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Wie bei den klassischen Dating-Portalen konnen User dort recht genau angeben, wonach sie suchen: Frauen oder Manner, Menschen in einem bestimmten Alter und aus dem eigenen Land oder sogar Bundesland.
Verliebt, verlobt, verlassen: Liebeskummer kann sich sogar in korperlichen Schmerzen au?ern, wie Forscher herausfanden. We did our own research into the lexical world of VAGINA, and this produced some interesting results. The fact that Republicans are trying to legislate something they are unwilling to even say adds extra layers of hilarity to VAGINAgate. In a world conspicuously devoid of adverts for wiener cleaner, it’s a bit disconcerting to see ‘Woo hoo for my froo froo!’ posted on the side of telephone boxes throughout the country. Such terms are perhaps just about acceptable when you have a little girl with a tricycle injury and don’t want her uttering the C-bomb. The problem with euphemising the term ‘VAGINA’ is that it takes serious discussion of them off to the menu. Of course, the implication that you can’t really love your VAGINA unless you use a certain product is deeply impertinent. Until they finally realised that it annihilated everything good inside your flange, douching that made you smell detergent-like was an incredibly popular activity, promoted mostly by VAGINA-haters in the US.
In light of this, it’s of utmost importance that you learn to call your VAGINA what it is, and furthermore, accept it in its natural state. Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett and Holly Baxter are co-founders and editors of online magazine, The Vagenda. Ancient Greece is the cradle of modern Europe.  From its primordial soup emerged so much of our culture, our language and our politics. To understand politics in ancient Greece you have to grasp that they had no concept of ‘the truth’. Modern politics seems to be sliding back towards this infant state, and nothing embodies this more than the childish slanging match that passes for an EU referendum debate.
What is happening on the Out side, in contrast, is the collective nervous breakdown of a large section of the political establishment. Later, I was reading about (oogling pictures of) Sienna Miller's naked breast being fondled by troubled -- and married -- Getty scion Balthazar, I remembered an old blind item about him giving every starlet in Hollywood herpes. When you spread out these connections, so to speak, it's easy to see how Hollywood could be laid low by a particularly nasty sinus infection, never mind a frequently silent but pervasive social disease. In Dating-Portalen lernen Betroffene Leidensgenossen kennen und im besten Fall auch lieben.Menschen, die sich mit Herpes genitalis infiziert haben, leben haufig mit einem Stigma, das es ihnen schwer macht, einen Partner zu finden. Perhaps because our VAGINAS, especially those of our American sisters are, much like Stalingrad, increasingly under siege (Stalingrad is another euphemism for VAGINA). The feminist backlash to the suggestion of transvaginal probes involved women inundating Senator Ryan McDoogle’s Facebook page with detailed information about their lady bits.
From the Inga Muscio classic Cunt: A Declaration of Independence to Dr Catherine Blackledge’s The Story of V, to Caitlin Moran’s How to Be a Woman, women have been trying to wrestle their vaginas out of male hands and away from male terms which don’t belong to us for ages now.
Half the population carry them around in their pants without freaking out, yet if VAGINAS were supposed to complement the saccharine, flower-gathering view of everyday women by smelling like a lavender patch, they would. VAGINAS are a wonderful arrangement of flaps capable of the most magnificent things, just as God, in Her infinite wisdom, intended.
Of the three, it seems to be the politics that has made the least progress over the centuries.
This is not to say that they were liars, simply that the framework by which we judge credibility was not one they would have recognised.
In the past six years the UK has had three great exercises of direct democracy and it is safe to say none of the campaigns have added a great deal to sum of human enlightenment.
Just this week we have had Penny Mordaunt, a government minister, flat-out denying the UK’s right to veto new accessions to the EU.

