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The treatment killed several different types of cancer in the lab, and shrunk or eliminated tumors in mice.
The method of attacking cancer was effective with mice against several different types of cancer, however researchers said they are unsure whether the same will be true with humans. Researchers found the carbohydrate malaria cells attach to on a placenta is identical in cancer cells. Based on the mice, the researchers report the malaria protein appears not to target cells other than cancer. SILVER SPRING, Md., May 26 (UPI) -- A person in the United States was found to have a strain of E. Heavy drinking may fuel the risk of suicide among men when the economy is sinking, new research suggests. Women who carry common gene variants linked to breast cancer can still cut their risk of the disease by following a healthy lifestyle, a large new study suggests. JACKSONVILLE, Fla., May 26 (UPI) -- A rare form of pancreatic cancer is susceptible to a chemotherapy drug typically used for colorectal cancers, according to new research from the Mayo Clinic. Are health officials in the United States overreacting to the threat posed by the Zika virus this summer?
BOSTON, May 26 (UPI) -- Plaques that build up in the brain and cause Alzheimer's disease may be part of the innate immune response to bacterial infection, scientists found in a study. EDMONTON, Alberta, May 26 (UPI) -- The children of mothers who ate more fruit during pregnancy had better cognitive development a year after birth, according to a study of Canadian one-year-olds.
SYDNEY, May 26 (UPI) -- Opioid painkillers such as oxycodone and Percocet have minimal effects on chronic back pain, according to researchers in Australia. LONDON, May 26 (UPI) -- More than 260,000 additional people died of cancer after the economic crash in 2008, an increase researchers suggest was caused by the economic crash. With a history of reliable reporting dating back to 1907, today's UPI is a credible source for the most important stories of the day, continually updatedA A - a one-stop site for U.S. Thus, the initial focus of verifying Chachoua's claims were expanded to updating the history behind cancer remission and also the current medical trend in applying viral vaccines to treating cancers. Cases of spontaneous regression have fueled speculation that cancer may be vulnerable to sudden surges of the immune system, which can occur with a high fever, bacterial infection, blood transfusion, or major surgery or antibiotic usage. Studying these exceptional people, however, is fraught with difficulty, controversy and the dangers of promoting bad science.
It is impossible to know how often spontaneous remission occurs because physicians often do not document or publish such cases, or the patient may simply stop showing up at the doctor's office and most cancer patients in the past century have been conveniently treated in one way or another with poor documentation.
It is interesting to note that the current primary cancer management procedures neither harness the benefits of patients’ own immune system nor stimulate it to achieve tumor regression but actively suppress it; thus it does not run parallel to body's own defensive mechanisms but opposes its natural role. Opportunities for further clinical studies using Coley’s toxins were lost when despite decades of use, it was classified as a new drug by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
In a curious turn of events, advances in molecular engineering have now provided us with the tools to transform immunotherapy into a viable alternative. The Induced Remission Therapies [IRT] do not destroy viral mechanisms but use them to displace the virus from its genetic locus.
This induced vaccine therapy represents a new age in AIDS and cancer therapeutics aimed at genetic editing and correction. Then the body develops an altered immune response that goes into the cancer cell and genetically corrects the disease. Currently, the toxins are still available on a “compassionate use” basis in nine countries, including Germany and the Bahamas; one clinic in the United States also uses a preparation based on Coley’s toxins.
Coley’s legacy lives on in the bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG) vaccine now in use to treat some forms of bladder cancer.
Chachoua got thousands of bottles in a laboratory and placed leukemia lymph node tumor biopsies in them.
With use of the tagging system, if the immune system looks at this fibrillary network of protein stuck onto the outside of the cancer cell, it doesn't see cancer; it sees a bug and it wants to go after the bug.
