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And I’m pleased that just days from now, the Senate will consider broad energy legislation. Following the passage of a highway bill, education reform, and many others, the energy bill promises to be our next bipartisan accomplishment on behalf of the American people.
It will also be the first major energy legislation considered on the Senate floor since 2007. Back then, we were living in an era of energy scarcity, with many afraid that America was running out of resources. His gauntlet of burdensome regulations, many just beginning to take effect, threatens the affordability and reliability of our energy. While the President lifted sanctions on Iran, letting the regime sell its oil into global markets, we ensured American producers can do the same by repealing an outdated export ban that applied to the United States.
Instead of standing in the way of new infrastructure, members of both parties have supported it.

That’s why I worked with my colleagues on the Energy Committee to develop a broad, bipartisan bill. We agreed to expedite liquefied natural gas exports to boost our economy and the security of our allies. We agreed to bolster our mineral security so that we don’t have to rely on foreign countries for the raw materials needed for everything from smart phones to military assets. We focused on innovation and efficiency – both of which lead us to a brighter energy future. And we agreed to increase government accountability, and took steps to prevent another Solyndra. The White House yesterday released the Implementation Plan for the National Strategy for the Arctic Region. While delivering her keynote address at the Global Marine Renewable Energy Conference in Washington, DC, Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska spoke at length about the positive impact Resolute Marine Energy’s (RME) wave energy project in Yakutat can have on the local community.

RME CEO Bill Staby commented: “We’re very pleased that our Yakutat project has received such high-level attention. Resolute Marine Energy announced in February that its preliminary permit application to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has been approved, marking the official start of the Yakutat, Alaska Wave Energy Project. Posted on April 30, 2013 with tags Alaska, americas, energy, Highlights, importance, Lisa, Murkowski, News by topic, project, RME, SENATOR, usa, wave. Lisa Murkowski delivered this week's Republican address and discussed the Energy Policy Modernization Act. It’s important that people understand that the economic and social stability of communities that depend upon diesel generators for their electricity supply are at risk when traditional fuel costs reach extreme levels as they have in Yakutat.

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