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The human body is capable of doing amazing things, but sometimes it needs a little support. Along with the 3G Charger and Energy boost thingies, the Jamba Juice 3G Energizer contains raspberries, strawberries, lemonade, passionfruit-mango juice, lime sherbet, and orange sherbet. Anyhoo, I like wanted to totally like this, because the color was cute and it was kind of yummers, but OMG, there were like seeds like everywhere and I was like totally not having any fun. I was like trying to enjoy its strong lemonade-y taste, but like the seeds like totally got in the way. OMG, while I was drinking the Jamba Juice 3G Energizer, I felt like I was that Duracell Bunny that like keeps going and going.

I did not like the seeds either, but sometimes a girls gotta swallow things she does not exactly want to. I don’t usually go there, but today I found myself cutting across 3 lanes of traffic for a caffeine fix. Nestle and Jamba Juice blend expertise to launch a new line of healthy ready-to-drink bottled beverages under the Jamba brand name. Strawberries Wild Smoothie with energy boost (pictured) is one of six fruit-filling flavors that feature Jamba's signature line of healthy vitamin and mineral boosts. Whether you’re looking for extra vitamins or a blast of caffeine-free energy, just ask us to add it to your smoothie.

Can we like go hang out at the Galleria mall and like totally shop for some totally bitchin leg warmers and spandex and maybey a flashy new banana hammock for you? But I didn’t need it as I was, like, wired to the MAX from the 5 shots of iced espresso I had instead!

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