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Control arms are triangular-shaped suspension components that connect a vehicle's wheel hubs to the chassis. Insert the tip of the spray straw into the gap around the front lower control arm bushing and spray several quick bursts of lubricant. Repeat Step 2 on the rear lower control arm bushing, as well as the front and rear upper control arm bushings. The biggest cause of squeaking in a suspension is worn bushings, particularly in sway bars. Small urethane bushings are installed between a skateboard or longboard's turning axle and base plate to allow for smooth, controlled turns.

This system features unequal length upper and lower control arms that are attached to the steering knuckle by ball joints.
The point of contact between the control arms and the chassis has a set of round rubber bushings that reduce vibration transference and prevent metal-on-metal contact between the arms and chassis. Push down on the right front corner and quickly let go to bounce the right front end slightly and then again on the left front corner. Control arms are triangular-shaped suspension components that connect a vehicle's wheel hubs to the chassis. If the bushings incur water intrusion or other contamination, they can begin squeaking when you drive over bumps.

During routine maintenance inspections, it's a good idea to inspect the control arm bushings for excessive signs of wear such as cracking, flaking or advanced deterioration, which can also bring undesirable noises.

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