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Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine (CSTCM) in Denver, Colorado, prepares individuals for careers in acupuncture, as well as Eastern and alternative medicine.
CSTCM’s master’s degree program in Acupuncture trains students to perform acupuncture in doctor’s offices, medical clinics and other facilities. The school also runs a graduate clinic that serves the community while giving students the chance to practice clinical skills to support their academics. In order to qualify for admissions to CSTCM, applicants will need to have two years of general education credits from a college or university. This web site and associated pages are not associated with, endorsed by, or sponsored by Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine (CSTCM).
Armando PayA?na€™s family moved from California to northeast Denver in 1963, when his dad took a job in a meatpacking plant. One September evening, PayA?n and other members of the community group Unite North Metro Denver met at an elementary school to discuss a looming concern: freeways. Now, residents fear that plans to replace it with a larger, partially belowground highway could just exacerbate their problems.
A rendition of the highway cover alternative for I-70 that would add a new park space near Swansea Elementary School. Urban freeways are a€?a simple, but significant, design flawa€? in American transportation planning, according to Peter Park, Denvera€™s former planning director and a University of Colorado Denver urban planning professor. After 12 years of studies, state and federal officials announced this August that their preferred option is to lower the freeway and add four toll lanes to reduce rush-hour congestion.
Fifty-five homes and 17 businesses will have to be removed, but Colorado Department of Transportation spokeswoman Rebecca White says the project would compensate displaced residents, pay for renovations at Swansea Elementary School, next to the covered section, and could include affordable housing and money to attract a local grocery. Residents would rather see the highway realigned with other nearby interstates, and a city street converted into a wider pedestrian- and bike-friendly boulevard to handle local traffic. But White says that I-70, which connects the airport to ski resorts, isna€™t a good candidate for removal. If partially covered highways have become popular fixes, thata€™s because funding mechanisms dona€™t support removals, says Park. At the September meeting in the school cafeteria, where there was no air conditioning, residents sweated as they considered a lawsuit. The state is one of just two that provide no funding for the right to legal counsel, leaving local governments on the hook. The bipartisan measure represents the most sweeping environmental law to pass Congress in decades.
Read below for our ranking of the 50 best alternative graduate schools in the Western United States.
First, let’s clarify what we mean by “alternative.” Why wouldn’t we just rank the best grad schools? To find out, we developed our own “alternative” methodology, which you can read all about here.
As a diverse school and a leading institution with the NASA Space Grant Program, New Mexico State University is home to a top graduate program for aerospace engineering, especially for minority students. New Mexico State University’s business, education, and nursing programs are all well-regarded, but its graduate program in engineering is particularly notable for its affiliation with the NASA Space Grant Program, for which NMSU is the lead New Mexico institution.
OSU invests in several different areas of research, giving it wide appeal to students who want to attend graduate school for healthcare, education, technology, or just about anything else. With 17 master’s and 45 doctoral level programs, Oklahoma State University has something for every one of its 5,000 graduate students.
Graduate students who need flexibility should turn to CSU San Bernardino, which offers graduate degrees in interdisciplinary topics to suit a combination of interests. California State University, San Bernardino features a number of unique graduate programs, many of which are focused on providing an interdisciplinary approach to education. The University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s robust research program prioritizes finding practical applications for its cutting-edge research. CSU Northridge stands out as a graduate school with a unique balance, combining large-scale public resources with small-scale academic programs. California State University-Northridge is the third largest school in the University of California system, but most of its graduate programs are quite small, meaning students benefit from the resources of a major institution and the personal touch of a tight-knit academic community. Redlands students benefit from strong graduate programs in Communicative Disorders and Language and Learning.
Graduate students at the University of Redlands benefit from the school’s unique “Centers of Distinction.” This innovative network of research institutions features six distinct centers, each of which focuses on a highly specialized field of study. Hardin-Simmons is one of the best graduate schools for religion – not only for its programs in divinity, but also for the other spiritually-infused programs, like Church Music and Family Ministry.
As a Christian university, Hardin-Simmons offers a number of faith-based graduate programs, including graduate degrees in Church Music, Family Ministry, and Divinity. Oklahoma City University’s graduate program in education is surprisingly comprehensive, with options in unique subtopics like Behavioral Sciences and American Montessori.
