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Reuters' Karolin Schaps and Barbara Lewis write that much of the increase is related to the cost of complying with the continent's ambitious carbon emissions targets. For instance, German utilities just increasedA the surcharge levied on consumers to fund more renewables by 18%A to 6.24 euro-cents per kilowatt-hour. Infrastructure improvements are also set to come with a $1 trillion price tag through the end of the decade, Reuters says. Bloomberg's Stefan Nicola reports Angela Merkel plans to reduce renewable subsidies once she forms a coalition.
And some, like the Poles, argue the higher costs are working as planned, since emissions are coming down.A a€?Growth will return and the price will find its equilibrium again," the FT reported a Polish government memo as saying.
But as the chart below shows, Europe cannot be treated as a single entity, for there are massive differences between individual countries in what households pay for their power. Energy think tank Vaasaett says that although its prices are specific to capital cities, the rankings shown below would not change if the country as a whole was substituted for the city.Taking exchange rates out of the equation, Helsinki is the cheapest of the 23 European cities surveyed for electricity prices. Gas prices also vary a great deal, with households in Stockholm - the most expensive city - paying three times more than those in the cheapest, Luxembourg City. The figures for the proportion of people who are struggling to keep up with the energy bill payments are almost as startling. The UK is set to send a Royal Navy warship to the Mediterranean to help tackle arms smuggling in Libya, Prime Minister David Cameron announces.
28 May 2014 By Danny Leave a Comment Delivering two major benefits in just one convenient product, Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream from Safeguard Europe – the UK’s leading specialist in damp- and waterproofing, and masonry repair solutions – not only stops rain penetrating external walls; but also boosts their thermal efficiency. The two benefits are closely linked simply because dry walls have better insulating qualities than wet ones – dry bricks have twice the thermal resistance of wet.
Easily applied by either brush or roller, Stormdry cures colourlessly to the original finish of masonry in just 12 hours and just a single coat will protect the substrate for up to 30 years. Stormdry can even be applied to wet walls, which will continue to dry out because the cream works by lining the pores of brickwork and other masonry rather than blocking them. It can also be used to deal with the issues of damp that can arise with cavity wall insulation as its vapour permeability enables the wall to dry out while preventing the entry of more water that may impact adversely on the insulation’s performance.
The Stormdry cream also has significant advantages over insulation because it costs less to install, does not change the appearance of the building and can be applied quickly and simply with minimal disruption to the occupier.
Safeguard Europe also provides comprehensive technical support and advice from its highly qualified and experienced staff on Stormdry applications.

Plasterers News was set up to give you latest information regarding the plastering industry. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. Barack Obama is set to arrive in Hiroshima and become the first serving US president to visit the Japanese city since the 1945 nuclear bombing. If you are serious about saving energy then you need information to help you and tell you when and where you can start to make savings. If you have a Solar PV array and micro-generate electricity for your own use we have a monitor that can help you maximise the use of the free electricity you are generating.
The worlda€™s best selling energy monitor, the Elite instantly displays your energy consumptions and the cost.
The E2 will help you understand how much energy you consume in your household or business and therefore the cost. The genius of a Wattson Solar Plus is that it not only allows you to see how much power your renewable energy system is generating along with how much you are using, but also, and most importantly, how much FREE surplus electricity is available to use. Glows green when more electricity is generated than used, showing when to use your free electricity. Works with all solar, wind, hydroelectric 230 VAC, single and three phase generation systems. Our energy monitors can be DIY fitted with the aid of the installation manuals and videos. Please contact us though this website or by phone or e-mail to place an order or ask a question.
Households in Berlin - the most expensive - pay two-and-a-half times as much, largely due to taxes and subsidies designed to boost renewable energy production.
Stockholm is much more expensive than everywhere else simply because the gas market is so small - there are only 33,000 households buying gas in the whole of Sweden.London is the second cheapest city, where households pay well below the European average, despite recent price rises.
Many Lithuanians (34%), Cypriots (31%), Portuguese (27%) and Greeks (26%) in particular also struggle to keep their homes warm.At the other end of the scale, less than 2% of Scandinavians cannot afford to keep warm at home. Stormdry is more deeply penetrating than traditional liquid applied water repellents – up to 12mm in flettons – meaning that its crack-bridging capability is greater; and its life expectancy increased.
This enables water vapour to escape while preventing moisture, such as penetrating rain or excess surface water, ingress.

The masonry protection cream will also cut growths such as mould and moss and is also part of Safeguard Europe’s flood protection system.
We will be working very closely with lots of plaster manufacturers along with tool manufacturers just so that you the plasterer gets the latest and greats information available.
If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. Our energy monitors are a simple tool to help you reduce the energy use in your home or business leading to lower energy bills. You will be able to walk around your home or business switching on and off appliances to see the difference it makes to your energy consumption. See the models section and look for the Wattson Solar Plus and the section on our PV packages. It includes an innovative software package so you can track your energy usage on your computer, phone or tablet. If in doubt contact us or your local electrician who will be pleased to install it for you. It has an innovative energy memory function that allows you to see how much you have used today, yesterday and in previous weeks and months as well as a daily average. The display shows electricity being generated and used in your home in real time, in cost, watts or kg carbon. The equivalent figure for the UK is currently 9%, but this will fall - possibly by three or four percentage points - once energy suppliers pass on recently announced changes in green levies.
Wattson Solar Plus alerts you when you are generating more power than you are using by immediately glowing green. Being aware of excess generation allows you to maximise the returns on your PV system by understanding when to use your free electricity and how much is available.

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