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The more our cells are saturated with stabilized oxygen the lower is the wear and tear that occurs in the body. Treatment for genital herpes will depend on whether you have the infection for the first time (a primary infection) or your symptoms keep coming back (a recurrent outbreak).
However, as is the case with most viral infections, there is no final and definitive cure for herpes.
Despite the high prevalence rate of herpes, why is it so difficult to find a cure for this disease?
Colloidal silver will substantially bring down the frequency of your outbreaks but it cannot be said that a full and final cure for this dreaded viral infection lies in colloidal silver.
Typically the areas of highest efficacy are in the treatment of Herpes, Candida, the flu, low grade chest infections, colds, Asthma and Eczema. When I get the first signs of an attack I take 20 drops in water 3 times a day, after 2 days its gone. Herpes and many such diseases have a cure that lies in colloidal silver, or so it is claimed.
This disease is said to be rampant in the United States, with an alarming one in four people said to be affected by it.
This is the reason why there is so much interest in alternative medicine to counter this disease, and one such option that is quickly gaining widespread interest is colloidal silver. Well, the main reason for this is that herpes is caused due to a virus known as Herpes simplex, or HSV1 and HSV2.
Microorganisms, whether they are bacteria, viruses or fungi, need specific enzymes to help them breathe. Herpes breakouts can also be prevented by staying hydrated, following a healthy diet and by taking other precautious measures of keeping the body healthy. At a concentration of 5 drops of Stabilized Oxygen, it took 3 minutes for the culture to be 100 destroyed.

MMS The Sure Thing Water Purification Drops is not a medication for cancer, stroke, diabetes, or any other illness.
Herpes and many other diseases that do not have a definitive cure are said to be relying on colloidal silver as a possible curative option.
This medicine acts as a catalyst which disables these vital enzymes required by the microorganisms.
Argyria is an irreversible condition that is caused due to improper exposure to different and mostly impure forms of silver.
However, as soon as antiviral medications are administered, the virus hides itself in the nerve cells. In this condition, there is bluish tinting of the skin, which may be localized or generalized but which is irreversible. I think if I had it, I would take the colloidal silver to help decrease the number of outbreaks I would have.
In addition to the basics, liquid oxygen, is a safe, non-toxic supplement containing liquid stabilized oxygen molecules in a liquid solution of sodium chloride (a.
The areas of highest efficacy are in the treatment of herpes simplex I and II, candida albicans, M.
Then, the antiviral drugs fail to trace the virus, which then leads to temporary absence of symptoms. However, this fear is irrational as far as colloidal silver is concerned because as long as one is using pure silver and not adulterated products containing silver, the chances of developing argyria are almost negative. 10-20 drops in a glass of pure water, 2-3 times per day) , it makes PURE OXYGEN available for immediate absorption directly into the bloodstream. When taken orally as a daily supplement 10-20 drops in a glass of pure water, 2-3 times per day-Ed. There are two parts to treating herpes with DMSO, a three-day treatment for outbreaks that are about to occur and a five month maintenance program.

However, as soon as the person’s immunity is compromised, then these viral bodies once again spring into action, leading to genital and oral herpes symptoms. Furthermore, antibiotics act relatively indiscriminately on enzymes, thus, causing some bit of damage to even beneficial enzymes in the body.
Furthermore, when it comes to taking colloidal silver, herpes lesions and severity is what will primarily dictate the terms of colloidal silver dosage in such cases.
To prepare the stabilized liquid oxygen, users should dissolved two to three drops of the substance in 8 oz. Furthermore, these viruses are continuously mutating, which further makes them immune to the action of antiviral drugs. However, colloidal silver acts only on the enzymes of the microorganism, leaving tissue cell enzymes intact. If we could pump high amounts of pure stabilized oxygen into your blood stream we could actually disable the virus permanently.
The products offered by Optimum Health Services do not promise to treat or cure any disease. Thus, this is the reason why it is not possible to completely cure this condition solely with the help of antiviral drugs. I am also looking forward to my stabilized oxygen drops to come in the mail in just a few days I am taking these when i have read that virus’ cant live in oxygen rich surroundings. I believe there is a cure out there but since the Pharma companies will not make money if they are brought to light we have to deal with this pesky virus.

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