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Most articles I’ve seen about cutting your heating bills tend to be a list of things you can do cut energy use. In this guide I’m going to try an lay down some practical advice for cutting your heating bills this winter. If this had been my house I would have fixed that window, but as a tenant my best bet was piece of ?5 piece of window film.
I’m going to give you three strategies you can use to reduce the amount of energy your heating system uses. Have you ever heard that ‘reducing your thermostat setting by 1°C (1.8°F) can cut your heating bill by 10%’?
No, I’ll admit that this is not my ideal solution, because it involves tolerating a colder house.
The key thing to remember about heating is that you only need rooms to be warm at certain times of the day. The graph below gives an idea of how someone who works in an office might program their home heating during the week. By allowing your home to chill out when you are asleep, and at work, you will reduce the heat loss and hence the bill. Just like you don’t need heat equally throughout the day you also have different needs in different rooms.
In my home we achieve this with thermostatic radiator valves that regulate how hard each radiator works. As a tenant taking tight control of how much, when and where you heat is about your best option.
If you are lucky enough to own your own home these tactics remain useful, but you can also work to improve the fabric of your home, as well as its heating system. One of the hilarious things about first buying a home is the realisation that you could just get drunk one night and paint a huge mural on your living room wall.
The point being, if you’re lucky enough to own your own home you’ve got a lot more options. When you improve your home’s insulation you ensure that you get more comfort for every unit of heat you pump into it. Now these examples are based on technology prices, building standards and energy costs in the UK, so don’t take them too literally for your own situation. Personally, I only think you should turn your attention to upgrading your heating system when you’ve already had a decent go at improving the fabric of the building. Where I live in the UK a new boiler pays itself back in around 10 years, depending on what you’re switching from. One of the main problems people face in this situation is underestimating the full cost of a new heating system.
Looking at each technology option in isolation is often how people think about insulation, draught proofing and heating.
But if you love your home and intend to stay a little while you might want to upgrade how you think about heating bills.
To give you some perspective this is around a tenth of the heating needs of a typical modern home, cutting bills to almost nothing. Now I must say I really love that graphic, because it reminds people that the heating demand of a home is really just a function of how much heat it leaks. This beautiful shot from the first passive house retrofits in New York really nails it though. Now certain people get very excited achieving a passive house certification, but its really just a standard. The fabric first approach encourages people to dig right down into air tightness, thermal bridging, U-values . If you’re serious about upgrading the comfort of your home then I’d suggest you get a professional. The big benefit from a proper energy assessment is that it gives you a baseline to gauge which improvements will benefits you most. A good energy assessor will then suggest some solutions that are sympathetic to your home and your budget. After you have an assessment I always think its a good idea to take a breath before committing to too much work.
Just like a few degrees inside makes a difference, most of the heat is lost on the exceptionally cold nights.
In the UK, this could work out cheaper than gas, and when the health costs of the the toxic air pollution from wood stoves is included, much cheaper than domestic solid fuel stoves. It would be great to see a greater focus on total costs, including the health damage and additional global warming from wood stoves, rather than just installation and rundding costs. Scott Edward Anderson is a consultant, blogger, and media commentator who blogs at The Green Skeptic.
Christine Hertzog is a consultant, author, and a professional explainer focused on Smart Grid.
The purpose of the Bill is to repeal the Energy Efficiency Opportunities Act 2006 (EEO Act) in its entirety with effect from 29 June 2014. The Energy Efficiency Opportunities (EEO) program commenced in 2006 and is governed by the EEO Act. The rationale for the EEO program at the time of its inception was generally that businesses had failed to recognise cost effective energy efficiency opportunities for a range of economic and financial reasons (including relatively low energy prices). Under the EEO program, businesses with energy use of 0.5PJ in the specified year are required to undertake energy efficiency audits and assess opportunities for improved energy efficiency. Participating businesses are required to report publicly and to the government on their compliance with program requirements, which include reporting on energy consumption, assessments and details of energy savings.
