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Energy saving gifts really are the gifts that keep on giving—because they continue to pay off long after the wrapping has come off. Something Solar – There are a number of solar powered accessories, ranging from exterior lights and backpacks to cell phone and battery chargers, even toys for the kids.
Keep it Clean – Hardware may seem a little practical, but since low-flow showerheads and faucet aerators can cut water consumption by 50%—saving both water and energy—your common sense will be appreciated. Feather Your Nest – Nest is a programmable thermostat you don’t have to program—you simply adjust it and it learns how you want to manage your heating and cooling.
Cook Up Some Savings – If the chef in your family doesn’t already have one, a pressure cooker is a great gift. For Fido or Fluffy – Energy efficient pet doors form an airtight seal to keep outside air from getting in while allowing your pet complete freedom to come and go. Remember, when you give energy efficient gifts, your loved ones will receive all year long. Past customers who attended a Save with SRP event have won an energy-efficient gift pack, valued at up to $200.
Congratulations to the following customers who won the monthly energy-efficient gift pack drawing. Year round Bill Spiedel Enterprises’ Underground Tour guides countless tourists through precarious tunnels.
Business Manager Patrick Witt was approached by an independent lighting contractor, Mark Stanton of Lyt-Fx, who presented modern energy-efficient LED options to help achieve a more uniform lighting plan that would also help lower operating costs. Once implemented, the lighting improvements not only exceeded Witt’s expectations, Seattle City Light substantial rebates lowered the cost of the project significantly.
City Light produces case studies, press releases and social media coverage of these success stories. Beneath the eclectic modern shops and restaurants in the heart of historic Pioneer Square lie tunnels and streets of an earlier time of Seattle history.

The tunnels were lit by a mixture of incandescent lamps, which unfortunately didn’t fully highlight the minute details of the unique trip back in time. In addition to the inadequate tunnel lighting, the business offices and gift shop lighting was especially poor, not very energy efficient, and contributed undesirable heat to the room environment. Whether your techie enjoys computers, outdoor tools or streaming music, one thing’s for sure. We’ve rounded up our favorite energy-efficient tech gifts that will not only put a smile on your techie’s face, but also help them reduce their energy consumption.
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Simply plug into any wall socket and set the “power off” timer to 30 minutes, 3 hours or 6 hours.
This device is also great for nightlights, hallway lights and anything else that would work well with a timer.
When they find out that one full charge allows up to three months of non-stop typing time, they’ll be floored just like this techie was.
BeanIt’s always nice to have a flashlight in your home, but batteries often corrode over time, leaving you in the dark. These flashlights can be powered either by manually cranking the light or by letting its solar panels soak up some sun. One minute of cranking generates about one hour of light, and a solar charge can power the light for 15 hours. The little guy comes in a variety of colors and helps keep all your plugs in one central location, making it easy to unplug all devices at once. Energy-Efficient Power Tool Batteries Price variesIf you know a handyman with a passion for tools, consider upgrading their power supply to Energy Star-certified batteries and battery chargers. These power options use up to 30 percent less energy than traditional chargers and can improve the lifespan of the power tool.

If you’d rather trade out their old digs for an entirely new power tool, look for products with lithium ion batteries — they use less energy and hold charges longer.
External hard drives give your computer junkies the ability to save their projects on a separate hard drive in case something happens to their computer. The design is simple, highly portable and a perfect mesh of outdoor beauty and modern beauty. K3 Solar and Wind Charger About $22 at WalmartThis little tower is about 12 inches tall and charges your devices using solar power or wind energy.
Its compact size makes it perfect for traveling, camping or tailgating with your tech geek. They’ll love that they can charge their devices without a power outlet and without increasing their carbon footprint. The tower is available in two different colors and comes with different charger tips to fit various devices. Not only does it consider your energy usage history and adjust the temperature when you leave the house, but it also allows you to do so from your phone or computer. Its self-adjusting technology can lower your energy bill by up to 20 percent annually, making it the gift that keeps on giving!Ruby Camarillo is a graduate of the University of Texas at San Antonio with an interest in social media and public relations.
Currently, Camarillo interns at Marketwave, a Dallas-based integrated marketing agency that has worked with Oncor for more than a decade.

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