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Cure-X ist eine Nahrungsmittel-ErgA¤nzung, die bei rechtzeitiger Einnahme die Folgen von Alkoholkonsum mildern kann.
Each of the Bergeron's cards feature a different theme, each more (intentionally) awkward than the next, but they mean an awful lot to Mike and Laura.“I have always given Christmas gifts to everyone that I’m close to, so by the time I turned 30 it was getting pretty difficult … to find ways to express to the people that I love that they are important to me through some small gift,” Mike said. In 2007, the Bergeron's skipped their trademark silliness for a good ol' "American Gothic" themed card.
The cards weren't just popular among the Bergeron's friends and family; the pics became popular even with strangers on the Internet. In 2014, the Bergeron kids proved they might have their parents beat when it comes to posing for the photos.
As the Bergeron Family continues to grow, their Christmas cards will no doubt become even zanier and funnier.

In case you were wondering, here is the Bergeron family posing for a more standard family Christmas photo.
Estel curex classic для любого типа волос – это универсальное профессиональное средство, которое подходит для ежедневного использования. Estel Professional Curex Therapy призван восстанавливать локоны, поврежденные окрашиванием, химической завивкой. Unser Design-Konzept fA?r das Packungsdesign zielt darauf, den Eindruck eines Arzneimittels zu suggerieren. Penney every year to get their picture taken professionally.“We usually choose our theme around October and try to have the photo taken by Thanksgiving," Mike Bergeron said. The tradition is their way of sharing their love with friends and family.“The card became a way that Laura and I could share some joy with the people we care about around the holidays,” Mike Bergeron said.

Mike Bergeron said he's glad so many people enjoy the cards.“It is pretty exciting that the cards have now gone viral and so many other people are getting so much joy from them, as well," Mike said. This Kanye West-inspired card is their latest addition, but who knows what they'll have in store for us next year? Typisches, sachliches Layout auf weissem Grund haben wir kombiniert mit Schriften, die an A¤rztliche Rezeptzettel und an Packungen fA?r Kopfschmerzmittel erinnern.

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