The Abbott Government promised to help lower energy bills, but today they've broken it by cutting the Energy Efficiency Opportunities program. The Statement of Compatibility with Human Rights can be found at page two of the Explanatory Memorandum to the Bill. Government support for energy efficiency programs for industry is usually based on the twin objectives of improved aggregate environmental benefits of avoided emissions and the financial benefit to businesses associated with costs savings in energy use. Energy efficiency can have several different meanings which are often used interchangeably.
In Australia, the Commonwealth as well as state and territory governments have supported energy efficiency in a number of ways.
The Coalition’s 2013 election policies did not directly include a policy on the future of the EEO program. Economic theory suggests a range of reasons why there may be market failure in the market for energy efficiency (Table 1). Lack of information may lead to cost effective energy efficiency opportunities being missed.
Energy efficiency opportunities are likely to be foregone if the party cannot appropriate the benefits of that investment. Inertia creates a bias against energy efficiency since it involves investing in hardware with uncertain outcomes and represents a departure from the status quo. Government intervention to promote improvements in energy efficiency can target all or some of these barriers. Based on data compiled by the International Energy Agency (IEA), Australia has improved its aggregate energy intensity significantly since 1990 compared to selected IEA countries.
Recent assessments of the potential for further improvements by businesses in energy efficiency have highlighted the availability of further opportunities to improve energy efficiency. Sandwiched between the announcement of the EEO program in the 2004 energy white paper and the introduction of the legislation to establish the EEO (see below), the Commission’s comments on the proposed EEO program were lukewarm.
The EEO Bill had bipartisan support from the Coalition and ALP in the House and Senate and was generally supported by the Australian Greens and Australian Democrats. The orthodox economic position is that Government intervention is only warranted to address the first category, market failures (especially in this case, information failures and environmental externalities).
Anecdotal evidence from previous Australian programs supports the Government’s view that large energy users do in fact appear to lack information about energy efficiency opportunities within their own organizations, and are thus failing to take advantage of potentially privately cost effective investments.
The other, and equally important problem to which this program is directed is the ability of such a measure to help address environmental externalities associated with emissions.
Prior to the 2010 election, the then Government proposed to extend the coverage of the EEO program to remove the exemption from the program of electricity generators.[47] The proposed extension was part of a broader environmental policy framework for electricity generators that included establishing best practice emissions standards. Stakeholders who opposed the removal of the exemption for electricity generators were primarily those involved in generating electricity or supplying fuels.

These reviews have included information about the costs and benefits of the EEO program as a whole and for individual participants. A mid-cycle review of the EEO program was conducted jointly by consultant Environmental Resources Management Australia Pty Ltd and the CSIRO.[64] The final report was provided to the then Department of Energy and Resources in December 2010.
In addition to these tangible outcomes for business, the mid-term review report noted that survey responses indicated that most of the barriers to improving energy efficiency within organisations had been substantially reduced (Figure 4). The overview report includes a range of information including aggregated information on EEO participants, energy use, energy savings identified, business responses to identified energy savings opportunities and an estimate of the annual net financial benefits of energy savings. As part of business reporting on the EEO program, businesses were encouraged to voluntarily report data on compliance costs, the reporting framework providing for different types of compliance costs (for consultants and in-house costs) covering registration, preparation of energy savings assessments, reporting and verification. In recent years, the price of energy (electricity and gas) for manufacturing firms has increased significantly (Figure 6).
While the increase in electricity and gas prices has been significant, particularly from around 2007, expectations of future electricity price changes are for more moderate price increases. With significant energy price increases for industrial and commercial users in the past decade, any comparative competitive advantage in energy prices appears to have dissipated. The preparation and publication of cost benefit analysis has accompanied legislation and changes to regulation over the period of the EEO program. Unfortunately, the various cost benefit analyses prepared to accompany the introduction of the EEO program and subsequent proposed changes do not generally present information on a comparable basis.
The Explanatory Memorandum includes the cost benefit analysis for the repeal of the EEO Act, with three options assessed: status quo (EEO program continues), a streamlined program based on the EEO, and the termination of the EEO program.