In addition to academic strengths in business and engineering, UT El Paso has also established itself as one of the best graduate schools for diversity and affordability. Applicants to the University of Texas at El Paso can choose from nearly 100 graduate programs. Undecided and focused students alike will benefit from the dual degree graduate program at UC Boulder, which provides top grad degrees in cross-disciplinary fields within science and tech.
The University of Texas at San Antonio is quickly becoming a top graduate school for research, thanks to a five-point approach that focuses on vital areas of health, social development, and the environment. If you want a graduate degree in international studies, NAU may be able to help.  Its cost-effective study abroad programs save students plenty of money while they explore other countries.
Of all the top graduate schools for education, the University of Northern Colorado is one of the most comprehensive, with degrees in Educational Psychology, Leadership, Curriculum Studies, and many more. The University of Northern Colorado aims to provide a great experience for every one of its students. South Dakota simply wouldn’t be the same without USD, which provides graduate degrees in law and education that have trained more than half of the state’s professionals in those fields. North Dakota may be a long way away from a space shuttle launch site, but that hasn’t stopped the University of North Dakota from developing a top graduate school in aerospace science and aircraft systems. Located in Grand Forks, North Dakota, the University of North Dakota is even bigger than its neighbor to the south. Students who are interested in a graduate degree in architecture or public planning should consider the University of Texas at Arlington’s top programs. The University of Texas at Arlington is the second largest in the UT system, and its graduate program reflects that size, with just over 9,000 graduate students and over 100 master’s and doctoral degree programs. Utah State University is home to the Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services, one of the largest and most varied educational and human services colleges in the country. The University of Arkansas is a top grad school for international students, as it accepts a large number of foreign applicants and invests heavily in its study abroad programs. The University of Arkansas takes a global approach to graduate education; the school welcomes international students through an International Students and Scholars team and offers extensive study abroad programs. Portland State University’s top graduate degrees in environmental studies, like Sustainable Food Systems and Energy Policy, reflect the eco-conscious values of its home state.
It might not surprise you to hear that Portland State University is one of the greenest schools in the country.
LSU’s broad investment in research and advanced education has helped the university rise to new heights, with top grad programs in more than 30 subjects. It’s hard to get more “alternative” than offering an uncommon graduate degree like Basque Studies, which UNR offers through its popular grad social science programs.

The University of Nevada-Reno is another top-tier research university with some amazing technology – two ultra-powerful lasers, a gene-sequencing center, and even a large-scale experimental earthquake research center that enables researchers to test the stability of structures by simulating earthquakes. Befitting its location in one of the world’s top vacation destinations, the University of Nevada Las Vegas has some of the best graduate degrees in Hotel Administration, Hospitality, and Hotel Design.
Like its sister institution in Reno, the University of Nevada-Las Vegas is ranked by the Carnegie Foundation as a “research-intensive university,” and the school is working hard to achieve Tier-1 status. A STEM-dominant grad school, the Missouri University of Science and Technology is a leading academic force in graduate-level computing and engineering. The Missouri University of Science and Technology is a STEM-focused school with strong graduate programs in four primary areas: Business, Psychology and Communication, Sciences and Computing, and Engineering. The fact that the University of Houston-Clear Lake can count a half-dozen astronauts among its alumni might seem like a fortunate coincidence, until you consider its proximity to the Lyndon B. Texas Woman’s University is, no surprise, one of the best graduate schools for women, and it has gained attention for its reputable degrees in Physical Therapy, Library Science, and Gender Studies. In addition to being the largest state-supported university for women in the United States, Texas Woman’s University has a number of other academic claims to fame. With an annual research budget north of $100 million, it’s no wonder Montana State has established leadership in research-intensive graduate programs like biomedicine and energy. Montana State University is well-known for innovative and multidisciplinary graduate programs – like the graduate degree in Immunology and Infectious Disease in the school’s Department of Microbiology and Immunology.
Texas Tech is quickly becoming one of the top grad schools in the Southwest region, thanks to nearly 30 nationally ranked degrees and its recent promotion to Carnegie’s Tier 1 status. Texas Tech’s status as a leading research institution has recently grown to new heights, thanks to its inclusion in the latest list of Carnegie’s Tier-1 universities.
