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Please select the daily reNEWS alerts that you would like to receive from the list below, followed by the sign up button. The onshore wind sector is fighting back against government policy – by raising money to fact check politician’s claims as they attempt to get the Energy Bill passed as law.
Hood – who has been made redundant since changes were proposed to end subsidies for the sector – said she wants to make sure the Bill, if it goes through, does so for ‘valid reasons’.
It reads: “I want to ensure this goes through Parliament with the scrutiny of an independent organisation - Full Fact, an independent and widely respected non-partisan charity.
The organiser adds that because lots of claims are being made on both sides of the debate, a level of scrutiny is being missed to make sure all parties use facts and statistics with “integrity”. The page is aiming to raise ?15,000 within the next 25 days – so far ?390 has been pledged by supporters.
The Energy Bill will next be debated in the House of Lords at Committee stage - which will see a line by line examination take place of the contents.
The reading will take place on September 7, after the Second Reading took place on July 22 in the House of Lords. Lord Smith has a strong financial services background and a wealth of experience gleaned from a wide range of positions.
Prior to joining GIB as Chief Executive, Shaun Kingsbury was responsible for European activities at Hudson Clean Energy Partners, a leading US clean energy private equity firm. Caroline Angoorly joined NY Green Bank as Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer in March 2014. Before joining NY Green Bank, Caroline led GreenTao LLC, a specialized business growth, project development, financing, strategy and execution firm.
Caroline has lived and worked in Australia, the US, Singapore and Hong Kong – doing business in all these places as well as The Philippines, India, China, Taiwan, Myanmar, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico and Western Europe. Richard is a member of the Energy Efficiency team with primary focus on smart grids and policy overview.Richard spent 9 years at JPMorgan mostly in leveraged finance and 2 years advising the Department of Energy and Climate Change on commercial matters affecting policy. Mark Giulianotti has 20 years experience in international banking and energy project finance and joined the UKGIB in March 2013. Mark joined Bank of Scotland in 1991, and has worked in various corporate and project finance lending capacities in the UK, Hong Kong and Singapore.
Nathan has focused in recent years on the commercialisation and development of growth strategies for "green", low carbon and smart business strategies for cities and regions in the UK.
Jonathan has over 20 years’ experience in the Technology, Design, Property and Construction sector, as well as in Finance and Investment in Strategic Development working with both the private and public sector.
Jonathan has overseen the development of projects, particularly for two funding mechanisms: REIF (Renewable Energy Investment Fund) and UK GIB (Green Investment Bank).
A large part of Jonathan’s role is liaising between the public and private sectors for project inception and development. Until recently, Jonathan also carried out a similar role for the City of Edinburgh Council, for strategic property and investment development.
Jonathan created Project Edinburgh and the String of Pearls projects for the City of Edinburgh whilst on secondment from Standard Life from 2004 to 2008. Having created a number of development frameworks, projects and investment opportunities with the Project Edinburgh Design Team; Jonathan and the team then secured major investment interest in the city from global investors and developers.
Prior to joining the Green Investment Bank as Managing Director, Waste and Bioenergy, Chris was Head of Capital Markets and UK Origination and Advisory within the Infrastructure & Renewables team at NIBC Bank.
Owen Kelly was appointed as Chief Executive of Scottish Financial Enterprise (SFE) in January 2008.
Owen’s role focuses strongly on representing the industry to governments and regulators in Scotland, London and Brussels. Ross Martin is SCDI’s 8th Chief Executive, with a wide and diverse background working across the Scottish economy in the public, private and social sectors. Ross has been driving the development and diversification of Scotland's economy for over a quarter of a century, through the transformation of public services, his support for a wide range of SMEs, or through his more recent policy work at the CSPP helping to create the conditions for sustainable growth. Ross is also an occasionally practicing high school teacher, an adviser to Adopt an Intern, which he helped to create, and previously an adviser to BIDS Scotland, the national network for the country's fastest growing local economic partnership, the Business Improvement District.
