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This page has been created to bring awareness to the fact that herpes affects everyone differently and for most people it is a mild and manageable skin condition. Below is a collection of pictures that are in aim of showing you that not all herpes cases are severe and nasty.
For most people, outbreaks tend to get less and less with time and can be greatly improved by strengthening your immune system and finding the right combination of factors that works for you and your body.
Chances are, if you or your partner have herpes it will look nothing like the common worst case images that you see on the internet.
If you would like to help please email us with your photos and a description of the condition. Genital herpes symptoms can be as tiny as a paper cut, may resemble a pimple, blister or sore or might not show any visible symptoms at all. This is a picture of the first initial outbreak which for most people is normally the worst one. The lesion is a vertical light pink slit that runs from the vagina to the anus, which I call a paper cut. In many cases the symptoms will look like nothing more than a minor skin irritation, a paper cut or pimple. The first primary outbreak is almost always the worst because the body needs time to develop antibodies to fight the virus. If you are struggling with outbreaks, take a look at our Herpes Treatment and Herpes Remedies pages to read about different approaches that have worked well for others.
No medical staff thought it was anything more than a scratch until the herpes test results came back. I have yet to get any lesions below the belt so, there they are from what I’ve seen online, I think they look just like Oral HSV1.

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