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Members of the chamber touted the measure as the nation’s toughest law regulating coal ash, a byproduct of coal-based power production that contains toxic materials such as arsenic and lead.
Environmentalists raised doubts, however, that the provisions are strong enough to put a dent in the nation’s coal ash problem.
The clean-up plan uses a tiered approach to dictate when ponds at 14 sites statewide must be closed.
At sites deemed less dangerous, the cleanup requirements are less stringent and less urgent. California-based nonprofit Earthjustice, which tracks coal ash sites and is pushing for federal oversight, says more than 200 of the nation’s 1,400 coal ash sites have contaminated nearby waterways.
At least 30,000 tons of coal ash were released into the Dan River when a pipe broke under the 27-acre (11-hectare) ash pond at a retired plant owned by Duke Energy in Eden, North Carolina, in a spill discovered on Feb. The Senate bill mandates water quality monitoring around all the state’s coal ash pond sites and exploration of methods to reuse coal ash. A Duke Energy spokesman called the timeline set by the Senate “incredibly aggressive,” cutting in half the years the company has proposed for clean-up.

Governor Pat McCrory, a Republican and former Duke executive, has voiced support for a House bill similar to the version passed by the Senate. Senate Bill 10 would fire all existing members of the State Utilities Commission and give the Governor the power to appoint new members. Pat said NO to more than a hundred dollars of economic benefits per North Carolina taxpayer from helping laid off workers keep their heads above water just a little longer. Pat said NO to return of millions of our tax dollars from Washington which pays the costs of extended benefits this year. Pat said NO to time enough for laid off workers to find new jobs or to return to old jobs so they resume paying their share of our local sales and property tax contributions. NOTE: Under the Fiscal Cliff bill the federal government extended unemployment benefits for 26 weeks. Who we areThe North Carolina State AFL-CIO is the largest association of local unions and union councils in North Carolina, representing over one-hundred thousand union members, fighting for good jobs, safe workplaces, workers’ rights, consumer protections, and quality public services on behalf of ALL working families. At the most dangerous sites, including four named in the bill, coal ash would have to be moved to lined landfills or reused as building material by 2019.

Critics of the bill took issue with a provision that would allow the ash to be capped and left in place at sites deemed low risk.
The measure did not require Duke to pay for clean-up costs rather than passing them on to customers.
As such, any effort by Duke Energy to raise the rates it charges its customers to provide electricity must be subject to the approval of the North Carolina Utilities Commission. McCrory, says Progress NC, which has launched a petition demanding McCrory veto SB 10 or divest his Duke Energy holdings and recuse himself from making any appointments to the State Utilities Commission.
To ensure that states don’t take advantage of this by attempting to shift costs to the federal government, the Fiscal Cliff bill prohibits cuts in state benefit levels during the period the federal extension is in effect—in this case, through December 31, 2013. The NC benefit cuts result in the loss of extended federal benefits for as many as 80,000 long-term unemployed and reduce North Carolina’s economy by $700 million per year, even without considering the loss of extended federal benefits.

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