Ross is a regular commentator on the politics of the economy in print, broadcast and of course social media, and has developed a reputation as an energetic and informative leader of mature and reflective policy debate. Before joining New Energy Finance at the start of 2007, Angus was a financial journalist for UK national newspapers for 18 years. Greg was previously CEO of Sterling Waterford Securities (SWS), a South African asset management and advisory firm, where he was involved in a number of financial innovations in the renewable energy market and carbon emissions trading market. Dr Brenda Park has worked on a range of renewable energy projects from feasibility studies to large scale wind farm planning applications. Leonie is responsible for driving and promoting Sustainable Business opportunities within the mainstream global lending portfolio at ING. Iain is the Director responsible for public sector lending in the EE team (eg Outdoor Lighting) and will also look at the banking aspects of other EE areas such as Smart Metering and District Heating.
Matthias Zoellner was born in 1953 and has a degree in Economics from Bonn University, Germany. Tesla after almost a two year delay delivers the most safe SUV ever—the Model X which was awarded a five star safety rating in every category. In a frontal crash the all electric Tesla Model X as it has no fossil fuel powered engine block which in a high speed crash can compress towards the passengers causing injury, offers a higher margin of safety, due to the EV having a much larger crumple zone available to disperse and absorb energy. For side impacts the Tesla Model X was twice as safe as that of the next best rated SUV on the roads today. For rollover injury risk the Model X was also twice as safe as the next best rated SUV mostly due to the design of EV having a much lower center of gravity thanks to the location of the batteries and how that weight is distributed.
The Model X has as standard equipment “active emergency braking”, which uses cameras and radar to automatically brake to help avoid accidents.
The model X can also boast that it has the first true HEPA air filter in a car, which besides being over ten times larger than other car filters can reduce particulate matter hundreds of times better than vehicles manufactured by competitors. Not a joke—the Tesla Model X also has bioweapon defense button which when selected activates maximum air filtration. An auto front door opening and closing for the front doors, which Tesla Motors calls Auto Presenting Front Doors, but aka as having an invisible chauffeur.
Panoramic front windshield, which gives the driver unprecedented field of vision, not unlike that of a helicopter pilot.
Also as an added safety and convenience feature the Tesla model X can allow you to blind holster your mobile phone so that the driver won’t have to fiddle with wires. An obvious feature of the Tesla Model X is the distinctive Falcon Wing Doors that allow easy access to the two rows of back seats even when parked close to obstructions and other vehicles. The Tesla Model X can also tow 5000 lbs and carry 7 passengers and store luggage in the front and rear of the vehicle. There is also a quick install accessories hitch, which can accommodate four bikes and six sets of snow skis and not hinder the operation of the rear hatch. This change in policy is a proclamation and a testament to their belief that not only are electric vehicles here to stay but that new electric vehicles will soon replace fossil fuel transport in the very near future without their continued efforts.
Ford Motor’s Yahoo search advertising is caught using EV com domain name to increase awareness for their green fuel-efficiency EV products.
You can sign up for the service online and then book using your Android or iPhone smart phone. The EVs are easy to drive and park due to having: automatic transmission, power steering, small turning radius and small footprint.
China’s first commercial car-sharing company launched in August of 2013 using Kandi Technologies, (KNDI) electric cars in the eastern city of Hangzhou. The city of Amsterdam seems to be leading the car-sharing popularity contest by having over 300 dedicated car-sharing parking spots. The Conference has been a success as attendance has increased year over year with exhibits filling four huge Exhibit Halls at the National Convention Center adjacent to the Olympic Park. The Conference focused on energy saving, new energy automotive industry development and achievements. This year over three dozen different model electric buses seemed to dominate the exhibit halls and it wasn’t just because of their size, though no doubt the number of passenger car models with electric drive trains were actually greater in the number.
