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Based in Bristol, our very special barn is home to a full and varied range of experienced therapists and practitioners who are perfectly located to serve the communities of both Bristol and North Somerset.
Less than 10 minutes drive from Central Bristol, Yanley Court is set in beautiful countryside with ample free parking. A perfect place to relax and unwind, this peaceful haven provides a calm environment for those who wish to escape from the city without having to travel for miles.
Yanley Court is a unique and welcoming city retreat providing complementary therapies and classes for the whole family. Yanley Court also offers Specialist Children's Services and is home to The Natural Pregnancy Partnership, a group of therapists and practitioners providing specialist complementary care and support for pre and post natal women.
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Psychotherapy and Counselling, Emotional Freedom Technique Therapy, Sutton Coldfield, Lichfield, Solihull, Tamworth, Birmingham.

Emotional Freedom Technique, also called EFT or meridian tapping, is a form of energy psychology.
Every time we experience an emotion, the body’s energy system is influenced as a result of our meridian system and psychology being intricately linked.
This technique can be extremely effective with emotional stress of any kind, such as fears, phobias, guilt and anxiety, and can also help with physical conditions, pain relief or food cravings. A client will be taught how to access the energy flow routes (meridians) whilst the interference is present i.e. One of the most powerful effects can be the speed at which the emotional distress is released – sometimes in only a few short minutes. Anam Cara’s practitioner says, “I qualified as a Homoeopath in 1994 at the College of Practical Homoeopathy, as a Bowen Practitioner in 2010 with the European College of Bowen Studies and in EFT in 2012 with Phoenix EFT.
For those visiting from more rural locations, Yanley Court offers superior facilities and highly experienced therapists without the need to travel into the city.
This is a question that many sufferers ask, given that traditional treatments do not offer complete relief and often cause side effects.
This article will give an overview of what the adrenal glands do, and what can happen when they are overworked and become fatigued.
It is characterized by extreme mood swings in the sufferer, far more extreme than the ups and downs in moods experienced by the general population. It can encompass acupuncture, herbal remedies, meditation, energy healing, homeopathy, biofeedback, magnetic therapy, crystal healing, and many others. Consequently every emotional upset we ever experience is stored in the subconscious mind and remembering the incident, or having something happen which is similar, will trigger the memory and also the emotional charge which is attached to it.
It has been designed to directly interact with the energy system, to help rebalance and stabilise the disruption that occurs when a distressing emotion is experienced.

EFT is an invaluable technique to master as one of the greatest advantages is that once learned you can very easily apply it on a simple level to yourself, your friends or your family. It is very rare for anyone to show absolutely no improvement with this technique and most people are amazed by its effectiveness. The same applies to emotional cuts and bruises: if our self-esteem is good, then we are able to hold on to the wisdom from life’s lessons rather than hold on to the pain.
The search for effective self-help tools took me to various forms of Energy Psychology, including EFT.
Also, emotional tension can become stored as physical tension or energetic blocks in the body and Bowen can help you dissolve and release these blocks. This then manifests as interference in the normal energy flow through the body which makes us feel bad in some way. They will do this by gently tapping a sequence of meridian points on their body with their fingertips.
This can be a wonderful way for transforming not just our emotional pain, but also our physical pain, our self-worth, and any limiting beliefs, fears or phobias. Verbal suggestion can also be used as a behaviour modification technique whilst a specific traumatic memory is focused on. As well as this they will carry out taught eye movements, humming and counting which allows access to different areas of the brain which then work together to reduce the interference and therefore the bad feelings. This will help to rebalance the energies of the body, release unwanted emotions and allow for a greater sense of inner calm to be experienced.

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