However, there were instances where patients had a regression several months or years after treatment of their tumors with a tagging complex. This was noticed by a Dr Didot, in France, who noted that the existence of syphilis precluded the appearance of cancer. Late last century, Dr William Coley had a patient who had bone cancer and developed a severe syphilis or skin infection. It’s been long known that in areas where malaria exists, there’s no cancer; and when you get rid of malaria, drain the swamps, kill the mosquitoes, the cancer rate rises.
All these observations led Chachoua to come up with something called "nemesis theory", which states that for every disease there’s an anti-disease organism which will specifically attack and destroy it. This finding has been published in the conventional medical literature, and it means that cancer as a disease is not cancer the cell.
In light of this information, Chachoua kept saving all these little bottles, cooking up these nemesis organisms and tagging them, but something kept showing up over and over and over again. They’d get a horse, shoot it with a disease, draw the horse serum out, shoot that into the person and cure them. Basic IRT vaccine for a short time is made by using measles or mumps virus or an animal virus at a cost of just a few hundred dollars.
During the course of the study, Kelly identified more than seventy-five factors that cancer survivors said they used as a part of their healing journey. Other oncolytic viruses based on HSV have also been developed and are in clinical trials, most notably  GM-CSF, developed by Amgen, which has successfully completed a pivotal Phase III trial for advanced melanoma.
Throughout the history of medicine, physicians have recorded cases of spontaneous remission.
When bacteria are threatened by the immune system or by antibiotics they may lose their cell-wall and assume a different growth form that renders them less susceptible to attack by the immune system. Although the idea of a cancer microbe is medical heresy, there is ample data to show that cancer patients are highly prone to bacterial infection.
Mostly ignored over the past century is research showing that pleomorphic bacteria, particularly unusual growth forms of mycobacteria, are implicated in Hodgkin’s and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. A new paper in The Lancet takes a look at the very best data on the prevalence of infection-caused cancers and comes up with some striking numbers. This very recent confession from a renown medical journal helps to vindicate Chachoua's claims and the issue about viruses and bacteria causing cancer.
A final blow to the cancer industry in 2015 is a viral vaccine to fight 9 out of 10 cancers.
In the laboratory, scientists have created the protein that the malaria parasite uses to adhere to the placenta and added a toxin.
The researchers modified their VAR2CSA protein so that it contained a cancer-killing toxin [now a virus vaccine], and added this to cancer cells grown in the lab. In collaboration, the two university research groups have tested thousands of samples from brain tumors to leukemias and a general picture emerges to indicate that the malaria protein is able attack more than 90% of all types of tumors.
In collaboration with the scientists behind the discovery, the University of Copenhagen has created the biotech company, VAR2pharmaceuticals, which will drive the clinical development forward. In tumors, placental-like CS chains are linked to a limited repertoire of cancer-associated proteoglycans including CD44 and CSPG4. Our data demonstrate how an evolutionarily refined parasite-derived protein can be exploited to target a common, but complex, malignancy-associated glycosaminoglycan modification. Solid tumors, such as breast, colorectal and prostate cancers, that have cellular doubling times of 100 days or longer, remain a more mysterious animal. If you remain in complete remission for 5 years or more, some doctors may say that you are cured. There is no longer any excuse to be ignorant of research pointing to bacteria as a possible cause of cancer, particularly when evidence of such bacteria resides in the medical literature. Chachoua's effort will indeed be recognized in spite of been rejected and suppressed since 1985.

Agarwal Pawan & Anil Kumar Kapoor & Arif Khan & Vivek Agarwal, "Spontaneous regression of an untreated lung cancer," Indian J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg, 2010, 26:173–175.
Spontaneous tumor regression is a phenomenon that has been observed for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Chachoua, Samir, "Use of disease-associated organisms US 20030103900 A1," Patent, Jun 5, 2003. Abstract: A method for the identification, production and use of disease and condition specific diagnostic, therapeutic and preventative agents from naturally occurring microorganisms, organisms, extracts or modifications thereof, and from other chemical or physical agents. Deardorff Julie, "Spontaneous cancer remission rare, but worth study," Chicago Tribune, September 29, 2014.