Represented at the exhibit halls were: Venucia (aka Nissan LEAF made in China), BYD, China FAW Group, Dongfen Motor Group, Changan, Saic Motor Corporation, Beijing Automotive Group, Geely, Chery Automobile, JAC, Great Wall Motor Company, Toyota, Zinoro, Yutong Bus, Ankai, East Lake New Energy Automobile, Wuzhoulong Motors, and Auto21. Major American EV automakers were pretty much nonexistent (Tesla, Chevy Volt, and Ford Focus electric etc.) as well as the German made BMW i3 and i8 etc. One exception to the American automakers was the Spira which was Automotive XPrize finalist. Stanford University’s Auto Lab’s research in Auto Safety and Autonomous Driving systems has resulted in MARTY (Multiple Actuator Research Test bed for Yaw control) control system.
MARTY is designed to help Autonomous Driving systems maintain control to avoid accidents and explore the limits of vehicle handling.
The secret to MARTY’s superior control ability is partly due to having precision torque control using an electric motor on each rear wheel, which can not be duplicated in traditional fossil fuel powered engines.
Watching a 100% electric self-driving DeLorean doing an unlimited number doughnuts really gives me a big EV smile.
Shenzhen based Pengcheng Electric Taxi Company received their first 50 BYD EVs back in late April 2010 that number grew to 300 by 2013 and Shenzhen now has over eight hundred of the zero emission eTaxi vehicles. Range on a single charge is over 186 miles (300 km), which is assisted by a regenerative-braking system. The eTaxi company reported after the first year to have realized a per-car-fuel-savings of over $1167 USD per-Taxi-per-month (driving an average of 250 miles (400 Km) per day.

BYD has also sold the e6 taxi model in: Columbia, Costa Rica, Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Taiwan.
Arcimoto is now producing an EV that most everyone can afford and dispels the myth that electric vehicles are expensive.
It has been a long wait for the 8th incarnation of Arcimoto’s EV to be ready for purchase, but it is finally here.
That number along with the low cost means that the majority of drivers should be able to save enough on annual fuel costs alone to pay for the new purchase cost of the SRK within approximately five years! I had the opportunity to visit Arcimoto’s factory in Euguene Oregon in August just a few months prior to the launch and was fortunate enough to get a tour along with having morning tea with Mark Frohnmayer the founder of Arcimoto and Jesse Fittipaldi from Marketing.
Nathan Fillion sent a text to Mark Frohnmayer wanting to know the delivery date of his SRK EV, while I was there. After such a long series of prototypes over the years many Arcimoto EV fans (including Nathan Fillion of Firefly and Castle fame) and myself included are really just overjoyed to finally see Arcimoto’s EV enter the marketplace.
The HRADA (Hampton Roads Automobile Dealers Association) presents this annual new car event, where the general public can pay $7-10 USD to see new car models from multiple manufacturers at a single venue in a non pressure (no-selling) environment. Previously the HRADA not unlike many other Automobile Dealers Associations across the nation have NOT been very EV friendly. Unlike prior years where it was hard to find an EV at the Hampton Roads International Autoshow in 2016 a Chevy Volt was right up front along side a huge gas guzzling 4X4 Ford truck just as one entered the show area. 2016 Chevy Volt: They claim five-person seating, but you would be hard pressed to get three people in the back seat of the new Volt, but 2 adults and perhaps a kid is possible now, where it was not in prior Chevy Volt models. BMW’s X5 their first plug-in hybrid SUV model (BMW X5 xDrive40e) has 308 horsepower, via a 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, and electric motor with an eight-speed automatic transmission, but can also travel 13 miles on pure electric power. The 2016 Nissan LEAF was on display showing off a new 30 kWh battery that increases the single charge range to 107 miles almost a 30% increase over previous models that could only travel 84 miles.
One of the main highlights of the 2016 Hampton Roads International Autoshow was Eric Romero, a regular guy currently in the Air Force that just happened to be first to order and purchase a Chevy Volt back in 2011 in the Hampton Roads area. This is a proclamation and a testament to their belief that not only are electric vehicles here to stay but that new electric vehicles will soon replace fossil fuel transport in the very near future without their continued efforts. Your business card is your ticket to enter the drawing for an EV Hotwheels Collectable Collection, which includes three collectable EVs: Tesla Roadster (HW Road Rippin’ Highway 212), and new for 2015 Tesla Model S (HW Workshop edition) and also new for 2015 the Super Volt (HW City edition). EV Roadmap 8 Conference (Jul 29-30 2015) Portland OR USA (Exhibit booth #11) on July 29th at 7:30pm. For those that can’t attend in person you can still participate in the drawing as we will be happy to add an entry slip for you just prior to the drawing simply include your name and mailing details below in the comment field below. To get your Drive Electric EV bumper sticker delivered by an official government representative (postal service) after making your donation simply add the time and date of your donation in the reply field below and be sure to include your name and mailing address.
