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STEM working with the team from LCC Power invite you to bring along your Electricity bill to our free workshop on cost savings.
Data centres using SMARTset software are saving 15-20 % on their energy bills, according to recent results released by 4energy. To achieve the energy bill savings, SMARTset was installed in the data centre to provide detailed thermal monitoring across the three halls and cooling infrastructure.
Using this information, they planned the repositioning of air vents for balancing air flow.
While the data results were taken from a single data centre, the savings of 15-20 % are typical with SMARTset. 4energy work with facilities and IT managers to improve their understanding and management of infrastructure to lower energy and cooling costs. Through our low cost, easy to operate SMARTset software, we can connect to any equipment, sensors and meters. SMARTset is suitable for any size of ICT infrastructure from the largest data centre to the smallest communications room. Energy companies today insisted controversial rises in bills were partly down to green taxes but stood accused of charging customers "the maximum price they feel they can get away with".
Rising wholesale costs and and environmental "stealth taxes" were behind the average 9.1% hike announced by some major firms, the Energy and Climate Change Committee was told. But the businesses practices of the "Big Six" was called into question by small scale competitor Ovo Energy.
Managing director Stephen Fitzpatrick told MPs he "can't explain" the price rises being imposed because his company was buying gas at a cheaper price - 5p a therm less - than it had in 2009. Loyal bill-payers are charged are a far higher rate, in some cases ?200 more, and loaded with environmental costs than those who switch but the companies responsible go "unchallenged" by Ofgem, he said. He accused British Gas of being the "most active" in terms of running a dedicated "win back team" whose sole job was to call up customers that were leaving to say 'now we can cut your bill'. Mr Fitzpatrick has previously suggested that the larger energy companies pay over the odds for energy when their retail arms buy from their own wholesale divisions - a claim the other energy bosses denied today.
Mr Cocker, who described green schemes as a "stealth tax" or "poll tax", said E.ON had not yet made a decision on whether to follow the other firms and increase prices. He has written to Prime Minister David Cameron calling for a competition commission investigation into the industry to be set up to help reassure customers.

William Morris, managing director of SSE, which has announced an 8.2% price rise, said he regretted having to increase bills for customers, who were "struggling to maintain their budgets".
Transport costs had increased by 10%, while the Government's environmental schemes had risen by 13%, he said.
Mr Morris said that companies would reduce bills as quickly as possible if the Government decided to scrap the green taxes. Companies have estimated that bills could be cut by around ?60 if the green taxes were axed. Guy Johnson, external affairs director of Npower, which has announced average rises of 10.4%, said the largest driver of price rises had been the cost of the so-called climate obligation on power firms. The green taxes cover the period to March 2015, so the energy firms will have to fulfil a large part of their obligation next year, he said.
Labour leader Ed Miliband announced last month that he will impose a freeze on energy bills for 20 months until a tougher regulation system was introduced if he wins at the next election. Andrew Wright, interim chief executive officer of Ofgem, it was "absolutely right" that there should be a debate about its powers to regulate the industry.
Ramsay Dunning, of the small operator Co-operative Energy, said that the way the "Big Six" operated looked to outsiders like a cartel and was deterring competition.
Labour MP John Robertson warned that "thousands" of people were dying of hypothermia because they could not afford to pay their bills. He said customers who fell into debt were being moved onto pre-payment meters which effectively forced them to "self-disconnect" because they could not afford to buy any credits. Ian Peters, managing director of energy at British Gas, said that moving people onto pre-payment meters was a "responsible" way of repaying debt, and that the company "pro-actively" monitored their consumption. Neil Clitheroe, the chief executive officer, retail and generation for Scottish Power, said that if a pre-payment customer did not charge their key within 30 days, they were contacted by the company. Mr Clitheroe acknowledged that more could be done to identify and protect vulnerable customers. Political uncertainty overseas, increased worldwide demand and dwindling reserves all play a part. The results were taken from a 3 hall, 30,000 ft2 data centre with average heat loads of 200 kW per room, where SMARTset was used to optimise airflow, reinforce thermal compliance and maximise capacity, while reducing the energy expenditure.
Data centre staff then used SMARTset’s graphical displays, including heatmaps, to assess the thermal environment and quickly identify hot and cold spots in the rooms.

By using SMARTset’s optimisation feature, they were able to simulate the changes and proactively test and select the most beneficial vents layout. We can perform analytics on data to demonstrate optimum configurations via flexible alarms and controls, and then, if required, control equipment remotely. Refrigerators are one of the major contributors in your electric bill, choose the right size that will cater your needs. But now, no matter how big your gas or electricity bill is, you can cut it in half – or more! Once the vents had been moved, the positive impact of the changes were captured and validated via the “snapshot” feature of the optimisation module. When used with other 4energy cooling solutions, the energy bill savings can be significantly higher.” said Remi Baudot, Head of Analytics and Insights at 4energy.
Their responsibility is to review your energy bills, assess the cooling and heating equipment and can detect safety hazards.
An incredible discovery based on ancient technology has made it possible to reduce the size of your bills dramatically… and it works immediately!
Savings were made by changing the set points of CRAC units and chillers – a decision that could be made due to the improved air flow and safely implemented thanks to the constant monitoring of the room thermal behaviour. Each month when you receive your energy bill, simply insert it into our Energy Bill Scissors, and squeeze the handles together. Finally, some CRACs were identified as now unnecessary, as they were counteracting each other by recirculating hot air.
Instantly, the two forged steel blades slice through the bill, resulting in two separate halves.
The Energy Bill Scissors also work on medical bills, cable bills, department store bills – the list is virtually endless.

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