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A safe and effective cure for cancer has been discovered with a drug that was once used for unusual metabolic problems. That research also confirmed cancer as a metabolic malfunction, not a weird mutation of cells often explained away as a genetic issue. Evangelos Michelakis and the Alberta University research team tested DCA on human cancer cells outside the body and in cancerous mice with profound success. With mitochondria malfunctioning, cancer cells use glucose fermentation for survival energy.
The Alberta University researchers also realized that glycolysis fermentation in cancer cells produces lactic acid. The researchers reasoned this is why cancer metastasizes or spreads to different parts of the body or reappears after remission from chemo.
Alternative cancer therapies have little or no problem with metastatic cancer or even cancer reoccurring after remission.
DCA offers the cancer industry an opportunity to come up with a pharmaceutical cure that is much cheaper and safer than their current standard of care. Alternative cancer practitioners have always simply tried out and when they succeeded shared them with others who cared more about healing than money and power.

The medical mafia has created a matrix that demands big bucks to make big bucks for sick care instead of curing. China has passed controversial new anti-terrorism laws, saying they are needed to combat growing threats. The symptoms of ovarian cancer will vary depending on the stage of the cancer, being more pronounced as the disease progresses.
It is so good to see that Mattel, the maker of the Barbie franchise,  is helping to raise awareness about Cancer.
Yet, the cancer industry shows no interest with following up on dichloroacetate (DCA) research from University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, reported in 2007.
Meanwhile, more are getting cancer and more are dying from it, mostly because of the toxic treatments. This fermentation occurs when glycolysis (glucose conversion) occurs in an anaerobic cellular environment, which can be created by benign tumor masses, toxins, and low pH levels. Another function of normal mitochondria is signaling apoptosis, or cellular self destruction. They are generally subtle and vague and associated with less serious, benign (non-cancerous) conditions, and many women with early stage ovarian cancer experience no symptoms (Better Health Channel, 2012).

A teenager raising awareness about cancer and cancer research.Madeleine Moore created D2C after two close family friends died of cancer within three months of each other. This allows cancer cells to easily break away from a tumor shrinking with mainstream therapies.
Instead, DCA is a homeless orphan begging for research funds to avoid legal issues with off label use on cancer. The cancer industry accuses alternative cancer therapists of quackery and taking advantage of the desperately ill for financial gain. Michelakis and his team had discovered that the mitochondria in cancer cells are not permanently damaged and irreparable. Sample healing by nutrition and supplements alone glioblastoma multiforme anaplasticCapsules, graviola and n tense.

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