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Photograph of wagons in the yard taken by an official London & North Eastern Railway photographer.
Shipping options apply to in-stock items shipped to physical addresses within the 48 contiguous states. Within the standing bag genre there is an excellent variety of options for you to choose from. When it comes to heavy bag style freestanders, there are two main styles - the short body and the long body. It's quick and easy to get an RMA number, but without one your return will likely not be processed. No returns or exchanges, except for items that are defective or misshipped, will be allowed.
The most common freestanding bag consists of a fillable plastic basin with an adjustable neck protruding from the top. Sending the base empty reduces shipping cost significantly.The two most common types of fill used in bag basins are plain water and sand.

Short body bags are frequently adjustable and can be made to fit the height of the practitioner using it. If you're not ready to have your hands wrapped in gauze, but you can appreciate the finer things, this item might be perfect for you. Attached to that neck is a soft foam filled bag that feels a lot like a traditional nylon heavybag.A different variety of bag involves a full-body-length striking surface that is secured to the basin and is non-adjustable. Water is quick, free, and can be dumped out whenever you need to pack up the bag and move it to a different location.
Boxers enjoy the smaller striking surface because it provides them greater flexibility and feedback, which allows them to integrate an element of rhythm into their training, much like they might do with the swinging of a standard heavy bag.The long body bag is preferred by martial artists and kickboxing practitioners that want to integrate kicking into their routine. Use of our products in a manner other than that for which they were manufactured also nullifies this warranty.
If you've chosen to fill it with water, the water might evaporate slowly which will cause the bag to slip easier. The length of the striking surface allows them to use both punches and kicks without having to constantly adjust the striking surface.

Sand is a reliable alternative as you needn't worry about liquid spills or leaks even after extensive wear and tear. This device is shaped like the upper torso of a man and can be used to focus strikes on different anatomical parts of the human body. These are excellent for anyone looking to increase their accuracy and strike selection.The final type of freestander available is the reflex bag. Third, if you wish, you can purchase an extra non-slip cover that fits around the basin of your bag. The point of this bag is not to develop punching power, but to acquire rhythm, timing, and fluidity.

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