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The productions of solar photovoltaic cells are similar to semiconductors and enjoy cost reduction as production increases. Our analysis attempts to develop a what-if scenario for the solar energy market by comparing energy costs for different experience curves and market growth rates. The bottom line is that as solar energy reaches parity with hydrocarbon fuels, energy security is achieved for all countries.
Shading is the easiest and most cost-effective way to lower air conditioning costs and provide some relief from the scorching Columbus sun. While saving energy is important, conserving water is just as important especially during the dry summer months in Ohio.
Focusing on these four energy saving landscape ideas can cut your heating and cooling costs, and save energy. When the cold winter months arrive, quality venetian or roller blinds are an excellent defense against the frosty air and dampness outside.  Again, they act as a buffer to block cold from coming into the home (if blinds are closed) while retaining the warmth of the home. Lastly your venetian blinds are a flexible window covering allowing you to tailor the amount of light you wish to enter the room. On a brightly lit day, the fully opened venetian blind allows for light penetration saving you on lighting costs as well. When planning your window coverings, consider the added benefits of installing quality venetian or roller blinds into your home. Not only will they update your space in fashionable fabrics and coordinating blind colours but new window coverings will moderate heat and cold, and help you make the most of natural light to keep your energy costs well under control. Calls cost 5p per minute from a BT landline, other serviceproviders and mobile operators may vary. Don’t obstruct radiators with furniture or desks as this reduces the amount of heat they let out therefore it takes longer for the room to heat up. Limit the use of portable electric heaters as these are really expensive to run, only use them in emergencies.
Make sure you service your boiler regularly as a poorly maintained boiler can increase heating costs by 30% or more. Try reducing the brightness of lights in the office or in places that are not used as often such as corridors.

Switch off all electrical equipment including computers, printers and coffee machines at nights and weekends. Make sure to turn off computer monitors when they are not in use for instance when you are away at lunch or in a meeting.
Is the person who normally drinks coffee in the office on holiday? Switching off the machine reduces electricity costs. Our what-if scenario provides a framework to measure the number of years it will take before solar energy cost are at parity to oil and electric. In the most optimistic scenario of market growth of 60% and experience curve of 30%, suggest that it would take until 2014 or seven years before solar energy is equal to the price of electric. Columbus can accommodate many varieties of sun and shade plants, and even tropical species because of the summer heat we experience. The key to proper shading is to know the exact details of the size, shape and location of the casted shadow from the landscape.
For example, Oak trees with a low crown and full foliage are great for shading from afternoon sun angles that are lower as the day progresses.
When planted close enough together, and even on their own, their thick canopies provide a wind barrier.
Homeowners typically evaluate appliances, insulation and entranceways to determine where heat or cold air may enter. While many different materials do an excellent job of moderating windows from the elements, natural wood venetian blinds are a popular choice given the inherent qualities of natural fibers to insulate.
Also if the heating is switched on make sure all windows and doors are closed to keep in the warmth. Also remember to turn off the heating when the office is vacant a perfect example of this being Christmas break.
Our assumptions are solar energy market growth rates of 40%-to-60% and experience curve of 10%-to-30%.

While the sun is good for crops and gardens, there is one thing it definitely impacts- home energy costs. For example, a tall oak or maple tree placed behind a home facing west would cast a shadow into back windows and the roof throughout the morning while the sun is rising. Climbing vines and bushes that use a trellis for stabilization and growth are great options to shade a patio. These are ideal during cold winter months because they can block the wind chill from entering through your windows, and in the summer they provide sun relief. Aeration allows water to penetrate the roots through improved water flow, which has a greater effect on the grass than running the sprinkler constantly. You will not have to use as much water, and it will feed the plant for a longer amount of time.
Temperature controls or air conditioning are usually evaluated during an energy audit to determine their efficiency. But did you know that well sealed and new windows can still cost you hundreds of dollars a year or more in energy expenses?
Many people overlook functional landscape when planning a garden, as well as the effects it can have on home energy bills. They don’t cover as much square area as a tall tree, but they provide direct protection in a designated place ideal for porches or outdoor entertaining spaces. Another good thing about a windbreak is that the dead air space within the trees provides additional insulation during summer and winter. From small shrubs to tall maple trees, here are four ways landscape can reduce your energy costs this summer. Evergreen shrubs that are planted on the north and northwest side of the home will provide a barrier from wind in summer and winter, which can save on heating and cooling costs.

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