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The new EU Energy Label was introduced in 2010 and has been enforced since July 2011 a€“ Most white goods must now clearly display this label when offered for sale.
Remember the energy rating only refers to electricity consumption and doesn’t take water usage into account. Tell your friends and colleagues how to save water in the kitchen by sharing these useful tips. One the most popular (not to mention, most efficient) washing machines that is great for any apartment is the Haier portable washing machine. While it would be easy to say the EcoBubble simply uses less energy, it is much harder to stand up to their brand new lease on the cleaning process itself.
Set to hit the European markets this April 2012 in the 7kg, 8kg, 9kg, 10kg, 11kg and 12kg washer sizes, the EcoBubble washing machines by Samsung are a brilliant way to improve the way we use our natural resources while keeping energy costs down, giving laundry days a renewed fresh feel.
About the Manufacturer: Samsung has been around for over 70 years as an imaginative, advanced technology and electronics company that has since branched into various other fields. The high quality LCD display allows you to manage all the functions of your washing machine easier and better as well as providing a countdown timer.
The design of the high quality drum creates waves of water to take better care of your textiles, avoiding any damages while giving the maximum washing performance. To read PDF documents,you need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader.Available at the Adobe website to download the latest version. LG Turbo Drum 14 Kg capacity washing machinePOWERFUL WASHING WITH MULTI WATER FLOWTURBO DRUMWATERFALL CIRCULATIONSMART FILTERSelling due to size does not fit in apartment.
The most efficient washing machine will use 6 litres of water per kilogram in comparison to the least efficient washing machine that will use 14 litres of water per kilogram. This new label is easier to understand than its predecessor and uses icons instead of words.

They can be purchased online at affordable rates and are very efficient in terms of using water and electricity. This washer has all the the features a normal sized washer would have and it is very affordable. Based on the unique technology that Samsung developed with the EcoBubble washer, the 2012 versions of the EcoBubble are newly available in sizes that accommodate our specific needs. They magically do this with their patented bubble generator that creates said bubbles which then disperse and dissolve detergent, penetrating clothing deeply using both air and water.
From semiconductors to fashion and finance, the inventive team branches out from creating innovative products - they seem to create brand new ideas for the way they do business in various sectors of our society. For impeccable results on very dirty laundry, the Intense Wash cycle will remove all stains. This function allows you to manage your washing around your needs and to take advantage of off-peak energy costs. Checking the water consumption box on the energy label will help you to identify if your appliance is efficient or not. The label also shows for a typical household how many kilowatt hours and how many litres of water are consumed each year. To avoid creasing, synthetic wash programmes use fifty per cent more water than cotton washes. If your washing programme is set to use extra rinse, this will obviously use more water than necessary. Energy efficient appliances are becoming more popular among eco-minded households and apartments.
Some of the cool features include auto balance, auto suds removal, child lock, end of cycle beeper, self diagnostics, and many more features.

Starting at the small 7kg and 8kg models for those who have frequent, regular washing, the machines get larger to grow with your family and expand with your wash size.
By reading the bottom half of the label you will understand both the energy efficiency and water efficiency of your kitchen appliance. Further information on the energy efficiency label includes the capacity in kilograms, the energy efficiency of the dryer (if the appliance is a washer dryer) and the noise created in decibels. If you tend not to fill the drum you should was less frequently or consider buying a washing machine with a smaller drum. The purpose of extra rinse is to ensure the fabric softener is completely removed for the benefit of people with sensitive skin. This washer is a bit pricey, but is a quality machine and customers are getting what they pay for. The EcoBubble’s 8kg and 9kg capacities are designed for families with children or families with a couple of dogs that have yet to pass obedience school. From there, the 11kg and 12kg EcoBubble washing machines can help out large families by taking on huge or heavy loads.
It can handle any load and has many of the same features a normal sized washer would include.

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