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In the last case study, we were promoting a NBA Jersey email submits, so make sure to check it out here.
This one is focused on a Commission-Per-Lead again, but this time for the ever-green dating niche. In this case, I decided to advertise Flirtfair for Sweden, Switzerland, and Germany, and simply used a Direct Linking strategy. If you want to know why these were implemented, check the Facebook Ad CPA Case Studies List to increase your CTR.
I tested MANY ad-copy images, but in this case, I focused on Girls with glasses (Visit the Facebook Ad CPA Case Studies List for why).
Second time around, the red border was increased to 5 px, and selected more attractive images.
With the clicking demographic, I isolated it down to the 18-24 range, and segmented this even further into 18-19, 20-21, 22-23, and 23-24. For CPC, the ads cost anywhere from $1.5-3 for an active placement, which was exorbitant for the laser-targeted demographic (even with segmented age groups), so the CPM (Cost Per 1000 Impressions) model was employed instead. Leonidas is an incredible Web Developer, amazing Digital Marketer, and outstanding Brand Ambassador.
Charlie Alberti { Thanks for the reply Leonidas and I already receive the email ?? Looking forward to learn from you.
Find out why 4 million Americans trust LifeLock with their identity in our interview with this week's Mobile Hero, Cole Mercer. Liftoff helps you grow your mobile business by only acquiring users who are most likely to take meaningful actions in your app, such as making a purchase or subscribing to a service. Unlike traditional CPI-based app install campaigns, Liftoff uses machine learning to acquire mobile users at your target cost per post-install action. App MarketingBuild an engaged mobile user base with app install campaigns optimized for post-install engagement. Lead GenerationMobile retargeting ads work best to keep your app top of mind and drive additional post-install conversions.
Whether you have an app, a mobile site or just want quality leads, Liftoff offers a variety of advertising solutions to help you reach your market on mobile.
Learn when users are most likely to purchase mobile financial services, which months are the most cost-effective for marketers, and how gender plays an important role in user acquisition. You can also bring your children 10 years of age or older to a regular meditation if you like. Please ring for more information. Imagine: you are covered in soft blankets, lying down on a comfy thick mat with a nice cushion, listening to a guided meditation and sound therapy healing. A sign that the inner sound is out of tune is if a person is stressed, unhappy, is not satisfied with what is happening in their life or feels out of balance and unwell. Sound therapy assists in a very gentle and harmonising way to unblock the invisible obstacles, like stagnated energy in the different areas (energy centres, called chakras) of the body.
All the instruments, especially the Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, are very tuned in to each person and know what vibrations are needed to harmonise and balance the bodies’ energy fields.
We are home to over 100 skilled professionals, working as a team to strengthen individuals & build a stronger community. We are AJFCS, and we’re honored to be a trusted source of care in our community.  Welcome to our website, and welcome to our family!
Rousted in the middle of the night, separated from families and forced onto crowded boxcars to concentration camps, never to return. The Plenty of Fish ad platform has been a topic of much discussion the last couple of years. There are a ton of case studies, guides, and resources available to the would be POF affiliate these days.

