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Traditional methods for detecting HIV (HIV antibody test) and other STDs may require a waiting time of as long as 3 months.
Other testing services provide the same tests, use the same labs, and offer the same turnaround, but often charge you $100 or more than what we charge.
About My Health has locations across the country, so testing is always close and easier than ever. Affordability— We offer state-of-the-art testing at reasonable prices so you can afford the testing you need when you need it. Privacy— We value your privacy, so your sexual history will always remain confidential.

Local STD Testing Centers— We have many locations across the country, making it easy for you to find the most convenient location for your STD tests. Early detection of HIV by advanced HIV PCR technology can greatly reduce the time you have to wait for reliable test results. The STD and HIV test experts at About My Health aim to provide knowledgeable, compassionate customer service and the highest quality lab testing, in the fastest, most affordable way. No other STD testing centers can provide the level of service, quality of results, or convenience you’ll find here. Other testing options can take weeks for an appointment and then a couple of weeks more for your test results.

Your results will not be added to your permanent medical record without your express permission.

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