Tesla announced that in just three years, owners of the their award-winning Tesla Model S have driven over 1 billion miles. The video has some great aerial shots of the Great Ocean Road and George River bridge, near Lorne, West Virginia.
I look forward to the day when those EV miles will really start to add up once the Tesla Model 3 is released and all the other 200+ mile electric range cars are produced by other manufactures as well. IEEV China is the largest and perhaps most influencial new energy vehicles (electric and hybrid vehicle) exhibition in China, (perhaps the world) and the event has very strong support from the Chinese central governments, the likes of which is not duplicated by other national governments anywhere else on the planet.
In 2012, Chinese Council State released their Energy-saving & New Energy Automobile Industrial Development Plan (2012-2020), which clearly put forth energy-saving and new energy automobile (EV) development as major goals to be developed by China. The show is supported by some of the most powerful entities within the Chinese government: Ministry of Industry and Information, Ministry of Finance, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), Ministry of Science and Technology, etc.
Attending will be many members of the Chinese central government and many local governments, in addition to the governors from all 88 of the new energy vehicle demonstration cities, which will be there to share their experiences of promoting and deploying EVs. IEEV is defined as the exclusive National Platform for Energy-saving Automobile Exhibition that hosts the most Exhibitors, and largest booth area in Asia. Most of the world’s best automotive enterprises will attend the exhibition with their latest products: Toyota, Lexus, Buick, Geely, Volvo, Great Wall , Volkswagen, Saic, Audi, Chevrolet, Brilliance Auto, JAC, Baic Motor and many others. Many famous experts (foreign & domestic), officers, and senior managers of leading industry companies and enterprises will be in attendance.
Chinese International Technology Exchange relating to electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles and fuel-cell vehicles and key components and accessories.
In a race that dates back to 1916, the two men driving wildly different vehicles climbed into the record books in perfect weather and closing a century of gasoline racers and opening the electric future. Millen driving the eO latvian built racer climbed into the skies in 9:07 and Monster Tajima was 25 seconds behind.
The eO PP03 is rated for just over a Megawatt of power and was specifically designed for this race. Sadly, other fan favorites in the electric production class and from doughty racing team Entropy did not finish according to the rules, but no doubt they and others will be back next year. The EV Roadmap Conference is easily one of the more important electric vehicle conferences in the United States. The two day Electric Vehicle Conference brings together EV stakeholders, including electric utility companies (such as Portland General Electric, which is a presenting sponsor for the event), local governments, charging providers, EV interest groups, electric car drivers plus many others.
The EV Roadmap Conference was initially founded by Portland General Electric and Portland State University.
The Pacific Northwest of the USA can easily be classified as a leader and perhaps even pivotal in the area of initial EV deployment in the USA. Various Registration options exist including Government, Non-Profit & University discounts and even Urban Mobility E-Bike and Wine Tasting tours.
Elvestuen was commissioner for environment and transport in Oslo from October 2011 to September 2013, and President of the Oslo City Council committee on urban development in the years 2003-2011.
Chelsea Sexton: Lightning Rod Foundation, also known for her work with General Motors’ EV1 program featured in Who Killed the Electric Car? I’ve been looking at getting a Chevy Volt either a used one or perhaps lease the new 2016 model that features an increase to 50 miles of pure electric range. I wanted to address some comments made about the Volt from a woman i recently had the opportunity to chat with that had said “I heard the Volt was junk?” and “Have you Googled Volt recalls?
Currently Chairman of SSE, which is the second largest producer of energy in the UK and has the largest renewables portfolio in Britain, he has a comprehensive knowledge of energy trends.
