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Why use Hormonise• Hormonise is also recommended for 'moody mares', with moody and unsociable behaviour. In situations such as an activity that may cause anxiety or stress for example, transportations, schooling etc, use Tranquil E 1-2 days prior to the activity and again on the day of the activity.

Tranquil E is a natural calmer used for when spirits are excessively high and specific unmanageable conditions can lead to control problems. Horses and ponies that react to reasons such as loud noise, severe weather, sudden movement, new surroundings etc. We have been manufacturing natural products for equines since 1996.To make herbal products The Animal Health Company uses its unique Therminfusex process, rather than basing herbal tinctures on alcohol as many other companies do.

This method utilises the whole sum of the plants' constituents to create a product which is very available to the animal.

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