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Copyright 2005In this live-action, fast-paced program, Bill Nye the Science Guy revs things up as he explores water, muscles, heat, light, sound and other types of energy that make things go, run or happen. Along the way, students will see how to conduct home experiments that will transform potential energy into kinetic energy and use falling water to make energy.
Features comedy, music videos, interviews with real scientists and hands-on experiments to make the concepts presented understandable and fun.
Last year, the Hubble Space Telescope spotted plumes on one of Jupiter’s four largest moons, and the international space science community has since set its sights on an unmanned mission to investigate further. This excites Nye, who recently kicked off World Space Week at the University of Toronto with an enlightening presentation on Canada's important role in the global space community. The talk was organized by The Planetary Society (of which Nye is CEO), the world's largest non-profit organization promoting space education and exploration advocacy.

While visiting Toronto for The International Astronautical Congress, The Society held an interactive live-taping of their popular radio and podcast series, Planetary Radio Live. Nye was comical yet highly informative as he stressed the importance of space science innovation, exploration and mankind's search for extraterrestrial life.
If successful, the mission would collect samples from Europa's geyser plumes in space, cutting huge costs by not requiring landing capabilities.
It is in those samples that scientists see the highest probability of finding extraterrestrial life. While the initial discovery would likely be one of microscopic organisms, it would be proof that Earth is not the only planet that harbours life.
If any life can be found in our own solar system, it may not be as rare an occurrence in the cosmos as once thought. It is this type of initiation that the Planetary Society seeks to advocate for, which has lead to the northern expansion of the Society's presence.

Nye on stage to conduct a star-studded panel of space experts to further explore Canada's contribution to space science and exploration in the past, present and future.
Canadian astronaut Jeremy Hansen tackled the misconception that an astronaut's work takes place solely in space, chronicling the many projects and educational pursuits he and the Canadian Space Agency have been involved with here on Earth. Gordon Osinski, Associate Director of the Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration at the University of Western Ontario, shared their insights on the many projects and innovations that members of the Canadian space science community continue to create and contribute to.

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