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After a team of scientists were able to halt type 1 diabetes in mice for six months by injecting insulin-producing pancreatic beta cells generated in the laboratory from human embryonic stem cells, the remarkable treatment is now been replicated on a small number of diabetic patients. He was referring to the therapy, which involves coaxing embryonic stem cells into insulin-producing cells. The flat capsules which contained the insulin-producing cells derived from embryonic stem cells were inserted in 12 test subjects suffering from Type 1 diabetes about a year ago. The cure for type 1 diabetes might take two more years even if everything goes according to plan and the tests continue to remain positive.
While there are multiple approaches being tested, this potential cure for diabetes is the first to be tested in patients, claimed ViaCyte Biotechnology Company. A site about health, alternative medicines, lifestyle, wellness, fitness, love and relationship, medicine, natural cures and healthy living. Baldness could soon be nothing more than a bad memory, thanks to a breakthrough by British scientists.
In a world first, they have shown that when these lab-grown cells are put back into human skin, they sprout hair. Although the work is at an early stage, the scientists from Durham University in the UK and Columbia University in the US, say it represents a real breakthrough in treating the hair loss that blights millions of men and women. The team began by taking strips of human hair and extracting tiny cells called dermal papillae. The scientists then cloned the cells in a dish, until they had multiple copies of each one. Other scientists have done this before but then failed to get the lab-grown cells to sprout hair when put back into skin. The UK-US team got over this hurdle by turning the dish of cells upside down, to encourage them to form into the clumps found in nature. The clumps were then transplanted into human skin that had been grafted on the backs of mice. Cells from all seven human donors sprouted fledgling hairs and, in two or three cases, the tufts broke through the skin, the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reports. The new hairs were white but Durham researcher Colin Jahoda says it should possible to produce coloured hair in future. Starting with a sample of a person’s own cells should also mean that any new hair is a good match in terms of texture and curliness. It is hoped that the first human trials will start soon and that men and women will both eventually benefit from the new treatment. Burns victims could also benefit, as replacement skin that is studded with hairs should be more functional than a completely smooth covering. Although baldness is usually thought of as a male problem, some eight million British women are losing their hair.
Greg Williams, a hair transplant surgeon at the Farjo Hair Institute in London’ s Harley Street, said hair loss and thinning can be particularly devastating for women.

But Dr David Fenton of the British Association of Dermatologists warned that any treatment is still years away. We are sure that most of you would like to determine the health of your inner organs by using only a spoon.
The FDA and The Journal of the American Medical Association claim that foods cannot cure disorders and diseases.
Black spots can look really ugly, especially for girls because sometimes even makeup doesn’t help. Each lady realizes that her vagina is the most essential and most delicate part of their body.
According to Danish scientists from the Aarhus University Hospital, a cure is in the works and may debut in about four months.
The cure entails the removal of HIV from DNA by forcing it to come onto the surface of cells. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Google the words “AIDS” and “breakthrough” and you get so many promising reports, you can’t be blamed for thinking the end of the pandemic is coming soon.So as World AIDS Day is marked once again on Dec.
An estimated 34 million people currently have HIV (660,000 of them in Indonesia according to the WHO) and since it’s frightening appearance in the 1980s, some 35 million have died from the virus, making it one of the most destructive diseases in history. A new study by America’s National Institutes of Health, involving 2,685 individuals in 35 countries, shows treatment appears most effective when you begin at the time of diagnosis. In the India Times, the world’s largest English language daily, Nobel Laureate Francoise Barre-Sinoussi, who co-discovered the virus that causes AIDS, said she believed it was possible that some day people will live with HIV without taking medicine and yet remain healthy and “uninfectious.”  And so it goes.
There are three kinds of “cure.”  A sterilizing cure would involve total elimination of all replication-competent HIV.
While BIMC Hospitals in Kuta and Nusa Dua are not presently equipped to treat HIV patients, it supports World AIDS Day and urges the Bali community to do the same. Mark appears the be the only Castor left, but has he really earned the Sestras' trust? The trials and tribulations of Orphan Black's Ledas and Castors will remain inextricably linked as season 4 begins. As the Clone Club probes the depths of their mysterious past, their cure could bring hope to Mark as well. Fans should keep in mind that the creators have always had a definitive end point for the series. Felix stepped up to the plate in "The Antisocialism of Sex." EP dishes on Jordan Gavaris' big episode. Pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson has joined forces with biotech company ViaCyte to accelerate development of the first stem cell treatment that has proven to be the most effective in eliminating the need for regular insulin injections and blood sugar tests.
If the experiment and the medicine proves as effective as it has on the animals, there could a be a cure for the life-threatening hormonal disorder, which would end the regular and painful insulin injections as well as the need for frequent blood sugar tests.

The tests were so promising; it has motivated the group to move onto additional testing on more human subjects as well as to continue to monitor the initial group for any safety or adverse reactions to the implanted capsule, reported the Examiner. This is because the researchers intend to closely monitor the test subjects to check whether they experience any negative consequences from the insulin-containing capsule. On the other hand, Johnson & Johnson has been relentlessly trying to cure the lifestyle disease for the past 13 years. Patients don’t have much choice, other than to painfully monitor their blood sugar levels and strictly control their diet. With a functional cure, the virus may not completely vanish, but no replication is detectable and patients experience no disease progression when medication is stopped. But as Richard Jefferys of the Treatment Action Group explained in a recent Internet seminar, ”HIV Cure Research—Getting Past the Media Hype,” numerous clinical trials are underway in search of such cures, but none of the interventions currently under study are expected to do the job.
Although the Castor's have been all but decimated (we think), Mark's (Ari Millen) tale will continue to twist in and out of Sarah's when Orphan Black returns this spring.
All these twist will eventually provide an answer to the overarching mystery, according to Deadline. Tom Donner, director of the diabetes center at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine said the following.
The company has been conducting parallel research with ViaCyte through financial investments.
For permission requests, contact author.If permission is given, provide credit to the author, do not alter the content and backlink to the original post. Spammers and other people who hide under "anonymous" sometimes post vulgar or nonsensical comments that I cannot post for obvious reasons. So you can’t blame the media for fanning the fire of hope whenever there’s a small advance.
Remission is the latest definition to enter the dialog, referring to control of the viral load at low levels in he absence of treatment.
Researchers have always fought a losing battle with the immune system as it would attack any treatment, considering the same as invaders, reported Fox News.
While traditional remedies and regular exercise does help, modern medicine offers insulin injections. If your comment pertains to the posting and is free of ad hominem and vulgarity, rest assured it will be posted. People suffering from type 1 diabetes suffer from a similar condition within their pancreas, where the immune system keeps destroying insulin-producing beta cells, which would have otherwise managed the sugar in the body and converted it into much-needed energy.

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