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Lenzer Jeanne, "The Body Can Beat Terminal Cancer," Discover Magazine, September issue, 2007, [August 21, 2007].
McCarthy Aine, "Have researchers really discovered a ‘new miracle drug to cure nine in 10 cancers’?
Pesmen Curtis, "What Five Years Really Means [Survival statistics mean different things for different cancers]," Cure, March 16, 2007. Cancer cure = disease-specific survival: It is the percentage of cancer patients who have survived for a certain period of time after diagnosis compared to people who do not have cancer.
Pleomotphism: When a grub turns into a butterfly, this is know as metamorphism, if it could turn back into a grub again that would be known as Pleomorphism.
Pleo-morphismmeans many living forms; many or more (pleo-), forms or bodies (morph-), capable of changing from one type of organism to another.
Modern medicine, bacteriology, is founded on the idea of Mono-morphism, where once a germ is a particular germ it always stays that way.
Bechamp then went further in his argument for pleomorphism, contending that bacteria could "devolve" into smaller, unseen forms, what he called "microzymia." Bechamp developed the theory that micro-organisms could change their essential size as well as their shape, depending on the state of health of the organism in which the micro-organism lived. After death, it is essential that matter is restored to its primitive condition, for it has only been lent for a time to the living, organized being. Printz Carrie, "Spontaneous Regression of Melanoma May Offer Insight Into Cancer Immunology," JNCI: Jnl of National Cancer Institute, 2001, Volume 93, Issue 14Pp. Tolerance of TG4010 was excellent, and side effects mainly consisted of injection site pain and influenza-like symptoms. Salber Patricia, "Radical Remission from Cancer: 9 Keys to Healing," The Doctor Weighs In, January 27, 2016.
Salanti Ali and others, "Targeting Human Cancer by a Glycosaminoglycan Binding Malaria Protein," Cancer Cell, Volume 28, Issue 4, p500–514, 12 October 2015. Danish researchers had just made discoveries that could lead to find a cure for cancer, while investigating the effects of malaria in pregnant women. Scientists from the University of British Columbia, BC Cancer Agency, the University of Copenhagen and VAR2 Pharmaceuticals discovered a protein in the malaria virus that appears to be very effective in attacking cancer cells. The key point of these findings is that placenta and tumors share a lot of characteristics. The same carbohydrate that makes placenta grow has been found on different cancer cell types. The studies had a success rate of more than 95%, and the scientists analyzed a wide variety of cancer types, such as breast, pancreatic, prostate, brain, ovarian, skin, gastric, and even leukemia.
The malaria protein used in the experiments was produced in the laboratory, and didn’t have any risk of infecting subjects with malaria. Anna Faris and husband Chris Pratt Photo by Janet Gough 63rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals at the Nokia Theatre L.A. 14 (UPI) -- While working on a vaccine for pregnant women who contract malaria, researchers found a similarity between placentas and tumors that allowed armed malaria proteins to kill cancer cells.
They created the protein malaria cells use to adhere to the placenta and added a toxin to it. The reaction may deprive the tumor of something it needs to survive — blood, lactic acid, thyroid hormones — and thus starve it until it collapses and dies. Scientists have been fascinated and baffled by these developments for as long as cancer has been recognized as a disease. An ideal cancer management would involve the stimulation of the immune system, its complex effective and reproducible in vivo mechanisms that fight cancer. Currently, cancer cells cannot be identified by the immune system and that is why they are not attacked and destroyed. Chachoua searched for non-toxic biological agents that could duplicate the findings in spontaneous remissions.