Lauderdale, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver, Washington D.C. Acupuncture students learn a range of acupuncture practices, including both traditional and innovative methods. Materials required for admissions include an application, a resume, transcripts, a personal statement and two recommendation letters. Their arrival preceded a new wave of Hispanic immigrants, who now constitute the majority in the Globeville, Swansea and ElysiaA Elyria neighborhoods along the citya€™s rail yards. The elevated junction of Interstates 25 and 70, known as the Mousetrap, is just down the street.
When President Dwight Eisenhower created the interstate system in 1956, he envisioned freeways ringing cities, since even then, planners recognized that urban highways would isolate city neighborhoods and increase congestion, as cars must slow down to enter and exit during rush hours. Between 47,000 and 205,000 vehicles drive I-70 eastbound from it daily, but 285,000 are expected by 2035. The $1.17 billion project would include a four-acre, grassy a€?highway covera€? that would double as an urban park. An air-quality analysis, she adds, concluded that the project would decrease pollution by alleviating traffic. Measurements of harmful nitrogen oxides and smaller particulates, such as soot from diesel trucks, were not a€?specifically modeled or reported,a€? notes Bob Yuhnke, a former Environmental Defense Fund lawyer and air-pollution control expert. A 2013 report he authored for the Congress for the New Urbanism highlighted a serious problem: Federal highway funding cannot be readily used for local greenbelts or boulevards.
When highway expansion was suggested by our DOT near residences and especially near schools, we got studies done on how to mitigate, and the construction takes that into consideration. Many schools are probably still not that much of a surprise, as they all have plenty to offer advanced degree seekers. The space agency provides curriculum enhancement, faculty development, and scholarships to STEM programs across the country.
One particularly flexible example is the school’s top graduate degree in interdisciplinary studies, which enables students to build their own custom degree program in consultation with three faculty members, at least two of whom must come from different fields of study.
The school is proud of its faculty’s and students’ real-world innovations, including a driver-less robotic vehicle named CajunBot and a hurricane-proof solar home called BeauSoleil. Applicants can choose from two doctoral programs — a Master’s of Education in Educational Leadership and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy – and a broad range of 58 master’s degrees, including programs in counseling, education, and public administration, as well as a top graduate degree in business administration designed for fully employed professionals.
One example is the Truesdail Center for Communicative Disorders, which connects graduate student clinicians with local clients who suffer from swallowing disorders, traumatic brain injury, stuttering, autism, and language and learning disorders. HSU also boasts a relationship with the Baptist General Convention of Texas that is over a half-century old, providing great networking opportunities for students who want to enter the ministry after earning their graduate degree in divinity.
The school’s low student-to-faculty ratio (11:1) enables students to receive individual attention as they choose an “area of emphasis” for their graduate degree.
The school offers 20 doctoral programs and 78 master’s programs across the UT El Paso’s seven colleges of business, education, engineering, health sciences, liberal arts, nursing, and science. And with 11 individual research institutes and more than 900 investigators, CU Boulder is no slouch when it comes to research. The school is working toward becoming a Carnegie Tier-1 research institution and offers more than 100 doctoral, master’s and graduate certificate programs.
Seventy percent of South Dakota’s lawyers and about half of its doctors and teachers graduated from USD.
With 120 graduate degree and certificate programs (and more likely on the way) UND has become a nationally known research institution. The school offers degrees in nine different academic areas, including an innovative College of Architecture, Planning, and Public Affairs that offers a Master of City and Regional Planning and a PhD in Urban Planning and Public Policy. The college offers 29 research, clinical, and professional degrees by itself and is one of only two universities in the country to offer a PhD graduate program in psychology that combines clinical, counseling, and school psychology and is accredited by the American Psychological Association. More than a third of graduate students were international in 2012, and 800 students studied abroad while pursuing a graduate degree at UA. Eight buildings on the PSU campus boast LEED certification, and the school has mandated that all future buildings must earn LEED certification as well. LSU also sees research productivity as an important indicator of the quality of education it provides its students. UNR also has several robust liberal arts graduate programs, including a Master of Science in Equity and Diversity in Education and a unique Basque Tutorial program.
In 2009, MST changed its name from the University of Missouri, Rolla to affirm its commitment to STEM fields.
