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Echinacea:Echinacea is available as tables, capsule and as a tincture, which may also includes other herbs and is often he pick of bunch. Grapefruit Seed Extracts:It is an effective antibiotic, antiviral and antifungal agent, particularly merciless on stomach bugs, diarrhea ear infection and throat infections. Elderberry Extract: It helps to prevent viruses from multiplying and has been shown to improve the symptoms of flu with in 48 hours and bring about complete recovery with in three days. Goldenseal is use to kill the microorganism that cause disease and to sooth the lining of the respiratory, digestive and urinary tracts. Cranberry: It has been shown in several clinical studies to be effective against urinary tract infections. Boosting Per Capita Prosperity And Energy Consumption Is The Only Way To Care For Our PlanetBy P Gosselin on 3.
An honest look at the data allows us to conclude only one thing: The path to protecting the planet is paved with energy and human prosperity. There have been many suggestions here on this blog, and elsewhere, that the aim of the CAGW hoax is population control. It is obvious that the poor people of the world produce more babies; witness Africa with a birth rate much higher than the rest of the world but a very low GDP. On the other hand, countries with well developed economies have low birth rates but high carbon footprints.
It is clear from Figure 1 that to have a well developed economy with a high GDP, energy consumption must also be high. There is a third leg to our stool: the relationship between fertility rate and electrical power.
For those that are screaming “what about carbon footprint!”, the market will very soon take care of that non-problem. Due to the fact that carbon dioxide is a vital plant food, as well as a minor greenhouse gas, sometime in the not too distant future we will be developing schemes to keep the atmospheric CO2 level above 400 ppm or higher.
Of course, in addition to energy, a big factor in reaching global prosperity are that we ensure education and liberty. This does not include uranium or thorium derived from seawater, nor deuterium or other fusion-related stuff.

He also concluded the root cause of booms and busts was due to fractional reserve banking making it possible to grow the economy faster than energy growth would support. Superfoods come in many shapes and varieties, and some of these foods are probably in your kitchen right now! Use it for colds, flu sore throat, bronchitis, sinusitis and viral infections of all kinds. The herbs contain numerous active ingredients which have been shown to enhance immune system function and reduce the risk of type of infection.
It is Available as a liquid to drunk, gargled or used in the ear or any other site of infection. The herb is believed to be one of the best anti infective agents against harmful bacteria, fungi, yeast and parasites and is a favorite among herbalists for sore throats, cough, cold, bacterial infections and diarrhea. An ingredient in cranberries makes it difficult for bacteria to stick to the lining of the bladder and urethra. The Africans would seem to be the model for what the Greens want the world to be: a low carbon footprint. If we are to reach a stable population, one that can be sustained far into the future, a world-wide well developed economy will be required. Producing food, goods, keeping people warm or cool, assuring hygiene, and providing transportation for people, food, and products, require energy.
First, here’s a chart of electricity consumed versus GDP (Gross Domestic Product) per person for 202 countries.
It should be clear by now that there is an optimum electrical power and GDP necessary to result in a sustainable, stable population.
This fundamental should be obvious to all, but apparently has not penetrated the consciousness of Greens, Progressives, and warmist zealots.
If less electricity is generated, the cost of electricity will go up (due to the economic law of supply and demand), less will be used, and GDP will go down.
This is not a lot on a civil engineering scale; about twenty soccer fields, excavated to a depth of one meter. Central England Warming Of 1692 – 1737 Twice As Fast As Late 20th Century Warming!P Gosselin on Unprecedented?

Even small shortages of micronutrients, vitamins and minerals needed in tiny quantities – can deplete energy and cause constant low level tiredness. Echinacea appears to attacks viruses while at the same time encouraging the immune system to fend them off naturally. But with their high birth rate and low production, most of Africa teeters on the brink of famine.
Those numbers would appear to be about 3,000 KW hours and a GDP of about $30,000 annually per person. It appears that about 10% more electrical energy, with the accompanying improvement in GDP, primarily in Africa and some parts of Asia, would go a long way toward improving the quality of life and stabilizing population in those areas. Man builds cities to concentrate people, jobs, markets, and energy use into more efficient areas. The converse is, of course, more desirable: more power and reducing the cost, will result in a higher GDP. This will speed up the necessary changes if there is sufficient energy to support the increasing population.
Unable to afford energy and sanitation, many burn forests and dump their waste untreated into the environment. The ten highest electrical power users per person are: Iceland, Norway, Kuwait, Canada, Finland, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, Luxembourg, United States, and Australia. Energy allows more efficient production, including food, technology, housing, and transportation. Barring governmental stupidity, nuclear power will be an increasing percentage of energy production.
Add four drops to a bowl for steaming water cover your head with a towel and inhale deeply to alleviate colds, flu, and sinus and chest infections. Use a daily foot bath with four drops of pure tea tree essential lubricate for athlete’s foot.

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