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As you can see, complementary colors sit directly across from one another on the color wheel.
1- OK, enough math, you get the idea; all colors come from some variation of the primaries and our brains really seem to respond to see all the primaries together in some form or er, fashion.
For example, take this deep plum (violet hue) dress and mix it with these dull, metallic gold (yellow hue) peep toe pumps and it creates an elegantly and striking look.

3-Try mixing two sets of compliments to truly get people thinking, “That is fantastic! You’ve got some reasons, now find a way to implement the principles into your wardrobe, be it through a top and a bottom, accessories, a dress with a splendid pair of shoes, or jewelry. Read on to see why working with complementary colors in your wardrobe is the fast ticket to looking like you really know what you are doing when you get dressed.

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