there a lack of research to substantiate coverage for insurance companies or is it simply a refusal on their part to provide this coverage?
In terms of reaching working patients who are unable to make it to sessions I would suggest traveling to them although I know this creates an uncontrolled environment for the study in terms of the research end of things. Participants are provided with CDs to facilitate meditation and are instructed to practice the techniques for 15–45 minutes per day. “We also examined the effects of MBSR on sleep, measuring sleep patterns and circadian rhythms by actigraphy, and its cost effectiveness,” Lengacher says. How do you account for positive outcomes based on the support group type setting for the study compared to individual settings when administering the therapies?
This is the first study to do so.” Lengacher’s previous studies involved guided imagery, a component of MBSR. Our completed study, which was published in Cancer Nursing in 2012, showed that reflexology improved physical functioning and reduced cancer-related symptoms,” she says.
According to the 2007 National Health Interview Survey, which included a comprehensive survey on the use of complementary health approaches by Americans, 65% of respondents who had been diagnosed with cancer had used complementary approaches, as compared to 53% of other respondents.
However, some approaches may interfere with conventional cancer treatment or have other risks.Although research demonstrates the effectiveness of certain CAM modalities, making them a regular part of treatment along with conventional therapy is more problematic. We’re currently studying the efficacy of training a friend or family caregiver in reflexology to reduce the cost and make this effective therapy more accessible to patients.”You Tell Us!

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