Johnson Space Center, offering top professional graduate programs in aerospace engineering and related fields. For example, the school is home to the largest graduate nursing program in Texas, a highly regarded graduate degree in library science, and one of the nation’s best occupational and physical therapy programs. Other popular graduate programs include biomedicine, energy, environmental science, and agriculture. Not only is TTU one of just 81 public universities in that category, but it is one of only 15 universities to have been “promoted” to Tier-1 designation since Carnegie’s last ranking (in 2010).
Local incomes and education levels trail the rest of Denver, and therea€™s no supermarket, bank branch or health clinic. This stretch of I-70 East, one of the most congested highways in Colorado, badly needs repairs or replacement. But they also realized that access to downtowns would help justify new roads and construction taxes.
For instance, plans that were made in the late 1990s to widen Interstate 5 between Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington, would have increased pollution and razed houses in low-income black Portland communities. Based on his own review, Yuhnke expects those pollutants to exceed national air-quality standards if the renovation occurs.
Denver would then join the highways-to-boulevards movement, which has successfully removed San Franciscoa€™s Embarcadero and Central elevated freeways, rejuvenating the citya€™s waterfront without worsening congestion.

In short, because a list of the 50 best graduate schools based on traditional factors – like selectivity and test scores – wouldn’t be news to anyone. For each, highlight some of the university’s strongest subjects, which we hope will help guide you as you consider which is the right school for you. Whether its students choose to pursue a graduate degree in engineering or English, OSU actively pursues federal funding within particular focus areas: energy technology, health care, STEM education, food safety and security, water stewardship, and technologies to aid independent living.
Graduate students can also pursue a graduate degree in business administration with a focus in Entrepreneurship, where they’ll start and run a real business under the advisement of Cal State’s expert faculty.
UL Lafayette’s graduate degree in systems engineering draws on each of the school’s five engineering departments – chemical, civil, electrical, mechanical, and petroleum – and enables graduate students to obtain an integrated graduate degree in engineering while specializing in one of these fields. Although the school offers just 14 graduate degree programs, most have similarly strong links with other Centers of Distinction, providing an invaluable resource for students working in less common fields. And for students aiming for more secular careers, the school offers a healthy set of graduate degrees in liberal arts – including Master of Arts in English, History, and Clinical Counseling, as well as MBAs in Sport Management and Entrepreneurship. OCU is a Christian university and has a historic relationship with the United Methodist Church, but the school welcomes all faiths with an “Open Hearts, Open Minds, and Open Doors” policy. UTEP makes diversity and excellence a priority by working to ensure that its student population is varied and high-achieving. The school has working relationships with several federal labs and innovative research programs in renewable energy, biotechnology, space sciences, engineering, and geosciences. Graduates will appreciate the school’s Postdoctoral Association of Colorado, which fosters professional development for CU Boulder postdoctoral fellows.
Students can earn a PSM in just two years, and most programs feature interdisciplinary studies across more than one academic discipline. That close faculty-student relationship makes UNC one of the best graduate schools for education, with Master’s of Arts in Educational Leadership and Educational Psychology, Master’s of Teaching in Curriculum Studies, English Education, Elementary Education, plus Ph.D.
And no wonder – with 66 graduate and professional programs, USD is the largest graduate education provider in the Mount Rushmore state.
UT Arlington’s graduate program in business is also one of the best in the country and has working relationships with many Chinese educational institutions. If education and psychology aren’t your fields of choice, USU offers more than 150 other graduate degree programs to meet nearly every need. One benefit of this worldwide focus is the school’s unique Program in Comparative Literature and Cultural studies, a doctorate program with a wide range of areas of concentration: comparative literature, interdisciplinary Hispanic studies, modern language, cultural studies, literary translation. LSU’s approach to integrating teaching and research has paid off and its heavy investment (financially and otherwise) in a wide range of programs has placed it in Carnegie Tier-1 territory. Students in that track pursue a Doctor of Philosophy in Basque Studies in conjunction with a UNR graduate degree in anthropology, foreign languages and literature, geography, political science, or history.