The RIS does not include any published calculation of the foregone energy savings that would accrue were the EEO program to continue. The absence of such a published calculation makes it difficult to assess the aggregated energy efficiency savings foregone through the discontinuation of the EEO program. Energy efficiency measures are generally among the lower cost and abatement of policy options (Figure 7), with many providing abatement reductions at negative cost. Members, Senators and Parliamentary staff can obtain further information from the Parliamentary Library on (02) 6277 2500. Middle East cleantech & environment news covering regional clean technology news, Jewish and Muslim eco-faith issues, eco-design, organic food, architecture, nature, science and health. Another worrying news, which these days is hardly announced from the governmental media, is that Tehrana€™s air pollution has a constant share of the deaths of the city.
The study showed the significant relationship between the amount of NO2 and HC in the air and the number of deaths caused by heart diseases. Previously another research done by Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran had showed that the number of people who go to hospital because of breathing difficulties related to the air pollution were two times more in the cold months than the rest of the year. Through the last decade, the image of Tehran is always remembered by the residents with smog and inversion, particularly in autumns. As car users and drivers, the first step we can have is to reduce accident fatalities by having in mind some primary safety hints. The main cause of the fire is not known, but the hot dried weather has caused a vast area catch fire rapidly. According to Conservation Unit of Iranian Forests, Range & Watershed Management Organization, the aforementioned provinces are in critical condition this year. Due to the scattering of the mountains in impassable mountains of the region firefighting needs helicopters and special air fire fighting facilities, which are not available much in the western parts. During the past few years the Iranian environmental activists have been worried about the great volume of trash which is polluting the environment of around the cities and also far away mountains. It has been two decades since the first experiences of cleaning the mountains took place by some Iranian mountaineers and environmental activists. The method that the group uses is to talk face to face to the hikers who are careless about keeping the mountains clean.
Talk to the local residents of the region about the importance of preservation of natural environment. Contact city councils, environmental preservation offices, and natural resources offices and encourage them to arrange similar programs. Contact radio and television channels and websites and inform about the Earth Day and the mountain cleaning programs.
Collect information about the urbanization, road and dam construction, and mining projects and their environmental impacts and give the result of your observations to the authorities. It seems that this method of facing the problem can lead to better participation in people who are going to have a pleasant weekend in the nature.
Seemingly, it is possible to clean up the mountains by active participation of people in environmental NGOs not only in Iran, but also in the whole Middle East, like the events in Yemen and Lebanon.
There are religious ceremonies and traditions in Zoroastrian culture that are well-known and popular in Iranian contemporary life like Nowruz. The religion that Zarathustra introduced does not recommend burying the corpse of the dead. In particular there was a sash window that had suffered so much subsidence you could fit your hand though the corner when it was closed. We’ve focussed very much on what you can do to cut them, without dipping to far into your pocket, but paid little attention to the value of a comfortable home. If you can make investments in the fabric of your home, or its heating system, that improve your comfort, then any reduction in heating bills is more of a bonus. Not only does serious energy efficiency require a whole lot of science and practical experience, it also means knowing tradespeople capable of providing quality work.
In the summer, the tree shades the house and lowers the AC, but in the winter the leaves fall off and let the sunlight in through the doors, warming that room noticably during part of the day.
Just reporting what Ener (May 27, 2016 at 9:42 AM)Roger Arnold on It Really Was A Trillion Dollar Blunder I agree that the Saudi decision to maintain market share was a costly blunder. This would have the effect of curtailing the program, which required large energy using businesses to assess their energy use and identify cost effective energy savings opportunities. By requiring firms to undertake energy efficiency audits, firms would discover projects that were financially attractive to the firm but which would also lead to beneficial environmental outcomes. The key compliance steps over the cycle involve assessment of energy use, registration in the scheme, undertaking energy efficiency assessments and reporting on outcomes. As required under Part 3 of the Human Rights (Parliamentary Scrutiny) Act 2011 (Cth), the Government has assessed the Bill’s compatibility with the human rights and freedoms recognised or declared in the international instruments listed in section 3 of that Act. Energy efficiency generally refers to gaining the same or a higher level of useful output, using less energy input. The commencement provisions in section 2 of the Bill provide that the repeal would take effect on 29 June 2014. Transaction costs in acquiring information and split incentives between the person purchasing an energy consuming product and the person who benefits from it can inhibit the adoption of energy efficient technologies. For example: individual departments in an organization may not be accountable for their energy use and therefore have no incentive to improve efficiency. The latter face difficulties in both obtaining information prior to purchase and verifying performance subsequent to purchase.
