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Less expensive to build than currently available renewable energy technologies on the market. Provides greater diversity through multiple product channels: electricity, fuel and chemicals.
The XRefinery™ technology platform is able to produce electricity at one of the lowest known costs in the energy sector today.
Three technologies shown on the chart, Nuclear, Ocean Wave, and Offshore Wind, are shown in 2018 costs, given they are not projected to be commercially viable and deployed until that time.
The cost of generating electricity is not the only factor in the selection of a source of energy, but it is certainly a major one. With the rise in world temperatures, concern has increased regarding global warming from greenhouse gas emissions.

The studies are all generally in agreement that the long term costs of nuclear energy are competitive with (or better than) other conventional energy generation (coal, gas, hydro), although there is some variance. Find out why the world continues to explore the environmental, economic and medical benefits of nuclear technology. The impact on rising fuel and electricity prices in the last few years is easily visible in Canada, particularly in the winter time when heating costs are even more significant.
The cost has prompted many individuals to seek more cost efficient solutions and has caused others to conserve. Many of these cleaner renewable are much more expensive, although relative costs are decreasing with increased technology.
The International Energy Agency (IEA) believes that there will be a significant reduction in the cost for solar energy over the long term but that it is not competitive at present except in specialty situations.

To ensure security of electricity supply at affordable prices, Canada will depend on a mix of electricity sources including hydro, nuclear and fossil fuels. The nuclear industry is the only one which includes costs of dealing with their waste products as part of the total cost. The Energy Commission report, and the data set for all technologies above compared to XFuels, uses a consistent set of assumptions to be able to compare the merits of each. The levelized-cost approach is highly valuable for assessing the financial feasibilities and attributes of each technology on as level of a playing field as is currently possible.

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