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Hari Merdeka (Independence Day) is a national day of Malaysia commemorating the independence of the Federation of Malaya from British colonial rule in 1957, celebrated on August 31 each year.
Malaysia National Flower is the hibiscus rosa sinensis or locally known as the Bunga Raya. The 2012 Merdeka theme - "55 Years of Independence: Promises Fulfilled" - has proven to be controversial, as it is seen by many Malaysians to be a political slogan rather than a patriotic one.
But let's put that behind us for now because we are going to be in for a busy Fourth Quarter as far as tablets and smartphones are concerned. All this point to the need for Malaysians to better plan and secure their financial position towards retirement. The CSIS East Asia Retirement Survey reveals that an astonishing 92 per cent of current retirees in Malaysia report that they had already left the workforce by age 60 and suggests that Malaysia’s pattern of premature retirement will likely persist. Malaysia’s early mandatory retirement age, however, offsets its demographic advantage in building an adequate and sustainable retirement system, it added. Co-authored by Richard Jackson and Neil Howe, it is part of the multilayer Global Ageing Preparedness Project, which was launched by CSIS and British insurance giant Prudential plc in 2010. Their vulnerability is attributable to Malaysia’s unusually early retirement ages, which leaves retirees at risk of outliving their savings, as well as to low rates of pension receipt under the EPF and to the lack of an age-old poverty floor, the survey said. But with one in five current workers still expecting to receive no pension benefits of any kind, the outlook for many is far from secure, it added.
A couple of days ago, the Forbes came out with the list of 100 most powerful women in the world.
The magazine ranked them according to the traditional classifications of power, such as political and economic might, and for being outstanding in social and cultural scene.
The following is the list of the top 20, and if you feel like reading, click on the Forbes link I have provided above.
It is very interesting to note that the country intends to use Light Emitting Diode, LED to light up its streets by 2014. Light-emitting diodes (LED) are solid-state devices that convert electrical energy directly into light of a single color.

LED light can last up to 50,000 hours or 10 times as long as compact fluorescents, and far longer than the conventional incandescent. LED light produces more light per watt compared to incandescent light, a feature that would be useful in battery powered devices.
LED lights are fast becoming the light source of choice for many general lighting applications, such as architectural lighting, down lights, freezer case lighting and retail display lighting. I was looking for information on how to develop a low-head micro hydro generator and found this proposed 9.5 MW Mini Hydropower plant in the District of Tuaran, on Scribd. No diagrams and detailed construction dimensions as these were not uploaded to Scribd by the document uploader.
This right-sized 3 bedroom house plan, when built to specs, saves 40% to 50% on your energy bills.
An addditional energy-saving feature is the use of raised heel trusses offering more effective attic insulation and deeper overhangs and porches to shade the largest windows. In repercussion, other tablet manufacturers will now be more careful with the design of their upcoming products. Surface will run the Windows RT operating system and the higher end, Surface Pro will run the Windows 8 Pro operating system.
Malaysia is the only country in the survey whose fertility rate is above the 2.1 replacement level and the only one that will have a growing population and workforce in the coming decades, the report said. Retirement prospects are improving for the younger generations, who expect to be less dependent on the extended family than today’s retirees are and to rely more heavily on their own savings, it said. Thus, they are not easily damaged under the same circumstances where regular incandescent bulbs would. On the other hand, LED light output and efficiency increase as operating temperature drops, making LED a natural choice for refrigerators, freezer cases and cold storage facilities.
In addition, LED light can emit an intended color without the use of color filters employed by traditional lighting methods.
Meanwhile, Microsoft will launch its own tablet, the Microsoft Surface on October 26 - the first tablet to run on Windows 8 operating system.

It could offer long service life and high energy efficiency, although at this juncture, initial costs are higher than those of fluorescent and incandescent lights. LED's are made of non-toxic materials, unlike fluorescent lights that contain huge amounts of mercury and other hazardous material.
The following Table shows the comparison of the equivalent wattage and light output of Incandescent, Compact fluorescent, and LED lights. Due to the low power consumption of LED lights, they can be solar powered and installed off-grid at remote locations.
We offer financing to build your dream home without the need to worry about proving any income. It is not even necessary to have American, Canadian or British citizenship, the only requirement is to own the piece of land. The documentation processing fee is only $99 for US and Canadian citizens and 99 euros for Europe. Once we receive a copy of the architectural drawing of your land parcel as well as the deed, we can deliver our decision within five business days.
You need to select the “Turn Key Construction” option from our website which has the following pricing: from $99 to $120 per sq. Once we sign a contract for financing, you would be basically mortgaging the newly constructed house. The principal will be recalculated and you will end up paying less interest.The price that we offer also includes our EUROHOUSE architectural projects. The pictures that you see on our web site are real projects and one of them could be your new, spacious house.

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