Individuals motivated by environmental values may therefore give a higher priority to efficiency improvements than those that are not. To be effective, information must be specific, personalized, vivid, simple and available close to the time of the relevant decision.
However, most of this improvement is attributed to structural changes in the economy rather than pure improvements in energy efficiency within particular industries (Figure 3). Some states have measures that target industrial users, with some requiring low?level audits and the uptake of energy efficiency opportunities in some cases.
Such intervention can be costly and introduces its own distortions, especially if the intervention is poorly targeted (chapter 2). However, organisational failure and behavioural norms that are widespread in the market and produce outcomes that confound orthodox expectations of what the market should be delivering are also arguably market failure. The Government explicitly stated in the White Paper that it is committed to a strong, secure and sustainable energy sector. Generators would need only to save 0.18% of their generation energy use and 2% of ancillary energy use to obtain a positive BCR. There is a high opportunity cost associated with electricity consumption in terms of the ability to sell that electricity to the market and this serves as an inherent driver for generator efficiency in the market. The reviews have also provided a basis for making adjustments to the EEO program, including changed administration and compliance arrangements. The stated aim of the Mid-Cycle Review was to assess the impact the EEO Program had had upon the systems, people, and processes participating corporations had in place to assess, manage and report on their energy use and energy efficiency opportunities.[65] No information about compliance costs under the EEO program was presented in this report.

However, with energy prices expected to continue to increase, especially those for natural gas, businesses will need to focus on energy efficiency in order to remain competitive. While the results of these analyses can depend on the key assumptions made, they nevertheless provide for a more informed debate about the policy responses to improve energy efficiency. For example, estimates are sometimes discounted to a present value basis or presented for a single year or cycle only.
Unlike previous analyses, the RIS should also reverse the assessment of the costs and benefits of the proposals so that the costs are the financial gains from energy savings foregone and the benefits are the avoided costs of compliance.
This means that making those changes can lead to considerable abatement for little long-term cost, or even for financial gain. These Regulations were repealed on 14 June 2014 by the Energy Efficiency Opportunity Repeal Regulation 2014. It is certainly a national disaster, which needs national unity as a prerequisite of any governmental action and strategy. In 2006, Hossein Mohammadi, an associate professor of University of Tehran discussed the relationship of the air pollution of Tehran and the deaths during the recent years. This significance is higher in the November, December, and January when the low temperature, high pressure, and high number of inversion days and low-height inversions are combined with the pollutions.
It is hard to imagine that the governmental strategies are able to change this situation at least during the next years.
Hassan Emami Razavi, the Deputy Minister of Health said that the traffic accident fatality of Iran is 5 times more than the world average. Many accidents, which usually have a lot of fatalities, happen in old roads that have been built decades ago with low road engineering standards. After about one day, some news agencies published news about burn of 500 hectares of the forest. This is the last one of the series of forest fires that has started since the first days of this hot summer.
The sparse and scattered forests of west of Iran are threatened more than the rainforests of the north. The northern forests experience fire each year too, like the fire that destroyed 130 hectares of forest near Sari in north of Iran in 2009. Ilam province, which is one of the smallest provinces of Iran, embraces a total area of 2 million hectares, from which 640000 hectares are oak and other sparse forests. Along with fast urbanization and population growth in Iran, the number of people who visit the natural environment around the cities have been much more than before. Abbas Mohammadi is one of the mountain cleaning activists who is the head of a group called Mountain Watch related to the Alpine Club of Iran. Maybe this is a good way of promoting the level of participation of people in cleaning the natural environment around the cities in long term.
Identify the people who are responsible for destruction of the environment to the responsible organizations. They will be careful about keeping clean their entertainment environment and not to litter on the one hand, and on the other hand they will be informed and aware of the importance of the environment and sustainable development generally.