To get started you’re going to want to educate yourself on the system and what it has to offer.
The Motherload of Blog Posts – You’ll find a ton of fantastic info on the POF ads blog. POF Case Study – The Impact of Images In Online Ads – Another post from the Offervault Scoop inventory! 2) Because I want to avoid a bunch of people copying what I?m doing, I won?t be disclosing every single detail.
3) This campaign has been running for about a week right now, so I have some baseline data to share in the next post. I?ve had the chance to exchange a few PM?s with Luke over the past few months and even though he isn?t my Peerfly Account Manager, he?s been very approachable and friendly. I have talked to my account manager at Peerfly a few times ? Nikki ? and she seems quite friendly and approachable as well. Getting support and being able to communicate with the network is extremely important to me and so far Peerfly has excelled in that area (especially considering I haven't done anything with their network until now). With that being said, there are a few things about their system that is really starting to piss me off. So what I will be doing is building a bunch of landing pages and directing paid traffic to them.
While xxxBlackbook doesn?t allow all countries, I will be looking at buying traffic from English-speaking countries. Because of this, the day ended with me in the hold for about $4 overall (spend $12, made $8).
On day 2 I looked over the stats and decided to turn landing page 2 off based on these numbers. Mate, this is a wonderful thread but in my experience, JustHookUp does not convert well as it used to be anymore, may be you will think about change to a new one. I would highly recommend starting with only 1 traffic source, then once it converts move on to another. Luke I will PM you tonight Originally Posted by Greedy I would highly recommend starting with only 1 traffic source, then once it converts move on to another. That's my plan yes, but I had a bunch of ad credits with another network just sitting there so I decided to just pump them into it. 7search is going to be the primary driver for now, but I'm going to look at dumping some money into other ad networks in the future once I've tweaked it more and have more data. Anyways, I'm in a rush so here's what I just did, will post more details later or over the weekend. I stated earlier that my 7search account ran dry yesterday, so I just went in and deposited $50.
So over the next 2-3 weeks I've about about 6,100 clicks coming to my landing pages to try and test. With 7search over the past week I have converted 0.26% of clicks into leads, so if I maintain that rate I can expect about 13 leads.
What I use is PPV campaign and exit splash script on my landing page and photo show how successful are my campaigns!!!
Maybe you can show one LP that you have for dating offer, even the old one that you not using.
I have advertised this site previously on 7Search with little success, but this time we will try Facebook. Because the ad-copy evaluators are all primarily English-speaking, my ad copy was simply copied from the Swedish and German sites respectively.
This to keep in mind, always enable tracking with all ads, in order to see which demographic is actually converting.

I'm from Toronto, Canada, but now live a life of freedom, fun, and adventure anywhere in the world thanks to internet marketing! Network with your peers and hear from a panel of mobile marketing experts on topics like user acquisition, retention, and more. You are letting go of stress, worries, fears and all the burdens; feeling in balance, calm and relaxed and full of good energy. Since everything is vibrating in the universe (although it may not always be visible to the eye), sound has an effect on the human body and all living beings.
Join KOLOT (voices) for a fun, family event at Jupiter Lanes to support the Domestic Abuse program at AJFCS.
Take a look at our photos and videos and see some of the reasons AJFCS was named Palm Beach County's Non-Profit of the Year! As one of the largest dating sites in the world, there is a lot of traffic to be had there.
The next post will focus on traffic sources and the preliminary stats that I got from them.
I always thinked in that way because if you offering money making program not everyone is interested but in sex, flirt and dating itA?s different.
I simply used Google Translate to decode the entire page, and find a line or 2 that seemed catchy, then revert back to the original, and simply paste it in. Feel free to read all of the content here to get started with internet marketing, and ask me any questions you have.Cheers! You can join a small group (up to 8 participants) for a combination of guided meditation and sound healing therapy.
There are many forms of meditation and I will use a guided meditation to take you on a journey.
This case study examines the POF targeting feature that lets you advertise to people that have clicked on a certain number of ads. It’s a fantastic little tool to help you breakdown the demographics of “interests.” Interests is kind of like another word for NICHE. While you meditate, you are sitting or lying in a very relaxed position and my voice gently brings you into a safe and beautiful space. When listening to music it often triggers an emotion, a feeling of wanting to dance, jump, laugh, sleep and even cry.
My tools are Crystal Singing Bowls made out of clear Quartz Crystals (the Master Healer of the crystal family), Tibetan Singing Bowls, Chimes and Gongs.
Our multi-faceted, comprehensive approach to caring for individuals & families has made us who we are. For example you can advertise only to people who have clicked between 5 – 19 ads on POF. IA?m part of MaxBounty and I promote most FirstDate offers that pay $12.75 and this is pretty high.
As Im Croatian I know very well about Scandinavian people (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland) and their mentality so was very easy for me to drive traffic on that offer. The gongs take away the heaviness and make way for the lightness of the chimes and the singing bowls create harmony, joy and realign the energy and rebalance. Even if you fall asleep your subconscious will take you wherever you need to go to be safe and calm. The cells in the body always listen and every cell reacts to what eyes see, ears hear and what a person feels.

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