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Included in the new line of energy coloring book products are subjects on energy saving tips, alternative fuels, traditional fossil energy topics and the impact of America having a real energy plan. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. DO NOT RETURN TO THE BUILDING OR AREA until your propane retailer, emergency responder, or qualified service technician determines that it is safe to do so. Since there is a possibility of odor loss, or problems with your sense of smell, you should respond immediately to even a faint odor of gas. If you or a family member shows physical symptoms of CO poisoning, get everyone out of the building and call 911 or your local fire department. If it is safe to do so, open windows to allow entry of fresh air, and turn off any appliances you suspect may be releasing CO.
If no one has symptoms, but you suspect that CO is present, call your propane retailer or a qualified service technician to check CO levels and your propane equipment. Have a qualified service technician check your propane appliances and related venting systems annually, preferably before the heating season begins.
IF A PILOT LIGHT REPEATEDLY GOES OUT or is very difficult to light, there may be a safety problem.
YOU ARE TAKING THE RISK of starting a fire or an explosion if you light a pilot light yourself.
If an appliance valve or a gas line is left open, a leak could occur when the system is recharged with propane.
Propane (also called LPG-liquefied petroleum gas-or LP gas) is a liquid fuel stored under pressure.
Designed for libraries, educators, teachers, the promotional products and advertising specialty markets, the business and consumer friendly books provide important and relevant energy information that children and adults will understand and appreciate.
Partial proceeds from the sale of this book will be contributed to educational resources including a scholarship fund for higher learning within the energy industry.

Share this information with your family to help keep everyone safe and to reduce the risk of serious and potentially fatal injury, fire, or explosion. From a neighbor's home or other nearby building away from the gas leak, call your propane retailer right away.
Before you attempt to use any of your propane appliances, your propane retailer or a qualified service technician must check your entire system to ensure that it is leak-free. Carefully follow all of the manufacturer's instructions and warnings concerning the appliance before attempting to light the pilot. Only a qualified service technician has the training to install, inspect, service, maintain, and repair your appliances. Also, clear the area around your appliances so plenty of air can reach the burner for proper combustion. Doing so creates the risk of a gas leak that can result in property damage, serious injury, or death. The pilot light on your propane appliance can ignite vapors from gasoline, paint thinners, and other flammable liquids. If you cannot operate any part of your propane system, or if you think an appliance or other device is not working properly, call your propane retailer or a qualified service technician for assistance. In many states, a propane retailer or a qualified service technician must perform a leak check of your propane system before turning on the gas.
High levels of CO can come from appliances that are not operating correctly, or from a venting system or chimney that becomes blocked.
Meet the Energy Gang as they explain facts on Fracking, Energy Independence, Conservation Tips, Renewable, Fossil, Nuclear sources and America's Energy Future!
The imprintable-promotional line of books can be purchased for as little as $0.37 cents each.
A multi-national company providing children's coloring books for over two decades to the retail, educational and fundraising communities.

It is strongly recommended that only a QUALIFIED SERVICE TECHNICIAN light any pilot light that has gone out. Have your appliances and propane system inspected just before the start of each heating season.
If you have an appliance that is more than 20 years old, have a qualified service technician inspect the connector.
Be sure to store and use flammable liquids outdoors or in an area of the building containing no propane appliances. Propane is flammable when mixed with air (oxygen) and can be ignited by many sources, including open flames, smoking materials, electrical sparks, and static electricity. Collaborating with the business community and keeping the end consumers in mind is a big part of their success. Do not do this yourself, as movement of the appliance might damage the connector and cause a leak.
Severe freeze burn or frostbite can result if propane liquid comes in contact with your skin. Known for their market leading positions, RBCB’s family of products are classic, colorful, unique and designed for children and adults. Wayne Bell founder of the company says customer satisfaction and quality products are key elements to serving the needs of the coloring book community.

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