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We chat with Gregg Cave, co-owner of Gaia Retreat & Spa along with Ruth Kalnin, Olivia Newton-John and Warwick Evans. Nature lovers, history buffs and spiritual seekers alike will appreciate the stark beauty and sacred sites of Australiaa€™s remote Red Centre. When you need time out but cana€™t decide between a beautiful resort and a soul-soothing health retreat, Gaia in the Byron hinterland of northern NSW can be both. Journeys of the Spirit organises wellness holidays, spiritual journeys and unique travel experiences for individuals and small groups, allowing them to reconnect to their wisest and highest self. Golden Door's Healthy Lifestyle Weekend retreat is tailor-made for busy people wanting to get back on the right track. If you have chronic joint or back problems or perhaps a recent injury a€” or youa€™re just not keen on the more vigorous types of massage a€” this gentle, underwater modality may be just what you need.
Homoeopathic remedies provide a safer more natural alternative to conventional vaccination when travelling overseas. The Findhorn Foundation is a spiritual community in Northern Scotland that runs experiential spiritual retreat programs for beginners.
Our homes are such busy hives of activity, technology and comings-and-goings that ita€™s tricky to find somewhere to enjoy peaceful downtime.

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