A long-time renewable energy investor and advisor, Shaun was a founding partner of Pulsar Energy Capital. Caroline is a senior energy and environmental industry executive with over 20 years of domestic and international experience in business-building, strategy, operations, project and asset management, investment, project finance and M&A.
He was previously with Augusta & Co, where he was head of the project finance debt advisory business. Hehas an accounting degree from Napier University of Edinburgh and is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland. Previously, as a Partner at Grant Thornton UK LLP, Nathan worked with public and private sector organisations, across a wide range of projects and programmes in social, environmental and economic infrastructure. This has involved the development and coordination of the Scottish Green Investment Portfolio (SGIP) assisting the accessibility for finance for Low Carbon and Green Sector projects, development and planning of new funds and delivery structures for Energy, Waste and Community Renewable projects.
He advises on the development of teams to progress projects and investment structures and sourcing Public and Private finance and delivery interest for major projects. Ross chairs the Scottish Waterways Trust, which is working to bring this wonderful piece of our industrial heritage to life encouraging engagement across the canal network. Ross lives in Larbert, in the heart of Scotland, and enjoys playing golf, walking and swimming as well as travelling to find inspiration for further change!
He has overall editing responsibility for the company’s newsletters and analysis on clean energy, carbon, gas and power. He also worked as a senior economist for Centre for Economics and Business Research, a leading London based think tank, and as director of a start-up FSA authorised financial services firm.
At SWS, he initiated the listed trading market for carbon credits on the JSE Securities Exchange and played a key role in creating new financing structures in the formative stages of the biofuels and voluntary offset markets. She has an extensive academic background in solar photovoltaic (PV) research and development and has lectured the MSc module in Advanced Renewable Energy Engineering at Heriot-Watt University giving her a broad knowledge of a range of renewable technologies. She recently completed a feasibility study for an airfield site in England, which is now being taken forward as a 40MW development for which Brenda is designing the solar farm and supporting planning and grid connection processes. As Head of Strategy he is responsible for the bank's corporate and investment strategy, including covering GIB's non-core sectors and reviewing potential areas for expansion.
In his early career Bill worked for both Shell and McKinsey before spending 10 years as a private equity investor. Before joining the commercial side of the bank Leonie Headed the Environmental Social Risk Management team and introduced the new topic of sustainability risk management. He started his career in the German bilateral cooperation with assignments in Bolivia and Dominican Republic. As things stand, more than half the over 60 population are involved in some sort of formal and structured voluntary work; over half of the population believes that this is part of what they should aspire to in later life, and a third are willing to take part in informal volunteering.
The first batch of the new EV production cars were delivered by Elon Musk to customers on September 29, 2015 during a big media event in Fremont California. This design also improves handling and performance thus reducing the chance of rollovers from occurring in the first place. The falcon wing doors besides looking cool are even more functional than the sliding door of a minivan. The EVs are rented with unlimited milage and are FREE (in Italy at least) for women at night between the hours of 1am and 6am. The inside is somewhat Tartus-like and has much more room than what one might expect from an outside view.

It seems that BYD’s early success in the global electrified bus market has spawned a huge amount of competing products.
Just like professional drift drivers, MARTY is able to maintain a desired course even during low traction situations. The e6 BYD EV model can be fully charged overnight using standard Chinese 220V charge points, however most require a mid-day supplemental charge during a two shift 24 hour duty cycle.
In addition a carbon-dioxide pollution reduction of 133 lbs (or 60.4Kg) per day for each EV in the fleet will help Shenzhen mitigate climate change and allow citizens to breathe a little easier by having less fossil fuel exhaust fumes in the air. This is due partly because EVs do not have to pay the extra 3 RMB fuel surcharge and the electricity price in Shenzhen is 17 US cents (1.1 RMB) per kWh. The new EV was “officially” launched at a “Plug-in Party” October, 20, 2015 at Arcimoto’s new showroom located at 544 Blair Blvd. The 2-seat 3-wheel EV gets an estimated 230 MPGe and retails for $11,900 USD, without Federal or State incentives—which is only a fraction of the cost of a new EV from Nissan, BMW or Tesla etc. The Gen 8 SRK is the culmination of Mark’s vision to redefine affordable transportation while reducing emissions and dependence on fossil fuels.
