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Herpes is a surface condition, not deep, but you appear to have more than one sore-like lesion, and a cyst is usually singular, so I can't say for sure.
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Most clinics test for herpes using a viral culture swab, which loses sensitivity and accuracy as lesions get older, so go soon while they are still open to confirm or rule it out, as the case may be. I guess was just either looking for confirmation (or some relief) here on whether or not that looks like herpes.

Only 20% of people develop symptoms long after initial infection (in some cases, the first outbreak may have been mild and overlooked). A pcr swab is better and can work on older lesions as well, if you want an even more accurate test result.
I can't tell based off photos online and descriptions whether or not it is herpes or some other type of infection.
I shaved the day before these popped up, I have been working out more than usual the past 2 months and I more often than not do not wear underwear.

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