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Alien, UFO, Conspiracy Theory, Spiritual Forum and CommunityOnline discussion forum where you can share your ideas on Spirituality, Conspiracy Theory, Metaphysics, Alien, UFO, Paranormal and Mysteries in general. August 27, 2014 by Angie Leave a Comment Our chakras – energy points throughout our body – can easily become imbalanced, particularly when we develop an emotional or mental response (sadness, anger, guilt, doubt, fear, etc) that is not in alignment with our true, heart-based nature (love). Life force energy, known as chi, permeates the entire body, as well as all things around us and the universe itself. Another thing to take into consideration when interpreting the chakras is the “subtle body”.
When the appropriate light ray is attuned to the corresponding chakra, it can enhance and stabilize it, thus bringing forth healing.
Sound healing can be implicated through the use of tuning forks and instruments like gongs and singing bowls.
Amazing turmericResearch is showing there are a lot of benefits to turmeric and the compound it contains called curcumin. Soy terapeuta y trabajo con los cuencos tibetanos en sesiones individuales y armonizaciones grupales. Concierto de Cuencos Tibetanos de Lorenzo Cerezo el 15 de noviembre de 2009 en Espacio Ronda Madrid. Anything vibrating beyond love can create a disruption in our energy patterns and thus potentially manifest as a physical ailment, disorder, or disease.
This is much like a blueprint of our physical body except it cannot be seen (unless one is clairvoyant) and it is divided into several layers (the 7 subtle bodies).

This is why, to heal a particular chakra, the stone of the same color is placed on top of it. Sound healing however has the advantage over crystals in that it is based on frequencies – the same frequencies that apply to the chakras. But the easiest way to expose yourself to sound healing is to either chant the vowel sounds above for each chakra or, alternatively, listen to the corresponding Solfeggio frequencies (which can literally be found all over the Internet and YouTube). I've been reading a lot about it the last couple of weeks and learned that it needs to be taken with black pepper because it doesn't have any…Are we alone? A YouTuber by the name of Michael Kirkman sent me who performed this wonderful version of Beethoven's Symphony No. This is where vibrational therapy is viable, as one vibration can aid in “tweaking” another. They encompass earth energy unlike any other material on the planet, and they form in perfect geometry – the same geometry that is found in our very bodies. Alternatively, a pendant with the crystal of choice can be worn to enhance the healing process. So while a crystal utilizes its color and geometry to align with a particular chakra, sounds align through particular keynotes, vowels, and frequencies.
Some people prefer working silently with crystals as opposed to hearing high-pitched frequencies from a tuning fork or deep gong beats.
This tends to happen any time we feel energetically imbalanced – either having attempted to store too much energy within our chakras or not enough.

In a holistic point of view, every physical condition is the result of a pattern present in the subtle body.
Each stone resonates with a different pattern geometrically and, along with its color, yields certain properties and applies to certain chakras. Oddly enough, there is evidence to back up the claims of islands and continents that existed one minute and were gone the next.
I'm looking for book suggestions that deal with basically any topic the forum also deals with -- alien life, UFO sightings, conspiracy theories (especially about JFK), and non-religious-specific spirituality. Was there something you missed along the way, some indecision that made you think twice about what to do? I'll probably be changing my avatar at some point but just wanted to go ahead and post my intro. Even someone I know from a friend of a friend does this and he is now at the age where he should be paying more attention to life. Honey also has high capability to resistbacteria that evolved their immune systems against standard medications. After my daughter was born, I had to reduce the impact of my workouts to compensate for my C-section.

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