The Volt’s range has been increased 53 miles via all electric and 420 miles when assisted by a standard unleaded powered engine that powers an electric generator. The BMW i8 which could have easily been the most epic new model on display at the entire autoshow from both a cutting edge technical and design categories was hidden in the far corner of the display floor….the only thing that made the i8 seem special (to those not in the know) were the stanchions surrounding the EV. There are now two different battery pack chemistry options a low cost nickel metal hydride and a more earth friendly lithium ion version that also increases fuel efficiency. Eric can often be found loitering around the 2016 Chevy Volt during the Autoshow answering questions about his experience as a four year Volt owner and some of the changes that can be found in the new model. They are still pushing the public to purchase new huge gas guzzling vehicles like climate change doesn’t exist and that fuel prices will stay low forever. If these miles had been driven by fossil fuel vehicles instead of an all electric car 570,000 tons of additional CO2 emissions would have been released.
The IEEV China show highlights all the positive progress made in the last three years towards those goals and puts on display the most leading edge electric vehicles in China. The exhibition features a wide range of energy-saving automobiles, new energy automobiles, EV, HEV, PHEV, Fuel Cell Vehicles and also many of their key components such as: batteries, motors and electronic control parts. The event is being heavily promoted by national Chinese TV, Radio, News Agencies, Business Networks, Magazines and Newspapers. With 6 motors powering all four wheels, the PPO3 will likely return and look to break into the 8 minute world. As more production EVs come onto the fore, drivers are likely to see what they can do in the race to the clouds. The EV Roadmap Conference is now being produced by a nonprofit 501(c)(6) trade association dedicated to growing the electric mobility industry.
One reason is that the state of Oregon joins the Washington and California segments of the West Coast Electric Highway, an extensive network of electric vehicle (EV) DC fast charging stations located every 25 to 50 miles along Interstate 5. For me it is probably a better electric car for the US market at the moment, at least until the Telsa Model 3, Chevy Bolt and improved Nissan LEAF are released. Since the Government announcement in June more than 270MW of projects have been scrapped, and people like me are losing their jobs across the industry.
He is also Chairman of The Weir Group plc, Glasgow 2014 (the Commonwealth Games Organising Committee, and Non-executive Director of Standard Bank Group Ltd. He also advised 3i on a number of European renewable energy transactions including its €170 million acquisition of GES, where he was a Non Executive Director.
She knows the energy, resources and environmental sectors, especially power and fuels markets and projects across generating technologies and clean tech, as well as environmental instruments, markets, regulation and policy.
His key policy specialisms in government were EU and international relations, and communications. He works closely with BNEF’s 120-strong team of analysts and researchers, and takes a particularly close interest in topics such as project finance, renewable energy jobs and marine energy.
Brenda's solar expertise includes resource analysis, system design, energy yield calculations and shading analysis along with overall technical support and advice. As co-MD of Energy Efficiency he is jointly responsible for the bank's investment activities in the energy efficiency.
Most recently Bill was Managing Director at Hudson Clean Energy Partners, a leading clean energy investment firm, where his responsibilities included European origination and global energy efficiency activities.
He held several positions on the Board of Scottish and Southern Energy plc (SSE) and had previously been Commercial Director of Scottish Hydro Electric plc since 1995.David was presented with the degree of Doctor of Laws, honaris causa, from the University of Dundee in June 2014. He trained as chartered accountant with PWC before moving into their project finance and privatisation team, where his highest profile deal was the sale of CrossCountry Trains to Virgin Rail. In 1982 he joined Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW), as a loan officer in the Western Africa department. Those living in cities that with known smog problems such as: Mexico City, Beijing, Naples, Frankfurt, Los Angeles, Paris, and New York etc can breathe a little easier while driving their electric SUV from Tesla as the air inside the car can be as clean as an operating room. The EV can also sense the height of the ceiling so that the falcon wing doors can be opened in a garage even with a low ceiling. He is originally from the USA, but has been residing in Australia for the last seven years.