However, initially, many different strains of bacteria were used and a good therapeutic effect was observed with the infection of tumor patients with diphtheria, gonorrhea, hepatitis, influenza, malaria, measles, smallpox, syphilis and tuberculosis. Emergence of chemotherapy and radiotherapy overshadowed its development while aseptic techniques gradually gained acceptance. Tightening of regulations regarding clinical trials of new drugs after the thalidomide incidents in the 1960s meant that Coley’s toxins were highly unlikely to pass the stringent safety requirements. An estimated yearly average of over twenty cases in the 1960-80s decreased to less than ten cases in the 1990s. Yet as recently as 2005, doctors at Dartmouth and Harvard universities concluded that Coley may have been right that some infections, particularly those caused by Streptococcus, might cause tumor regression. Doctors instill the bacillus into the bladders of patients who have been treated for superficial bladder cancer. This nemesis organism gave him highly specific chemicals that could be used to kill the cancer, but which can be made so the new modality does not attack any other sort of body tissue. Now, you don't inject the bug; you purify the protein extract that sticks to the cancer and you inject that. His vaccine can get rid of cancer: make the cancer look like a cough or a cold by sticking cough or cold particles on it, and have the immune system attack the cancer, destroy it and remove it. This suggested that tagging the cancer was not the be-all and end-all, that tagging the cancer cell still didn't cure cancer the disease. However, when they ran DNA checks, they found that not only that it was not the same cell, but that it belonged to the donor.
There is something in the body of a patient which regenerates and augments cancer, the cancer cell.
A hundred years ago, before we had antibiotics, the only therapy we had for pneumonia, smallpox and polio was horse serum.
That’s pretty remarkable considering that the best that antibiotics can do, if they can clear it, is take days to weeks. On top of that, changes in the bacterial community in a tumor were associated with advanced cancers instead of early ones.
Although such microbes are still looked upon with disbelief by many bacteriologists, this pleomorphism is consistent with bacteria cultured and studied by various cancer microbial researchers over the past century.
Another reason for physicians to doubt that a single type of germ could cause such a variety of pathologic effects. For a century these bacteria, now identifiable in tissue with a special tissue stain, went undetected by physicians, all of whom were taught that bacteria could not live in the acid environment of the stomach. Overall, they estimate that 16% of cancer cases worldwide in 2008 had an infectious cause—2 million out of 12.7 million.

They also tested the vaccine by treating mice with prostate cancer, melanoma and a type of lymphoma. The rVAR2 protein localizes to tumors in vivo and rVAR2 fused to diphtheria toxin or conjugated to hemiasterlin compounds strongly inhibits in vivo tumor cell growth and metastasis. Long-term behavior of these tumors is tougher to predict, thus the language of survival rates instead of cure.
Studies have shown that infections and fever are involved in tumor regression and are associated with improved clinical outcomes. Previously, the contents of medical journals were closed to most people who could not gain entrance to a medical library. Research since 2010 has been shifting from surgery, radiation and chemotherapy to using the immune system to fight cancer.
Although the term spontaneous implies 'without apparent cause', a review of case reports over the last several hundred years demonstrates that regression generally coincides with acute infections. Liu, "DNA Vaccines: Progress and Challenges," The Journal of Immunology, July 15, 2005, vol.
This is in contradistinction (distinction by contrast) to Mono-morphism which means one (mono-) body or form. There’s a carbohydrate present in the placenta, which is responsible for its quick development.
The protein and toxin then seek out cancer cells in the body, are absorbed, release the toxin and the cancer cells die. UPI also provides insightful reports on key topics of geopolitical importance, including energy and security. It became known as UPI after a merger with the International News Service in 1958, which was founded in 1909 by William Randolph Hearst. He developed a range of anti-sera, vaccines and microbiological extracts that could target the cause of the disease and remove it from the body. After World War II, large-scale production of antibiotics and antipyretics also allowed better suppression of infections and fevers. It was gradually believed that the body’s immune system had a negligible role in tumor regression and focus was placed on chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
Many of these vaccines, by using the viruses own reverse transcriptase, insert themselves in the vicinity of the viral DNA, resulting in the latter’s removal and expulsion.
