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The current study examined how individuals deal with genital herpes, a recurrent, incurable disease with a great psychological impact. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser.
An assessment battery composed of cognitive and problem-focused coping, attribution, and social support mechanisms was employed.
These coping mechanisms were correlated with measures of psychological adjustment: self-esteem, depression, sexual adjustment, and amount upset by herpes. We list here some pictures with the faces of some patients that will give you some elements to learn how to identify skin allergies and differentiate them from eczema.

The most frequent of them are represented by atopic eczema in infants and by allergic contact dermatitis in adults. Subjects were 152 people with herpes recruited from self-help groups and people from the community who volunteered to participate in the study. It also happens that skin conditions such as psoriasis, are complicated by other skin alterations resembling those found in eczema following the administration of medication allergies.
Results supported several hypotheses derived from previous research on coping with life stressors.
Cognitive coping mechanisms, especially negative thoughts, along with wishful thinking and characterological self-blame, were significant predictors of poor psychological adjustment.

In addition, the repeated use of disease management strategies was found to correlate with poor psychological adjustment.
Some psychological effects associated with positive and negative thinking about stressful event outcomes: Was Pollyanna right? Cognitive correlates of negative life events and social support as an approach to understanding the stress buffering effect.

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