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Le premier triathlon arrive a grand pas et les temperatures assez legeres des dernieres semaines commencent a m'inquieter serieusement. Un ouvrage de reference, vous trouverez reponse a toutes vos questions : planification, trail, recuperation mais aussi materiel. Nous vous en parlions il y a quelques jours avec une campagne de teasing organisee par adidas sur le theme boost.
La principale nouveaute de ce modele reside dans cette matiere qui compose la semelle intermediaire. Maintenant on attend de voir les athletes courir avec pour voir le gain de cette technologie sur le chrono et surtout la suite du programme. Last year adidas added to their always growing range of proprietary technologies with the adidas BOOST platform, one that provided a lightweight and fast moving foam platform for a whole new series of runners. In late February this month, adi­das will launch the Energy Boost 2 as an update to the highly pop­u­lar Energy Boost intro­duced in 2013.

Bell & Ross pay tribute to both aeronautics and motorcycles with two new B-Rocket timepieces. The Energy boost con­cept has been 5 years in devel­op­ment and test­ing before being brought to the mar­ket and is specif­i­cally designed for the run­ner within the 7-12 minute-per-mile pace.
They’re following up this year with the imminent release of the adidas Energy BOOST 2, which will hit retailers on February 26th, 2014 for $160. Complete with the full Boost mid­sole and Techfit upper, fans of the orig­i­nal Energy Boost are sure to enjoy the lat­est install­ment. To those who felt as though the upper was a touch too snug, this fea­ture has allowed for more breath­ing room atop the mid­foot and fore­foot. Comme vous l’aviez sans doute compris dans le teasing, la semelle intermediaire en EVA est remplacee par une semelle en matiere boost. The shoe features a translucent piece on the heel and the requisite BOOST tech running the full length of the shoe.

All other facets of the shoe have remained the same, includ­ing the full Boost mid­sole and Techfit upper. It ener­gizes your run­ning stride for more effi­ciency inde­pen­dent from the tem­per­a­ture and ensures max­i­mum comfort. On peut imaginer a terme que la plupart des modeles de la marque utiliseront cette nouvelle matiere. Continue reading for the official product imagery and tell us if you’re looking forward to this new runner from the Three Stripes.

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