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Available in unlimited colors, Rhino Shield’s highly specialized exterior wall coating system is designed to protect your home and preserve your investment.
Inside the RhinoShield coating are millions of ceramic particles (microspheres) that act as an insulator, reflecting over 90% of the suns energy away from your home. The Rhino Shield coating system consists of billions of ceramic microspheres in an acrylic urethane coating, protecting your home from the sun’s harmful rays and keeping internal temperatures stable. Sun and rain will never damage your home’s walls again and you can sell your home as a “maintenance free exterior”.
Our Approach is simple, Evaluate what needs to be fixed, and Execute a cost effective solution. It forms a protective shield on your home that can withstand even the harshest weather conditions and provides unsurpassed corrosion and mildew resistance.

The ceramics can do this because of their hollow vacuum core that stops all energy from passing through, even sound waves. Born of the space age when NASA sought ways to protect spacecraft from the elements, the incredibly resilient and attractive microspheres were quickly adapted for industrial applications such as Paintings and Coatings.
Rhino Shield-coated buildings look as good today as they did when they were first coated 40 years ago.
Taking the first step, and evaluating your home is the best way of knowing how much you are loosing.
It creates a “breathable” barrier on your home that can expand and contract.The result is a maintenance-free coating that will reduce energy costs, provide long lasting protection, add curb appeal and value to your home. Rhino Shield is an exciting alternative that looks freshly painted year after year and is proven to outlast traditional paint, color-coat stucco, and even the dreaded vinyl siding products.

It can be applied on wood, stucco, concrete blocks, brick and more, eliminating chipping, flaking, and peeling. This exterior coating, which is a class A fire retardant and water-resistant, will also soundproof and insulate your home.

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