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From a pathogenetic standpoint, the monitoring data suggest that cough due to GER is more likely to be stimulated in the distal rather than proximal esophagus. This entry was posted in Gastroesophageal Reflux and tagged bronchoscopy, chronic cough, gastroesophageal reflux, proximal esophagus.
In LPR this acid causes irritation of the delicate tissues that cover the inside of the larynx and back of the throat. The goal of treatment is to keep stomach acid and other irritating substances from rising up into the throat. Treatments include lifestyle changes and often medications that help decrease the production of stomach acid.

It is important to remember that it may take some time after beginning treatment for many of these symptoms to improve and eventually go away. Foods to avoid are: spicy and fatty foods, tomato and citrus juices (such as grapefruit and orange juices), chocolate, mints, coffee, tea, colas, and alcoholic beverages. Antacids can be taken at bedtime and 30-60 minutes after each meal or as directed by your physician. Limiting consumption of other caffeine containing beverages (tea, soft drinks) may also be helpful. Two subjects who had coughs induced by reflux into the distal esophagus failed to have cough induced by reflux to the proximal esophagus.

One subject who had coughs induced by reflux into the distal esophagus failed to reflux to the proximal esophagus during an entire 24-h period of time. With respect to the total number of coughs, 5 of the 12 subjects increased coughing during acid infusion and 7 did not (Fig 2).

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