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If you have a mole, skin tag or wart that you feel self-conscious about for cosmetic or convenience reasons (e.g. We offer a range of removal procedures, outlined below, and will discuss with you which is the most appropriate method of mole removal at your initial consultation. The technique used to remove a mole, skin tag or wart will depend on the depth of the lesion and the desired cosmetic outcome. Very often, in the first 6 weeks following a procedure, it is normal for the scar to be slightly red and raised. All my questions were addressed, treatment options, outcomes, potential side effects and after-care instructions were very clear. Dr Raina has been my doctor for the last 18 months, and she will be for many months longer.
Recently my 20 year old daughter (who has beautiful full lips) told me she wanted to get her lips enlarged and that she had already spoken to another doctor about it, who was willing to do it for her. After discussing the pros and cons of removing the mole on my face, I finally underwent the procedure. Our cookies have now been set in your browser, and we'll assume you're happy with this if you keep using our website. Stretch marks are narrow streaks or lines that develop on the surface of the skin when it is stretched and the middle layer of skin breaks, allowing the deeper layers to show through.

A dermaroller treatment for stretch marks can beA a viable option where the stretch marks are still red, as this means there is a localised blood supply which will respond to micro-needling. Other skin issues that respond well to micro-needling treatments include acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. For more information on dermaroller treatments or to arrange a free consultation to discuss how micro-surgical needling can reduce stretch marks, visit ourDermaroller page or alternatively get in touch with us. We have a wide range of professional skin peels to improve the appearance of the skin by way of the application of a hydroxy acid with a view to exfoliating and promoting skin regeneration.
To achieve desired outcome you may need few treatments usually 3 – 4 and the distance between the treatments should be three to four weeks. Stimulates new collagen and elastin fibre formation, ideal for cosmetic treatment of small wrinkles and skin photo-aging. Intensive care for skin, anti-aging treatment to reduce wrinkles or expression lines as well as nourish and hydrate. Retinol nourishes the skin, prevents the appearance of new wrinkles and reduces the depth of existing wrinkles. The antioxidant action of ferulic acid protects the skin from free radicals and enhances the effects of vitamins C and E. Zarb Adami is a surgeon who through her background in plastic surgery has extensive experience in mole removal surgery as one of the many services provided by the London based clinic, Aesthetic Virtue.

Possible side-effects are rare, but immediate side-effects include mild pain when the local anaesthetic wears off (usually in two to three hours), redness, itching, infection, swelling or bruising long-term.
I took her along with me to discuss it with Dr Raina who explained to her that her natural lips are very nice and in proportion with the rest of her face. Stretch marks are often red or purple to start with and will gradually fade to a silvery-white colour. Stretch marks which are silvery or white, indicate that the skin tissue has aged and therefore patients are unlikely to gain a satisfactory result following treatment. After assessment by a medical professional, a topical anaesthetic cream is applied to the skin and then a dermaroller is rolled across the skin surface which creates pin-point punctures. Visit Melior Clinics in their London Botox clinic for a free consultation in which a medical practitioner can assess your viability for treatment and make recommendations for microneedling treatments. We use this information for statistical and marketing purposes, if u understand and accept, pressOK!for more information about cookie policy click here.

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