If it is true that we are seeing the advent of ‘post-truth’ politics, as some have argued, then it has grown out of the corrosive relationship between politicians and the public. For the ancients it was the historian Thucydides who shifted the dial decisively in favour of fact over fiction. Just think about the awe-inspiring number of people Sienna has slept with (that we know about) and all of the people they screwed.
Immerhin ist die sexuell ubertragbare Krankheit bei einem akuten Ausbruch sehr infektios und zumindest dem Partner gegenuber kaum zu verbergen. Neben den verschiedenen Herpes-Erkrankungen sind im Auswahlfeld auch Hepatitis B und C, Chlamydien, Syphilis, Tripper angegeben. State representative Lisa Brown hilariously offended some Republicans last week when she had the temerity to utter the word during a ridiculously euphemistic debate about female contraception and abortion.
The fact that ‘VAGINA’ is back with a vengeance can only be good in the face of patronising advertising such as the below, from a well-known feminine hygiene brand that we don’t care to publicise here.
Celebrating because you got the right product to make your natural VAGINA less disgusting: not exactly the passive aggressive message we relish. The potential for hilarity (pastrami curtains, anyone?) has been eschewed in favour of prudishness.
How on earth are we supposed to retain possession of them if we can’t even call them what they are?
Lisa Brown being banned from saying "vagina", it's no wonder America were at the forefront (pun intended) of fanny denial. Once you do that, you’ll realise that anyone who says otherwise is most likely a DOUCHEBAG. In fact, if you dropped an Athenian into the middle of politics in the UK today, they would find themselves right at home. The myths and legends that dominated their discourse were neither thought of as being ‘true’ or ‘made-up’, they simply were, and the fact of their being known allowed them to be used as reference points for debate and argument.
Who remembers the claims that babies would die as a result of the special voting machines needed to conduct AV elections?
We have seen the fiercely independent Institute for Fiscal Studies denounced as a propaganda arm for Brussels. Instead of being ridiculed for their unhinged statements, they will be rewarded with plush offices and ministerial cars. It is both a great irony and a great tragedy that the very fact that people distrust all politicians is what has permitted the most opportunistic to peddle more and more outlandish claims. In writing his Histories he decided that he wanted to know what actually happened, not just what made a good story. If politics is the art of the possible, then political discourse is the art of saying what you can get away with. We encountered two Italian exchange students who told us that the standard slang term for down there in Italy is ‘potato’ - a visual we’re finding it slightly difficult to get our heads around. They suggest a variety of terms, ranging from ‘mini’ to ‘twinkle’ to ‘hoo ha’, before uttering the immortal tagline ‘whatever you call it, make sure you love it.’ VOM. The whole ‘froo froo’ shebang has led to an internet-wide speculation on how you should refer to your lady parts - with equally cutesy results. Fundamentalist Christians are no better, as the online post ’51 Christian Friendly Terms For VAGINA’, which jokingly suggests such legends as ‘sin bucket’, ‘devil sponge’ and ‘neighbour of anus’, goes to show. Which is why it is of utmost importance that, if you can bring yourself to do it, you stop referring to your ‘la-la’ and start using the proper anatomical terminology.
Pussy polishers that claim to say woo woo to your frou frou are just the natural extension of douching, which should have died a death before we even knew they did more harm than good. This is not because of the direct democracy, the demagogues or the xenophobia, though all are worryingly familiar, but because of the style of the debate itself.

Most bizarrely, Boris Johnson even tried to claim that the EU had banned bananas from being sold in bunches larger than three, something that nobody who has actually visited a shop in the UK could possibly believe. Political discourse has ceased to be a rational debate with agreed parameters and, like the ancient Greeks, more resembles a series of competing myths. Until there are consequences for the worst offenders, the age of post-truth politics will continue suck the life from our public debate. A schoolgirl, meanwhile, insisted that her mother referred to it as her ‘fairy’, which is just begging for years of psychoanalysis later in life when she realises that at the same age, she believed that a fairy took her teeth in exchange for money.
The same happened to Texas Governor Rick Perry, who since deleting the posts became the lucky recipient of oodles of hand-knitted and crocheted VAGINAS. We wouldn’t go so far as to suggest that you inundate the Facebook page of that ‘feminine hygiene product’ (read: vagina perfume) with ‘VULVA’ posts, but here’s the link and a labelled diagram of the general area.
The In campaign are executing what is a fairly predictable strategy, the kind of thing that is normal fare in politics these days. These kind of claims stretch our political discourse way beyond the crudely drawn boundaries of factual accuracy that normally constrain what politicians can do and say.
Their views will be published in newspapers, their faces will flit ceaselessly across our TV screens.
Claims are assessed not by their accuracy but by their place in the grand narrative which is politics. Broadcasters launching fact-checkers are a good start, but we need to up the level of scrutiny on political claims and those who make them. Dank der Website und durch verschiedene Veranstaltungen sei es ihm gelungen, ein besseres Verstandnis fur Herpes zu bekommen und er wolle mit seiner Erfahrung nun auch anderen Menschen helfen.Dating und gegenseitig UnterstutzungEs geht auf den Portalen also nicht vorrangig darum, Lebenspartner oder Sexualpartner zu finden, sondern eine Community zu grunden, in der niemand furchten muss, aufgrund einer sexuell ubertragbaren Krankheit stigmatisiert zu werden. Shout it from your office cubicle, your freelancer’s Starbucks table, your library cubby hole (also a euphemism for VAGINA).
Finally - the mystery of where those milk teeth disappear to is solved (and with it, the origins of the possibly mythological disease ‘VAGINA dentata').
Then there was the viral video, ‘Republicans, Get in my VAGINA.’ VAGINAS are back, and they mean business. Johnson is even touted as a plausible future leader of our country, possibly before the year is out. At times it feels like the press operate as a kind of counterweight to Game of Thrones author George RR Martin, going easy on much-loved characters for fear of upsetting the viewers. Stattdessen profitiert jeder von den Erfahrungen derjenigen, die eine der Krankheiten bereits uberstanden haben, oder die gelernt haben, dauerhaft mit Erkrankungen wie Herpes genitalis zu leben und sie in Schach zu halten. A man who over his meandering career seems to have held every possible opinion on any topic you care to name.
Langfristiges Ziel sei es jedoch, solche Portale uberflussig werden zu lassen, indem die Gesellschaft Betroffene nicht mehr ausgrenzt. Or rather, perhaps it is more accurate to say that the character we call Boris has no opinions at all, simply interests. One can question the exact accuracy, but at least you feel they operate within certain parameters of veracity. The public, who have scant regard for a political class they believe to be untrustworthy, seem to have taken a shine to a man who is perhaps the most fundamentally dishonest of Westminster’s denizens.

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