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With Christmas shopping in full swing and long days of holiday traveling ahead, both moms and kids are going to need a little extra boost of energy. A common misconception is that snacks are unhealthy, when in reality, they are essential to adequate nutrition and maintaining a healthy weight for moms and kids alike.
4) Pair any kind of fruit with string cheese or a mini Babybel cheese but make sure to keep the cheese in an insulated lunch bag. Beginning in 1927, Back Bay’s premiere four-star hotel just steps from the Public Garden has earned a reputation for luxurious accommodations and unparalleled service. If you’re like most Boston singles, you probably agree there are plenty of proverbial fish in the sea.
Patrick Ahearn is known for his stunning architectural restorations and reinventions of Edgartown’s palatial waterfront compounds. Like many ancient cultures, the Egyptians and Greeks created structures like the pyramids and Parthenon to pay homage to great deities and rulers. Leisurely Sunday drives can lead to beautiful site-seeing amongst quintessential New England backdrops.
Stroll along the Greenway to Boston’s only architecture and design gallery for some creative play time with upcoming Family Design Days!
House of Blues is known for showcasing up-and-coming (and already-there) singers and bands at their legendary clubs around the country.
It’s amazing how cacti prosper in arid terrain, suppressed by intense heat for whole seasons. Metaphorically speaking, your hectic work life can lead to your office feeling like the center of your world. With its thriving wharf it’s no surprise that Plymouth restaurants provide plenty of fresh seafood, but what may surprise you is the community’s dedication to eating local.
In this snack, the nuts provide the protein that will give you staying power, in addition to healthy fats. From a nutrition standpoint, granola and yogurt are a perfect mix - the granola provides a hint of sweetness and fibre; the yogurt provides protein to give you long-lasting energy, plus other important nutrients like calcium.
Tip: A serving of cheese 50 grams or 1? ounces is about the size of two fingers (index and middle finger). Instead of the afternoon coffee or a chocolate bar to satisfy that craving for something sweet, try a glass of chocolate milk or a glass of half milk-half chocolate milk!
Studies show a diet high in calcium or milk products as part of a balanced diet along with physical activity can help with weight loss.
By submitting a comment, you accept that CBC has the right to reproduce and publish that comment in whole or in part, in any manner CBC chooses. Chef Rocco DiSpirito makes a guilt-free lasagne, and we show you the best energy-boosting snacks.
Decor ideas for teen spaces, Chef Mezzolo shares pizza-making tips, Chris' Angels test 'fresh' beauty products, celebrity fitness secrets. These popcorn balls are made with agave nectar and peanut butter and are spiked with chocolate-covered pretzels and dried cherries for a special treat.
Dark chocolate for a boost Working in tech can be stressful and have serious health consequences. Walnuts to cut down on distracting cravings Nuts in general are great snacks, but the walnut in particular is a great source for Omega-3 fatty acids.According to scientists at the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania, eating 6 to 7 walnuts a day can help scavenge almost every disease-causing free radical from your body.

Fried grasshoppers instead of potato chips If you need to persuade your office manager to stock up on bugs, point out it's what people in at least 113 countries munch on.
Grapefruit to keep you hydrated and energetic Not only does grapefruit have a good dose of Vitamin C, it's also 91% water. Tofu for that stress headache Besides being a great, low-calorie source of protein, the isoflavones found in soy can prevent migraines, reduce PMS symptoms, and regulate blood sugar.
Kimchi for stress-induced ulcers First, kimchi goes with, in, or on almost anything. Seaweed to keep you alert While it does have vitamins A and C, the most important nutrient seaweed contains is iodine. Avocado for a natural detox Avocado is one of the only foods that contains a healthy amount of the fats that are good for you. But with experts on the fence about coffee and more calorie-heavy meals on the horizon, what can you and your kids enjoy that’s easy, healthy, and gives everyone the boost they need? Natural peanut butter, or nut-free Sunbutter, and jelly sandwiches are quick to prepare and stay fresh for some time. Combine various types of nuts, like peanuts, walnuts, and cashews, with a smaller amount of dried fruit and throw it all in a bag. You can make it even more exciting—if you’re not planning to be in a moving car while your child eats it—by making snack kabobs. Pair a lean turkey or chicken breast with one-fourth of an avocado and place it all on a slice of whole wheat or oat bread.
They’re easy to snack on during a long car ride and the serving size allows for portion control. Greek yogurt is packed with protein for energy and healthy bacteria for the gut, and it pairs nicely with fresh, portable fruit.
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She believes that enthusiasm, vitality, and peace of mind are just as important as nutrition to overall health and well-being.
Dietition Sue Mah has some great DIY snacks ideas that not only do the body good, but give you the energy boost you need!
One of the reasons I love this snack is because it's portable and non-perishable - it's great for the office, in the car, or on the go, and you don't need to refrigerate it.
Add some diced fruit or fresh berries on top for more fibre and disease-fighting antioxidants. With cheese and milk products you're getting calcium, protein and lots of other important nutrients that help build bones.
Adults grow out of the habit of drinking milk, mostly by replacing it with other beverages. In a bowl, toss chickpeas with olive oil, and season to taste with salt, garlic powder, and cayenne pepper, if using.
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That includes China, which is where everybody who's anybody is sourcing their hardware these days.Protein, which helps the brain develop and keeps it running, is something grasshoppers have lots of -- and these bugs also are lower in cholesterol than pork or beef. It's great for your heart and vision and is a natural detoxification food.Basically, you now have an excuse to hog all the guacamole at lunch.
We asked Skylar Griggs, a registered dietitian at Boston Children’s Hospital for tips and recipes for moms and kids. You want snacks you can grab as you run out the door, like easy sandwiches or homemade trail mix, and something that will stay fresh while traveling, like fruit in a small cooler. Another misconception is that 100 calorie packs are good for you simply because they only have 100 calories. For kids, that can have seeds but not nuts, you can use pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds instead. It would be nice to see all parents encouraged to be active in their children’s health.
Arja teaches her clients to regain control of their own health by showing them how simple whole foods, herbs and supplements can bring the body and mind back into balance. I keep a small container in my purse all the time in case I need a snack when I'm out shopping or driving home in rush hour. Please note that comments are moderated and published according to our submission guidelines.
This energy-boosting fruit is brimming with vitamin C, and eating just one medium papaya fulfills 224% of your daily needs.
This ancient health drink improves metabolism, concentration, eyesight, reduces depression, stress, fatigue, and reduces risks for cancer, heart disease, diabetes -- the list goes on and on.Plus, it can be a great way to get caffeine without feeling jittery. Many 100 calorie snack packs lack adequate fiber, and leave you feeling hungry soon after eating them. Or try a new spin by using almond or cashew butter with a banana and a squirt of natural honey on whole wheat bread. Here are some snacks guaranteed to awaken and energize your overworked, inner code monkey.You can have chocolate daily, but it had better be the type that actually improves your health.
Plus, you'll look gorgeous while snacking, since this superfruit promotes healthy hair and complexion. A great source of vitamins A, C, and folic acid as well as chock full of antioxidants, tomatoes have been proven to lower blood pressure and help stave off depression.
When looking for packaged snacks, try choosing items with more fiber than sugar, and at least 5 grams of protein. Apples are full of vitamin C, and can help deliver that boost of energy, while the nuts stabilize blood sugar. Filled with antioxidants, dark chocolate releases lots of feel-good endorphins, the same kind you get when you're falling in love -- which is very convenient when you're feeling frustrated with those adorable idealists over on the design team.
The fiber and protein will keep your child satisfied and less sugar means less empty calories.

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