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GB Energy Supply has launched the cheapest fixed-rate deal on the market, which it says will be hundreds of pounds cheaper than the average UK household energy bill. The average annual cost of GB Energy Supply’s 12 month Fixed 12 Topaz tariff is ?735, based on medium usage.
Industry regulator, Ofgem's report in April 2016 put the average variable tariff at ?1,069 based on “typical domestic usage”, making the GB deal ?334 cheaper. The deal is available to existing GB Energy Supply customers and those who want to switch to it. The Topaz tariff is not available for long, however, and those looking to switch only have until June 23rd to do so. A further plus is that GB Energy Supply’s fixed deal does not come with early exit fees, unlike some rivals. GB Energy Supply's new deal overtakes Avro Energy’s Simple and Connect tariff, which costs ?744 per year. GB Energy Supply is the second supplier to launch a limited best buy fixed deal in a matter of weeks. The current crop of best-buy deals are the cheapest since 2011. At the start of the month, EDF teamed up with MoneySuperMarket to launch a 12 month tariff costing ?724 a year.
The week before, First Utility launched a slightly different cashback deal that brought the price of its fixed rate tariff down to ?719. Scott Byrom from energy comparison site, UK Power suggested we may start to see more suppliers stepping forward with eye catching deals, both smaller independent companies and the Big Six. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Fixed energy tariffs have fallen to their lowest point this year, with the cheapest new dual fuel tariff costing just A?950.
Network costs contribute 30pc to bills, which includes distributing electricity and gas to your home, as well as Government green incentives such as the feed-in tariff paid to homes which generate electricity, for instance with solar panels, which alone adds A?11 to bills. We want rail companies to make it easier for passengers to get their money back for train delays. An expert guide to your consumer rights with free tools and advice for what to do if things go wrong.
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Whether you're new to us or a longstanding member, there are several ways to get in touch. Latest news releases and statements, information on spokespeople and contacts for journalists. According to the federal government’s website dedicated to energy,, water heating can account for 14% to 25% of the energy consumed in your home.

According to the federal government’s website on energy, it is possible to use as little as no energy at all to heat up your home in the morning if you use the natural heat that is being emitted from the sun to warm the home. The federal government’s website on energy suggests using plastic sheets or plastic film to cover drafty windows.
In order to save money on heating, the federal government’s energy website recommends to use heating minimally while you are awake at home, but when you are sleeping or away to turn back the thermostat as much as ten to fifteen degrees.
Leaks for heating can often be found where plumbing connects to utilities, where there are gaps in insulation, in chimneys, and in unfinished spaces. According to the federal government one can save up to ten percent on heating bills by staying up to date on the maintenance requirements for heating systems. The federal government considers holidays the most wasteful time of the year in terms of energy consumption.
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About one in three homes switch energy provider each year but those that dona€™t miss out on average savings of £350.
How I saved £816 on my energy bills with no effort at all Pensions Most pensions take 10 to 12 days to transfer but some take a lot longer, in some cases months. The new PPI: Accounts held by millions are only now being compensated for a€“ could you claim too? Latest official figures show a surge in complaints about three products a€“ and none of them are PPI this time - could you be due for a payout too? For example, Sainsbury’s Energy tariff costs ?750 per year but charges ?30 per fuel if customers want to cut the deal short. At the time it was ?339 cheaper than the average Big Six deal and ?20 less than the deal from Avro. They can afford to keep their prices low and remain in the tables for longer and attract more business. But the vast majority of customers do not switch suppliers and are landed with costlier tariffs as a result, so average bills are far higher at A?1,249.
Price freeze fears Expectations of an energy price freeze have ironically driven up prices, according to industry experts.
They state on this website to turn down the temperature of your water heater in the winter to warm. Unless you’ve got a newer water heater that already has built-in insulation, insulating the water heating with a cover that will only cost about twenty dollars will reduce costs, especially if the water heater is in an uninsulated room such as a garage. This can be best done by opening the curtains on the windows facing the sun during the day. According to the federal government, by adding caulk or weather-stripping to seal air leaks, it is possible to seal these leaks.. While maintenance can cost around ten percent of annual energy cost, maintenance does not need to be done every year. The federal government also says that if you do use the fire place, it is possible to get most of your homes heating from just the fire place.
These plugins are using up just as much energy when they are not being used as when they are. Now the Government want us to be able to change anything from mortgage to mobile phone to financial providers in just seven days. People at the end of contracts including a handset pay an average £35 too much each month.

While interest rates arena€™t great, you can do better a€“ easy access accounts pay 1.2% and regular savers up to 6%.
The EDF deal, however, was only available to the first 25,000 customers, or for two weeks before it was it was pulled on May 20. Those who are not competitive enough to appear at the top of the tables are unlikely to attract any business which is why he predicts more deals coming our way. Other factors we can't predict A combination of factors are likely to boost energy prices. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states on their website that a typical household spends $2,100 a year on energy bills, contributing double the greenhouse gases to the environment as an average car.
Leaks or distribution losses of heat very often amount to over 30% of the cost you are spending on air heating.
With the water heater on at 120°F, not only is energy saved, but your hands won’t get burnt either.
Wrapping water pipes with inexpensive insulation will also help the water heating system avoid losing heat. These forms of insulation are also inexpensive at about fifteen dollars for a roll of over thirty feet. This can be done by setting the thermostat between 50° and 55°F and using a heat-air exchange system made of tempered glass. These include an increasing dependence on gas imports, environmental targets and the need to replace ageing power stations. These easy, do-it-yourself steps could help you cut your energy bill into a fraction of what it was. But until speedier switching arrives, here are tips on how you can save more than £2,000.
Switching Tips Decide how much you can repay each month and look for a card with a 0% deal. Also according to MSN’s real-estate website, a water-efficient shower head (often less than $20) can use 25% to 50% less hot water, saving both on water and power bills. Current accounts The Current Account Switch Service, introduced in 2013, is seen as an example of good practice.
Falling wholesale costs Wholesale costs fell by 20pc this year, but experts predict that customers may not feel the benefit as energy firms fail to pass savings to customers.
It cuts the time to move between banks from 18-30 days to seven working days and almost three million people have switched. Green energy incentives Government green incentives currently add A?91 to annual bills and this could increase as more people take advantage of feed-in tariffs, paid to householders who produce electricity with solar panels and other generation units.
Pressure from smaller firms Challenger firms will continue to pressure the big six firms on price, commentators say. Check your credit rating to ensure that there are no errors which could prevent you getting a loan.
Average bills are A?1,265 at British Gas, which is by far the biggest firm with 20 million customers.
Be wary of switching before the end of your current deal as you could be hit with some hefty exit fees.

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