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Although dandruff is not communicable and is rarely very serious – it often is hard to treat and also can be embarrassing. Though the exact reason for dandruff to develop, is not known, many factors can contribute to playing a role in this condition to occur.
A fungus or yeast infection called malassezia grow in the oily secretions found on the skin along with bacteria – so antifungal treatments, for instance ketoconazole or Nizoral, are sometimes effective – which does support the idea that yeast is a contributing factor.
Neurological conditions – seems to occur frequently in those individuals who have certain neurological problems such as Parkinson’s disease.
Dandruff normally only affects the scalp but the same condition called seborrheic dermatitis can occur between folds of skin and skin which is rich with oil glands.
This is typical a fungal infection of the scalp seen in toddlers as well as school-age children. Dandruff can be controlled – it may take some persistence as well as a little perseverance.
Zinc pyrithione shampoos such as Selsun Salon or Head & Shoulders contains zinc pyrithione which is antibacterial as well as antifungal and can reduce the fungus on the scalp that can often cause dandruff.

If an individual shampoos for several week using one of the above and are still having problems with dandruff, see your doctor. This website is for informational purposes only and Is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. This is a very basic treatment and works for a number of people in their quest of getting rid of dandruff.
Mix juice of one fresh lemon with two cups of warm water and two table spoons of coconut oil to the solution. Take three tablespoons of henna powder, juice of one fresh lemon and one egg and mix the three, making a paste. Ketoconazole is a antifungal which is broad-spectrum can often work when additional shampoos fail.
It is caused by a variety of reasons and there are tons of medications and shampoos available to deal with the issue.
These remedies are derived from products available at home and our relatively cheap as well.

These solutions, however, may not always work and do cost a fair bit in terms of price as well.
Many home remedies work for different people in different issues and the case of dandruff is no different. Since there are no preservatives added to these products, you will not be adding any ill-effects that are associated with use of chemicals in everyday hair products. Cover year head with a scarf of a piece of cloth and keep the hair under wraps for the night.

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