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One of the remarkable things about Reiki is that you can have a Reiki treatment from a distance. You might have a busy schedule or maybe you are unable to physically attend a Reiki treatment.
One such study was published by Fred Sicher, Elizabteh Targ and colleagues on the effects of distant healing on patients with AIDS at California Pacific Medical Center’s Complementary Medicine Research Institute. Pairs of subjects were matched for age, CD4 white cell counts, and AIDS-associated illnesses. Healers were rotated randomly in weekly assignments, so that every patient had 10 different healers who sent healing over the course of their treatment.
At six months following the initial assessment, those sent distant healing had significantly fewer AIDS-related illnesses and lower severity of illnesses.
The energy therapist will require your name and will ask if there is a specific reason you would like this holistic energy sent.

It is understandable that people would be sceptical about the effectiveness of remote healing methods. People often attend my Reiki courses as a result of benefits received following distant healing. Unicorns are thought to be astral beings that vibrate to such a high energy that we cannot see them. I will be happy to answer any and all of your questions so please feel free to ask anything.
You can schedule your appointment or request the chi ball method by emailing me through the scheduling page form on this page – after sending your payment.
You will also be given links to the manuals to download after scheduling  – if you have any trouble downloading them, simply let me know and I can email them to you.
While you might prefer to receive healing energy during your time off, when relaxing or sitting down, be assured that this is not necessary.

It is thought that Unicorns are coming to us now to teach the world the gift of unconditional love and power of Healing through their energy and the Unicorn horn. They are present though and if you are drawn to this modality or Unicorns in general then they are likely around you on the ethereal planes.
It was well written and really made me feel connected even further to Unicorns after receiving the empowerment.
A blank digital certificate is given upon request, but that is the only certificate included with this offer. This attunement is similar to Reiki, in that it helps one heal and connect but it is not a Reiki modality.

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