In addition there have been recent revelations that some major auto companies which until now had been proponents of cleaner burning diesel and petrol engines had resorted to emission testing manipulation to meet benchmarks designed to mitigate air pollution, global warming and climate change—making EVs the only proven and available solution to meet those goals. The innovative vehicle is manufactured in China using honeycomb-composite and foam materials and can now be seen, driving around the San Diego area of California. The BYD e6 takes 40 minutes to fully charge using the 100kW fast charging cabinet; or 6 hours via a standard 10kW standard residential garage charging station. Mark believes he has really hit the sweet spot with this version of the SRK which now has lighter weight, lower cost, better acceleration, longer range, and better ergonomics than the previous 7 generations.
Many auto dealers with the various Automobile Dealers Associations have been highly resistant to selling EVs because to sell their electric cars the manufacturers require that the dealers service them as well.
The Volt featured at this years show had all the new safety bells and whistles: lane departure warning, lane keep assist, blind-zone alert, rear-cross traffic alert, forward collision alert, front automatic breaking, and semi-automatic parallel parking. His positive personal experience and knowledge has no doubt helped put more Chevy Volt EVs on the road locally than any dealership salesman within several hundred miles.
They also try to entice people to come to their biggest combined dealership autoshow of the year by catering to people that were say of driving age (16 years old in 1955) with a Nifty Fifties Auto Contest.
He was expert witness in an EV case in the High Court in London and has been chairman of over 15 high tech companies.
Chelsea was also Director of the Automotive X PRIZE and was a co-founder of the electric drive advocacy group Plug In America.
He has held positions on various private and public boards including the Financial Services Authority and Financial Reporting Council (FRC), and a number of key positions within the banking industry.
Shaun previously worked at Shell in Europe, the US and Asia and for Centrica’s retail power business in the US. Her particular expertise is project development and finance and over her career Caroline been involved in originating, structuring, negotiating, closing and managing billions of dollars of energy and infrastructure projects across the globe. Caroline holds geology and law honors degrees from Monash University and an MBA from Melbourne Business School (partly undertaken at Columbia).
He spent two years in Tokyo in the 1990s, promoting Scotland as an investment location.Owen joined the government service in 1988, shortly after graduating from Edinburgh University with an honours degree in Chinese. Leonie has more than 10 yrs experience in Sustainability though her work as a Management Consultant in which she worked with various multinationals, as an independent consultant in Costa Rica and through setting up the ESR and Sustainable Lending team within ING. In 1988 he moved to the European Investment Bank (EIB) in Luxembourg, where he was appointed Head of Division in the Lending Directorate –first in charge of operations in Latin America, then in Asia. It means, quite simply, that a majority of the older population are ready to do what they can, unpaid, to support the fabric of society; they are doing exactly what we expect responsible citizens to do. The ZD electric car is manufactured by the Xindayang Group using one of Geely Auto’s manufacturing facilities in Gansu province. These refinements will allow Arcimoto to produce a product that can change transportation in a transformative way. The Dealerships are not keen to do that because some special equipment is needed to service battery packs and their maintenance personnel require additional training to be certified to work on EVs (even hybrids such as the Chevy Volt).
Nonetheless this is the first year an electric has taken first and observers note that the era of the electric car is now here for the mountain.
She also promotes the Edison Electric Institute and advises on many other electric vehicle (EV) projects. He also founded and chaired the Low Carbon Finance Group, a group of the leading investors in the clean energy space. Leonie holds a Master in Environmental Science, Business Ethics and International Sports Management. Currently he holds the position of Head of Division of the Environment, Climate and Social Office of the EIB. In short additional required equipment and training add costs and reduce profits for the auto dealers. Also another profit reduction concern for dealers is that Electric Vehicles in general require very little ongoing maintenance compared to vehicles that are powered by combustion engines.
If their customer buys an EV the dealers will not be able to sell them: oil changes, replace air filters, spark plugs, adjust timing or even do emission testing etc.

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