The bacillus provokes the immune system to produce an inflammatory response that in turn prevents cancer recurrence. Two, it gave Chachoua tagging complexes which stick to the outside of the cancer cells and make the cancer cells highly visible to the immune system.
This doctor actually treated 20 cancer patients with syphilis and, of those 20, 14 went into total remission. Dr Coley went on to develop what he called "Coley’s toxins" and used them for many years as a therapy that got quite good results.
Just recently, Dr Henry Heimlich [who developed the Heimlich maneuver for preventing choking] injected a few AIDS patients with malaria and managed to get them into some form of remission where they improved and stayed stable at the improved level.
His cancer serum has been proven to be 85% effective against cancers while his AIDS serum is 99% effective in putting AIDS into remission for six months to upwards of three years. Chachoua does not sell this vaccine and offers free training to practicing physicians so the physicians may implement it for patients. Now a curative antibiotic treatment has been designed to treat Helicobacter pylori infection. More oncologists are beginning to respect and accept the possibility of this shift in cancer.
Observations of this non-specific effect led to the emergence of active cancer immunotherapies by the 1700s.
The researchers found that this protein in the malaria virus attaches itself to this carbohydrate, and doesn’t let the placenta grow. The team of researchers found that the malaria protein named “VAR2CSA”, attaches to the cancerous cells, as it does with the placenta, and it has the potential to inhibit their growth, and even kill them.
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Or did the patients do something special to harness the awesome power of the immune system?
Despite initial promise, these therapies have not fulfilled their full potential and the treatment for certain cancers remains out of reach. Scientists found that the 128 patients treated between 1890 and 1960 with Coley’s toxins fared as well as 1,675 similar patients treated with conventional methods in 1983.
Derived from a bovine form of tuberculosis, BCG is used as a vaccine against TB in many parts of the world.
And three, it can give Chachoua a complete range of digestive enzymes which are specific for digesting the cancer cells and the cancers alone. The body's immune cells can then see it and recognize it because it's tagged with bacterial, fungal or viral protein.
This may account for some of the cancer recurrences, but to try to explain all cancer recurrences that way, the medical term for that is "crap"! Acid-fast bacilli sometimes would show up, depending on what culture medium was used and for how long he cultured them. By the 1890s, William Coley refined this approach with a bacterial vaccine which, when administered properly, could induce complete regression of extensive metastatic disease. However, the researchers said the study was small and subject to bias, leaving their findings in doubt. Now, if it was a leftover cell, then when you check that leukemia cell you should find that it's the same as the leukemia you treated before the patient went into remission, true?
Streptococcal germs and many other kinds of germs, bacteria and viruses can, and do, change into other forms, proven to occur by many eminent researchers since the early 1800s, including Royal Rife, Gaston Naessens, Antoine Bechamp and Dr. The living being, filled by microzymas, carries in himself the elements essential for life, for disease, for death, and for destruction.
But this was a few hundred years ago, and given the choice between "the Big C" and "the Big S."  Today we can cure syphilis with a couple of shots of penicillin but treating cancer is not the came!
Pleomorphic objects go through life cycles of various forms, depending on the state of the environment of the body or of the “soil” of the animal or human being.
Aseptic techniques and antibiotics significantly reduce postoperative infections, while chemotherapy and radiation impair immune activation even when an infection does occur.
Such living, dynamic changes of microorganisms can only be observed in live tissues, such as a live drop of blood, water or body fluid. Unfortunately, most of the research that became established in the medical and bacteriology fields was done on dead, stained tissues. Box 1560 Beverly Hills, CA 90213-1560 TEL 310 786-7700 FAX 310 777-5455 ASHLEY GREENE Celebrity Photo Syndication of Hollywood Celebrity Photos since 1970 Alli Simpson Photo by Scott Downie And Aeropostale, Inc.
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