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The 4 Cylinder accords do have a oil consumption problem, we replace pistons and rings on them at a rate of at least one a week if not more. I like how people with oil burning issues think 3-3500 is overkill yet are the ones with oil consumption problems. The practical applications of the Tree must start at Malkuth, because Malkuth is all that is manifested on Earth.
Whatever you ardently desire, Sincerely believe in, Vividly imagine, and Enthusiastically act upon, Must inevitably come to pass. The purest outpouring of love between the sexes, is as a miniature super-nova of ecstatic union. Magnetic levitation is the principle that brings Goodyear's latest concept to life, at least in the virtual environment. The machines - which cost on average about $50 - work on a principle discovered in the late 1970s known as spin-stabilized magnetic levitation.

After acquiring MagneMotion Inc., a manufacturer of intelligent conveying systems, Rockwell Automation expects to advance automated conveyors and processing technologies into the next generation. See Table of Contents for further available material (downloadable resources) on Magnetic Levitation.
We know Malkuth better than any other Sephiroth just because we are the embodiment of Malkuth. The Eagle-360 spherical concept shows us that the transport technology and the tire design are not stuck with the old-fashioned ideas. Goodyear just revealed its vision for a concept tire that's intended for the self-driving car of tomorrow.
Personally I would never go 10K between changes even if I hated the car, I go every 3000-3500 with full synthetic but thats another story. I would assume that it has been run low several cycles which if you are not checking the oil and adding it, it will never go 10K without adding at least a qt or two.

I dunno, just not used to replacing batteries within 3 years), the keyless entry remotes only work intermittently now, it sometimes refuses to start for some strange reason (just a click, as though the battery were dead, but it isn't), and now the oil consumption.
This may be covered still even though it is out of warranty however you typically need a good service history at the dealer. You could goto the dealer and have them start an oil consumption test and then you have to fill out the forms. They will change your oil, then you need to check your oil every time you fill up and write down how much you add and at the mileage interval. If they feel you have a good service history or are a good customer they may cover some or all of the cost.

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