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Background: A 51-year-old male presented with trauma with a utility knife on the index finger of his right hand, leaving exposed bone. Outcome: Procellera was applied and full epithelialization over bone was noted, with growth of new epidermal ridge at month 1.
Background: A 17-year-old girl sustained a burn on her left forearm, which was was treated by excision. Outcome: Following application of Procellera, complete wound closure was noted on day 56, with skin graft avoided.
Background: Male law enforcement agent following bite by a trained attack dog during training exercise on left hand and fingers.
Background: A 45-year-old morbidly obese female with a history of heart disease presented with a stasis ulcer on the medial aspect of her right leg.
Background: A 71- year-old male with history of Type 2 diabetes presented with a stasis ulcer on the medial ankle of his right leg.
Background: A 54-year-old male underwent surgery for the removal of a squamous cell carcinoma. Background: 3-year-old boy with single kidney presented with a superficial outbreak of Herpes Zoster on his hand.

Background: To evaluate the effects of Procellera under NPWT, Procellera was applied to the left half of a wound as an interface layer underneath NPWT foam dressing. Official Wound Care Sponsor of the 2015 Challenged Athletes Foundation Elite Paratriathlon Team.
But larger, longer trials are needed, experts say By Amy Norton HealthDay Reporter WEDNESDAY, Jan. The patient sustained full thickness scalp avulsion with exposed frontal bone involving a portion of hair bearing scalp. Control patient (left) was treated with Aquahphor ointment and a silicon face mask post-procedure. Outcome: Significant epithelialization observed after application of Procellera at week 1, with 80% wound closure at 3 weeks. Additional dxs: Arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease, Hyponatremia, Hypertension, Hypothyroidism, RA, dementia, depression. Outcomes: Improved granulation and wound bed apperance noted under the wound half covered with Procellera. Procellera was used when attempts to place NPWT were unsuccessful due to location of the wound and inability to maintain an airtight seal.

Outcome: Improved granulation noted at week 3 with significant epithelialization at week 4. Outcome: Skin eruption subsided after two weeks of application, with patient report of improved comfort and pain reduction. Outcome: Significant wound healing progress observed over exposed bone following application of Procellera, with full closure of defect with normal contour and regrowth of hair bearing tissue at week 27. Outcome: Hemostasis established, with notable wound contraction and improvement in periwound skin. Application of Procellera resulted in decreased necrosis, reduction in peri-wound discoloration and marked increase in epithelialization. Outcome: Procellera used from day 4 and continued for several weeks beyond wound healing, with improved cosmetic outcome.

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