Instead the corpse is washed and put in a special tower to be exposed to the sun and the birds of prey. I also agree that the (May 27, 2016 at 8:35 AM)Jarmo on How Fast Could the Market for Electric Vehicles Grow? Technical energy efficiency is energy efficiency that comes from new and improved technologies and equipment (for example, energy-saving appliances, cogeneration in industrial applications) or operational practices (for example, energy?efficient design of industrial plant or just switching off lights and equipment when not in use). These factors can affect both the incentives to search for and identify energy efficiency benefits — and their subsequent uptake. As a result, purchasers will tend to select goods on the basis of visible aspects such as price and be reluctant to pay the price premium for high efficiency products. Intervention is only warranted when it produces net benefits to the community (including economic, social or environmental benefits and the public and private costs). The market for electricity generation is competitive and transparent forcing generators to optimise their cost structures to maximise profit. This supports the Government’s view that higher energy prices should of their own accord make energy efficiency activities attractive for business. The result of this pollution is affecting not only human beings, but also the entire ecosystem. Also the weak significance of relationship of the amount of SO2 and CO in the air with the number of deaths of heart diseases was indicated. These kinds of roads are usually located in points far away from the main metropolitan areas or provincial centers. The western forests are located on the Zagros Mountains in west of Iran in provinces like Ilam, Kordestan, Kermanshah, and Khuzestan, which are all near the Iran-Iraq border. However, in 2010 a wave of hot temperatures in the Middle East, India and Europe has made the warmer forests of Zagros more vulnerable. The mountains of north of Tehran, like Touchal and Darband, and also along the inter city roads are the places that usually many residents of Tehran spend their time during the weekends.
According to his interviews with the press, one of the aims of groups like the Mountain Watch is to lead the visiting people and the mount hikers to have more environment-friendly culture. Other ceremonies like Mehregan festival are drawing the attention of Iranians more during the recent years.
Im not sure how much it saves, it makes it run more efficient though and every little bit counts.
Energy intensity measures the energy used to produce a certain outcome, whether it be a widget or gross domestic product (GDP). One way that this might be achieved would be to target the market failure as directly as possible. As primary energy costs are generally one of the largest costs, economic optimisation of energy efficiency is a business priority. Input to the Manufacturing industries, division and selected industries, index numbers and percentage changes, accessed 2 June 2014.
An example is the birds, especially black crows that flee the environment of Tehran because of harsh air pollution. The accidents that are related to human factor can include the accidents that are caused by human mistake in driving or passing the street, etc., or social and cultural aspects like obeying the driving regulations. Of course this can not be an influential cause, if the regulations are obeyed by the same young people. Similarly just 7 out of 37 types of cars which are produced in Iran have air bag and ABS brake. In addition, the farther mounts like Sabalan mount in East-Azarbaijan Province and Damavand and Alam Kooh, the first and second highest mounts of Iran in Alborz mountain in north Tehran, have not remained naturally clean. As he says some times some members of the group are tired of picking up the trash from the ground and put them in a bag in mountain cleaning events because the unaware hikers litter more rapidly. However, there are points in the old religious culture ancient Persia, which today many Iranians are not informed of.
For example, some information asymmetries may be virtually insurmountable for most consumers at any reasonable cost.
Plants are also long lived assets engineered precisely to maximise efficiency such that identifying equipment or processes that can be upgraded with a maximum four year payback period may be difficult.
This environmental bad news was announced by Mohammad Bagher Sadough, the head of Citya€™s Environment Agency last year.
Although statistically some improvements can be seen, but there is a long way to solve this multi-variable problem.
But Mohammadi believes that these attempts have had good results up to now and the similar groups will be more successful by informing people more.
In China it is mostl (May 27, 2016 at 6:19 AM)Jarmo on How Fast Could the Market for Electric Vehicles Grow? Last year, the media focused on the issue and announced that car accident fatality of Iran is 25 times more than Japan and 2 times more than Turkey, which has similar cultural conditions to Iran.
That is why in June 2010, Alireza Zamani, a Parliament member, asked for making the back seat belt use compulsory to reduce the fatality.

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