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The things that fall by the wayside when it comes to growing a business are generally to do with product development, effective growth practices and looking at ways to save money. One of the biggest reasons for these textbook failures is the fact that a naive business person will have a very short sighted vision for their company. The idea of cash flow is a very hard one to grasp when it comes to a new business, for a start projections are fairly vague as the business has not been tested and secondly new business owners don’t tend to have the experience that allows for long term financial knowledge.
Built upon 30 years of experience, this fabulous new medium will feature inspiring and in-depth articles on eco-building projects from across the spectrum and from all over the UK, most of which are written by the very people that designed or built them. Residents living in Shiremoor, North Tyneside are set to save more than ?19,000 collectively on their energy bills and reduce their carbon emissions by over 100 tonnes in the next year, thanks to a package of ‘green’ refurbishments by Kier North Tyneside. The improvements, which will insulate the buildings and eliminate damp, are set to save every household approximately ?400 on their annual fuel bills in addition to reducing their carbon emissions by around 2.1 tonnes.
Commenting on the scheme, operations manager, Charles Rayner, said: “The refurbishments will make a real difference to the lives of residents currently living in Orlit homes. Orlit houses are pre-cast concrete frame structures connected with high alumina cement joints and externally clad with two inch reinforced concrete hollow blocks. Rayner added: “All work will be carried out with consideration to environmental requirements in the management of waste and recycling materials. Kier North Tyneside was awarded the contract to maintain 16,000 homes and more than 400 buildings, including 80 schools, on behalf of North Tyneside Council in September 2009. We are always trying to keep up with modern building methods and changes in construction technology. They are MCS accredited which means they can install and arrange the government funding for you. If you are interested in saving money on your energy bills please don’t hesitate to contact us or Joe at JMD. Please call us on 0844 701 6615 and a member of the Green Cloud Energy team will be happy to help you. A member of our team will contact you to further discuss the options available to you and to arrange a date to visit your property. Your Assessor will be looking at both the energy efficiency of your home and how you use energy. One extremely effective measure is installing cavity wall insulation – it could save you more than ?100 a year and is remarkably cheap to fit.
But did you know that cavity walls can account for around 35% of the heat lost from your home?* Installing cavity wall insulation is the solution.
If you live in a home that was built within the past 100 years or so, chances are you’ve got cavity walls. They’ll usually drill small holes of about 2-3cm into the outside walls and inject the insulation material via a flexible hose through them and into the cavity.

It’s a quick and clean process that will only take a few hours to complete and shouldn’t create any mess in your garden or outside spaces. Note that cavity wall insulation is not the same as standard wall insulation, which is when you insulate a solid wall, and that new homes built in the last 10 years will probably already have insulated cavity walls. What’s more, it offers a whopping annual CO2 saving of around 550kg, so it’s not only good for your pocket, it’s good for your conscience too.
There have been some problems with cavity wall insulation in the past as it’s claimed it helps cause damp problems in the home. Properly installed insulation using the correct materials will let the wall breathe and stop water coming in from the outside wall and you shouldn’t have any problems with damp.
Some homes aren’t suitable for cavity wall insulation either, particularly if they’re exposed to high winds.
Whatever the material used, it should be certified by the BBA and made to British standards.
The Energy Saving Trust Recommended scheme also rates the most eco-friendly and energy saving materials. It’s clear that if your home is suitable, cavity wall insulation is an essential part of your home insulation strategy.
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Read previous post:10 Solar Gadgets You Must Have for ChristmasNeed some gadgets for days out and summer holidays? The first, of course would be the service or product you would offer the market place, you probably already had this in mind before starting the company though. The reason for these problems is that between the paper work and initial worries of business practice as well as trying to get yourself known, there isn’t a lot of time for other areas especially if you only have a small team. If a business has not failed within its first year and is in fact thriving, the owner of that business tends to experience the excitement that comes with that initial success. Its seems strange that it is a natural part of the process now when people consider energy deals for their homes but overlook the comparison stage when it comes deciding on an energy provider for business.
Perfect for architects, builders, developers, self builders and anyone interested in keeping right up-to-date with green building trends and friends. The scheme to improve the energy efficiency of social housing involves large-scale refurbishments to almost 50 homes in the area with a view to rolling the project out across the remaining properties in North Tyneside.
The project includes cladding the buildings with traditional looking brick slips backed by three inch insulation board, installing new windows and doors, and replacing roofs where necessary. Not only are the environmental benefits of the scheme encouraging, but the refurbishments will translate into real financial savings for tenants.
The company's employees have already carried out improvement works on over 1,500 properties bringing them up to the government’s Decent Homes standard.

Loft insulation is a quick an easy way to save energy and so is draught proofing and secondary window insulation.
Cavity insulation plugs the gap between the walls, keeping the hot air in and the cold air out. There are several types of material that can be used, and you’ll need to get a professional in to do the job. Individual apartments within blocks of flats aren’t suitable for cavity wall insulation – the whole block will need to be done to be effective. First up – cavity wall insulation doesn’t cause damp, but it can make an existing problem worse if done badly.
For peace of mind, your best bet is to use an installer recommended by the British Board of Agrement (BBA), National Insulation Association or the Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency who’ll be able to get the job done properly. You can also call the Energy Saving Trust advice centre on 0800 512 012 on information on reputable installers, if your home is suitable and how to avoid dodgy insulation.
They should have water repellents that will stop moisture seeping through them and onto the interior wall. Combine it with loft and window insulation and you’ll be well on the way to making a low-carbon, energy saving home, that will save you money to live in. Then it’s all about the actual paper work, this can really bring you down as the bureaucracy of business start-up can be fairly daunting.
When comparing make sure you use a free service, there are some real quality ones out there. The work being carried out in Shiremoor, which is part of the Decent Homes programme to bring Orlit-type housing up to date, is due to be completed in August 2010. The idea is so that rain doesn’t soak through the outer wall into your home, but the downside is that it results in poor insulation. As you are concentrating on jumping through all the required hoops while attempting to build your brand and all the other things that keep you busy during the first stages of a new business, you may forget about some important money issues. This includes anything from bulk buy stationery deals for businesses including printer ink and printer paper to the costs of your employee refreshments.
Make It Cheaper for example, is a service that is free to all businesses and has advice to give on everything from gas and electric to telecoms. It is definitely advisable to be use a comparison company who are experts in the business field as opposed to a generic energy comparison sites.

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