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Energy efficient home design not only good for your health but also help reduce unnecessary energy consumption.
Heating and cooling systems consumed much energy from your home, that is why, in creating energy efficient home design, you must use the heating and cooling systems only when it is necessary. Another way that you can take in creating energy efficient home design is by using Energy Star product when you build or redesign your home with upgrading appliances. Last but not least in creating energy efficient home design is when you planning your new home which have concept of energy efficient design, makes sure that your home is efficient by planning and create construction phases ofA  home using incorporating energy efficiency. This simple installation to your windows can and will save you loads of money on your energy bill!
Buying an energy-efficient refrigerator like this one can save you loads of money on your electricity!
Adams Homes’ properties are always equipped with the latest window technology with high performance glass to make sure energy efficiency is maximized. We use lights in every room each day, and during the winter months we spend even more time with our lights on. If you’re like most people, you have various electronics strung about your home, and the amount of energy they slowly drain when not in use can really add up. When it comes to insulation efficiency, it’s all about slowing the rate that heat flows out of the house in winter or into the house in summer, so less energy is required to heat or cool the house.
You can find endless cosmetic and functional opportunities in your home to use sustainable, recycled, and overall more eco-friendly materials. Energy-efficient technology is always being improved, which is why Adams Homes is always updating our properties with the latest energy saving appliances. By implementing these changes you’ll cover all the bases in how your home uses energy. Founded in 1991, Adams Homes is known as the premier home builder and is one of the largest privately-held home building companies in the southeast.
While you’re at our website, explore our mortgage calculator and obtain financing information. Living a green lifestyle takes a conscious effort on everyone’s part to make a difference, especially when it comes to home technology. The Vermont project designed and planned by simpleHome is a perfect example of a win-win synergy of home technology and energy savings. Moreover the greenhouse gas emission and also demands for nonrenewable resources can be created through an energy efficient home design. To create an energy efficient home design, the house should be well insulated and sealed against air leaks.
Moreover, insulating your ducts can increase your house efficiency and lower your utility bills. The Energy Star rating products are created to help consumers determine the most energy efficient products and practices. Passive solar design, which uses the sun for light and heat without mechanical devices, can significantly cut your need for additional light and heat sources.
You can take any standard house and drastically increase its energy efficiency with some smart changes in the right places.
However, it’s important to be aware that old, leaky, or inefficient windows can be a great source of energy loss within the home.
If you haven’t looked into replacing your lightbulbs, then consider that CFLs can save three-quarters of the electricity used by incandescent bulbs. By taking some extra steps to better manage your electronics energy consumption, you can make your home much more efficient. Start by checking your pipes and faucets for any leaks that might put a drain on your energy savings, then take steps to insulate your pipes, at least the first several feet of them.

Using blown-in insulation can greatly improve the comfort of your home and save enough energy to be very cost-effective. This can take form in the type of flooring, countertops, furniture, and paint used as well as other design elements. However, if you have a washer, dryer or refrigerator from bygone days, replacing these appliances is an instant way of improving efficiency. Reference this guide next time you plan on doing some remodeling or redecorating, there’s room for making energy-efficient choices in nearly every aspect of home design. In fact, control systems and advance electronics can be used to help utilize resources efficiently by monitoring and reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint. With their expertise, the homeowners were able to achieve the best of both worlds: a beautiful lakeside vacation retreat and a super high-efficiency home.
Sealing and adding extra insulation to the outer walls and attic can be the most cost-effective way to improve energy efficiency to avoid hidden cracks in the attics. The Energy Star products are including water heaters, heating and cooling systems, fans, lights and building materials.
Here is a go-to guide on all the adjustments you can make to create an eco-friendlier home without starting from scratch.
Well insulated, high performance windows will reduce your need for turning on the AC or heater. Think of it in the terms that the electricity to run a lightbulb costs much more than the bulb itself. To conserve energy, try plugging electronics into a power strip, then turn the strip off when not in use. You should also turn down the temperature of your water heater to the warm setting (120°F) as well as insulate your hot water lines to help them maintain their temperature between uses. It may not pay off to add additional insulation to already insulated walls, but check places that may not have any, such as your attic or basement ceiling – those will be well worth the money spent. Incorporate reused or antique pieces for things like light fixtures, shelves, or sliding barn door hardware. It is called with the energy efficient contemporary home which is such a lovely, modern and luxurious living place. Ideally, perhaps, you might like to move to a larger home but the economy has you worried and you want to spend your money wisely.
If our home has good ventilation, normal temperature and etc that support our health, we will also able to keep our health. Rather than completely installing new windows, you can boost their efficiency by sealing up cracks and gaps, adding new weatherstripping or replacing single-glazed windows. One of the new CFLs bulbs will be pricier by costing two or three dollars, but you can expect them to last 10,000 hours while using only 27 watts to generate as much light as a 100-watt incandescent bulb.
Pay attention to any electronics that go into “standby” mode, which also use energy when not in use. With 5,981 square foot, the house which was built in 2005 back then is being offered for $2.2 million. So instead, you’ve decided to renovate your home not only to perk it up but to better accommodate your current needs and lifestyle.
It should also be noted that many chargers continue to use power even when their device isn’t plugged in, so keep them unplugged when not charging. In addition to these tips, you can check for energy star ratings when purchasing larger electronics, like TVs. And when we get inside and see the interior, then everything will be even more perfect.The house has timeless modern design which can be seen from each inch of the part of the house. The designer clearly stated that this house is all about modernity with luxurious look here and there all over the house.