Business students can choose from well-regarded graduate programs in Hospitality Management and Hotel Administration (the latter of which offers two dual Master’s programs), and architecture students can pursue a graduate degree in Hospitality Design during a year of intense study with Las Vegas-based architecture firms. Since then, the newly titled University of Science and Technology has set its sights on becoming one of the top five polytechs in the U.S. In fact, the Texas state school system specifically founded UHCL as a way to provide graduate programs in engineering that would help meet NASA’s demand for professionals with advanced degrees. And as you might expect, TWU offers a robust Women’s Studies program that features a post-baccalaureate Graduate Certificate in Multicultural Women’s and Gender Studies as well as both a Master of Arts and PhD in Women’s Studies. Ecology and natural biology degrees offer particular appeal to MSU students, given the university’s proximity to one of North America’s most unique ecosystems: Yellowstone National Park. That indicates just how focused the university is on growth, and its graduate division has benefited greatly. But the six-lane highway also cuts off through-traffic on many local roads, blocking access to other parts of the city, and its air pollution contributes to some of Denvera€™s highest rates of asthma and cardiovascular disease. Jeri Jimenez, then head of Portlanda€™s Environmental Justice Action Group, says opponents forced planners to acknowledge concerns about local asthma rates, which were twice the national average. Louis, Dallas, San Diego a€” are doing exactly what wea€™re doing a€” adding covers,a€? White says.
That’s because the same colleges and universities always appear at the top of those rankings, in almost the exact same order.
The school is a Hispanic-serving institution, and nearly half of the student population is Hispanic. OSU’s well-ranked graduate degree in medicine features a noteworthy and nationally regarded four-year Doctorate in Osteopathic Medicine that provides comprehensive medical training with a unique “whole-person” approach to treating patients. Graduates of the Systems Engineering program can pursue careers in fields ranging from coastal ecosystems to fiber optic networks to disaster resource management.
As many as three-quarters of students receive financial aid, and the school’s Master’s of Business Administration and College of Engineering programs are well-regarded for graduating Hispanic students with degrees in business administration and engineering. The school offers nearly two dozen research centers and institutes spanning UTSA’s five areas of excellence – Energy and the Environment, Health, Human and Social Development, Security, and Sustainability. NAU offers PSM degrees in two subjects: Applied Geospatial Sciences and Climate Science and Solutions. The school offers a wide variety of graduate programs in education – 11 categories in all – many of which include additional specializations that ensure every student can find a graduate program in education that is unique to his or her interests. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences, which provides one of the best top graduate degrees in aviation in the U.S. If that’s not “green” enough for you, consider pursuing one of Portland State’s popular graduate degrees in Sustainable Food Systems or Energy Policy and Management. The school now boasts nationally ranked graduate programs in education, library and information studies, fine arts, and landscape architecture, plus more than 100 other master’s, doctoral, and certificate programs. And although the school stops short of a comprehensive astronaut training program, starry-eyed grad students can nonetheless choose from a wide range of top graduate degrees in the sciences. Graduate students flock to Bozeman to take advantage of the opportunity to conduct experiments at Yellowstone. With 59 doctoral degrees, 103 master’s degrees, and 53 certificate programs, plus 65 specialized research centers and institutes, graduate students at TTU have access to an extremely broad range of resources. Other types of tuition assistance programs include veteran’s benefits and vocational rehabilitation benefits. In 2013, following lawsuits, cost overruns and delays, Washington lawmakers halted the project. We all know about the prestigious Ivy League universities and schools like Stanford and Cal Tech, which many consider to be “new Ivies.” And so we wondered: is it possible to create a ranking of top grad schools that doesn’t include any of these typical options? In fact, NMSU aims to serve diverse communities across every county in New Mexico, including American Indian tribes, through its Tribal Extension program. That translates to high-tech centers in innovative fields like Cultural Sustainability, Water Research, and Cyber Security. Or if you’d like to fit a little travel into your graduate degree, NAU’s Center for International Education will let you pay NAU’s affordable tuition rates in lieu of the cost of a host institution abroad. Nearly three-quarters of the student body studies some branch of engineering, and MST’s graduate degree in engineering is one of the best in the country. If you’d prefer to keep your feet planted firmly on the ground, you’ll find plenty of other master’s degrees on the Clear Lake Campus, including programs in art, business, and healthcare administration – as well as a relatively new doctoral degree in Educational Leadership. Fortunately, MSU has established an impressive research budget to meet this demand, with annual expenditures of more than $100 million and plenty of funds to maintain its state-of-the-art research facilities.
Today it is home to the Center for Unmanned Aircraft Systems Research, Education and Training.

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