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A team of researchers from Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University claim that the cure for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) is just three years away. In a study published in Narure journal, the scientists have discovered a method to cut the viral DNA from a person’s infected cells and stop the disease from returning.
Lead researcher and Professor Kamel Khalili, Ph.D at the Department of Neuroscience at Temple University said that the discovery he and his team made is an essential and huge step towards ending the HIV and AIDS epidemic. Currently, the team has only managed to eradicate the virus in the lab and the results have shown that they can keep HIV away for good. The team added that more tests have to be done to know if it will be a cure for the millions of patients infected with the HIV virus, which causes AIDS. John Riel "Quadro Alas" Casimero of the Philippines became the country's latest world boxing champion after stopping the defending and undefeated champion Amnat Ruenroeng of Thailand via a fourth round technical knockout to win the International Boxing Federation (IBF) World Flyweight title at the Diamond Stadium in Beijing, China on Wednesday.
2Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Relationship: a€?Twilighta€™ Stars Now Getting Back Together? 4Kate Middleton News & Update: Prince Williama€™s Wife Forces Pippa Middleton Marry James Matthews? Many people – including biomedical professionals – do not realize the challenges that an HIV vaccine presents. Second, HIV does induce neutralizing antibodies, but – a critical but – these antibodies are “narrow” and HIV readily persists by the selection of “antibody escape” mutations. The route to rationale vaccine development depends upon understanding the pathogenesis of each specific viral infection. The principles of pathogenesis – and their application to vaccinology – are the subject of the new edition which will be published in January, 2016.

The new third edition has been edited by a team from the University of Washington, headed by Professor Michael Katze, who is widely known for his leadership in the emerging field of systems virology. The disciplines of biomedicine and biochemistry impact the lives of millions of people every day. It's an exciting time, and the reason is the technologies are available and the methods are in place and our knowledge has increased,” he added. Presently, most drugs that treat the virus, antiretroviral therapy, show a rapid rebound in HIV replication. The professor said that he hopes human tests could begin in two to three years but it will depend on funding. There is a consensus that this could be the most important tool to control the global AIDS pandemic which still rages out of control, particularly in the developing world. Other viruses – with the exception of influenza – that cause human disease are not able to escape, so that the vaccines developed centuries or decades ago are still very effective, as for smallpox, measles, and polio. For instance, the pathway to polio vaccine was founded on the understanding that this was an enterovirus that produced an innocuous intestinal infection, and only caused paralysis when it produced a plasma viremia that delivered the virus to the spinal cord. This introductory text covers all aspects of the problem, with individual chapters by recognized experts.
The expertise of the UW team – Marcus Korth and Lynn Law – is complemented by Professor Neal Nathanson, University of Pennsylvania, who has researched problems in viral pathogenesis for many decades and led the group that wrote the first and second editions of Viral Pathogenesis.
Research in these areas has led to practical applications in cardiology, cancer treatment, respiratory medicine, drug development, and more.
The patient’s blood is then taken and scientists would inject Cas9, which would then look for out the HIV virus in the cells.

More time and resources have been invested in this effort than for any other vaccine, likely more than 25 billion dollars over the last 25 years. Thus an effective AIDS vaccine must induce antibodies against an immunologically diverse swarm of viruses that are circulating worldwide. It was then found that the plasma viremia was readily blocked by a low level of neutralizing antibodies that we readily induced by an inactivated whole virus preparation (IPV or Salk vaccine). Furthermore, this edition recognizes the current trend from reductionist focus on individual viral genes and proteins to a holistic approach using systems biology and computational analysis, to understand the interplay between host and virus. Interdisciplinary fields of study, including neuroscience, chemical engineering, nanotechnology, and psychology come together in this research to yield significant new discoveries.
Elsevier’s biomedicine and biochemistry content spans a wide range of subject matter in various forms, including journals, books, eBooks, and online information services, enabling students, researchers, and clinicians to advance these fields. The scientists are confident that the virus would be cured if just 20 percent of the immune cells are replaced with the genetically altered cells.
This is a much more daunting challenge than is met by established viral vaccines that only induce “partial immunity”. Individuals who are immunized against diseases such as polio or smallpox actually undergo an abortive infection when exposed to the virus, but this is almost always subclinical.

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