Think about other materials like reclaimed wood which is not only an environmentally sound choice, but sublimely handsome and growing in popularity in all sorts of home renovation projects.
The heavy use of glasses wall strengthens the modern look since glasses material is one of the best media to reflect modernity in any house.
One thing that is interesting about this house is that the designer chose to go with vibrant and colorful colors instead of staying with neutral ones.
We all know that modern style is often about neutral color shade and all like white, gray, and even black.But this house is different, we can find one part of the walls painted in dark purple which makes it standing out and also at the living area we can find bright orange sofa which is combined with white wall and wooden look here and there. In the end, you will save time, money and energy that would be required to produce a similar and newer product.Collect this idea2. I myself think it is a little bit too festive but fortunately the designer was able to combine the colors pretty well so that it comes out into something unique and fresh for our eyes. The stuffs that are inside this house are the latest one and they make the house look luxurious and expensive to be honest.
Another great option for your chandelier, as well as other items like appliances and cabinets, is Habitat for Humanity. Not only do they welcome all unwanted materials, but they sell all donations and 100% of the proceeds from these materials are used to build new homes for the underprivileged. With this in mind, not only are you being environmentally friendly, but you are truly giving back to the community.Collect this idea4. Think energy-efficientWhen you are shopping around for new appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers and ovens look for those that are the most energy efficient. These products have the Energy Star logo right on them and will give you all the information you need. Many of these large appliances, especially the upscale refrigerators, generate a lot of electricity.
For many people these high-end appliances are not only cost prohibitive initially, but they will end up costing a great deal more to run as well.Collect this idea 5. Consider buying pre-owned materialsHabitat for Humanity is one such retailer, but there are many across the country, some even specialize in high-end products.
If, in the end, that SubZero fridge is an absolute must have, you could save thousands of dollars buying one that has been used for a couple of years. Cabinets may be the largest expense of a kitchen renovation, these salvage shops often have high quality cabinets in fabulous condition.
Re-face instead of replaceAs I just mentioned, the greatest expense of any kitchen remodel may very well be your cabinets. New doors and drawers can give seemingly tired cabinets a whole new life! Collect this idea7.
Benjamin Moore, for example, a leader in paint technology and innovation since 1883, offers their Natura No-Voc Paint.
Your home will stay warmer in the wintertime, allowing you to keep your thermostat at a lower setting, and cooler during those hot summer months.Collect this idea9.
Let the sun shine in!Many people are starting to consider solar energy when remodeling their homes. They can be used to heat, or help heat a home, and often give enough power for small items like fountains to run.Collect this idea10. Visit salvage yards and antique shopsAntique shops and consignment shops are great places to visit for items such as doorknobs,  light fixtures and even mantels.
Not only does this help your bottom line, but these repurposed items will add a charm and warmth to your home that simply cannot be replicated by their newer counterparts.In the end, choosing to renovate your home in an eco-friendly manner not only helps the environment but allows you to do so while giving back to your community while saving some serious money.

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